Jeep Cherokee XJ Off Road Bumpers (Review & Buying Guide)

XJ Off Road Bumpers
If you plan on taking your Jeep Cherokee off the beaten trail and into the wild, you had better make sure you’re fully prepared. One excellent addition you can make is a set of awesome XJ off road bumpers.

Buying the Best XJ Off Road Bumpers

Searching for a set of Jeep Cherokee XJ off road bumpers but unsure of where to begin? We’ve got you covered! Here at Ultimate Rides, we know how overwhelming it can be to look for Jeep accessories. With the huge abundance of options you can find both online and in stores, who even knows where one should begin?

There’s no adventure out there that compared to heading off road in your Jeep. However, you’ve got to make sure you have all the right equipment together. With our help, you can find the best Cherokee XJ off road bumpers money can buy. You can find options with heavy-duty winch capabilities, stinger bars, LED lighting and more. We want to help you find the perfect option for your ride, so be sure to check out the list of our favorite choices below. If you’re still looking for advice after that, you can find our buying guide with all the tips and information you need to be a prepared shopper. Without any further delays, let’s get started!

1. EAG Stinger Stubby Front Bumper with Winch Plate (ASIN – B07RGMR7Q9)

Our favorite choice for XJ off road bumpers comes to us from manufacturer EAG, who you’ll see pop up multiple times on our list today. This front bumper option has excellent customer reviews, as well as a stinger bar that will help ensure your Cherokee doesn’t flip over in an accident. It will also help make sure your grille doesn’t get all scratched up from your adventures. The bumper is made from high-strength steel with a black powder coating, helping ensure it avoids rust and corrosion over time. Additionally, you’ll find that this bumper is equipped with a winch plate that can pull up to 12,000 lbs. We feel very confident that you’ll get your money’s worth from this product, so feel comfortable picking one up for your Jeep today!

EAG Stinger Stubby Front Bumper with Winch Plate

2. Smittybilt 76850 XRC Rear Bumper for Jeep Cherokee XJ (ASIN – B006HYA7EM)

Next up, we have another excellent off road bumper for you, this time for the rear of your Jeep. This option from trusted manufacturer Smittybilt rests higher up than many other bumpers, giving you excellent clearance for off-roading. It includes solid D-Ring mounts both inside and outside, as well as a Class III trailer hitch that can tow up to 5,000 lbs. Additionally, the bumper was manufactured from a mix of DOM 120 steel tubing and cold rolled steel, helping ensure you feel confident that it will hold up over the years to come. We’d definitely feel confident and comfortable installing this on our own Jeep Cherokee.

Smittybilt 76850 XRC Rear Bumper for Jeep Cherokee XJ

3. Smittybilt 76810 XRC Front Bumper for Jeep Cherokee XJ (ASIN – B006HYA7CY)

In our third position on today’s list, we have another front bumper for you, made by manufacturer Smittybilt once again. It features a similar look and design to the rear bumper listed above, so it is a great option for you to buy both and get a matching set. The bumper includes a built-in winch plate, solid D-Ring mounts, and a wide enough opening for you to easily install a winch. It also provides excellent ground clearance, allowing you to drive over rocks and other obstructions with ease. In addition to all of that, you’ll also find a one-piece welded construction! That means you won’t have to spend hours putting the bumper together before you even start installation, which is a huge plus in our book.

Smittybilt 76810 XRC Front Bumper for Jeep Cherokee XJ

4. DIY Front Winch Bumper for 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Bare Metal (ASIN – B07K193WHH)

On the other hand, if you consider yourself an expert and are looking for your next DIY project, why not construct a front bumper yourself? In this kit from ECOTRIC, you’ll have everything you need to build your own front winch bumper for a Cherokee XJ. It’s important to note that you will indeed need welding equipment, so this option is for accomplished welders only. However, it is cheaper than most other front bumper options out there without skimping on quality. We say if you or someone you know has everything you need, this is a mighty fine option for you.

DIY Front Winch Bumper for 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Bare Metal

5. Rough Country Front Mid Width Winch Bumper 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ (ASIN – B083G4H856)

Here at Ultimate Rides, we consider Rough Country one of our favorite manufacturers of Jeep accessories. They make everything from running boards to leveling kits to bumpers and more. With this front winch bumper, you’ll find a stylish and aggressive off road look, along with strong and durable materials and a lifetime warranty courtesy of Rough Country. It won’t stoop too low to the ground, so you’ll still have strong clearance that allows you to traverse all kinds of different terrain without issue. The product also gives you the option for add more attachments, such as a stinger bar or LED lighting kit. Both do, however, come separately. Nonetheless, we think this is one of the stronger choices for Jeep Cherokee XJ off road bumpers out there.

Rough Country Front Mid Width Winch Bumper (fits) 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ | Modular | Rock Crawling Offroad | 10570

6. EAG Steel Rear Bumper with Hitch Receiver Fit for 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ (ASIN – B07B2T4575)

Here we come back to another EAG bumper for you. This time, it’s a laser-cut rear bumper with a Class III receiver hitch, a black powder coat finish and more. Installation should be relatively simple, as it should directly bolt-on to the vehicle without too many issues. In fact, it actually re-uses the factory mounting points, so you won’t even have to drill new holes into your beloved Jeep. As we mentioned near the beginning of our list, EAG is a manufacturer you can trust when it comes to Jeep accessories, and this is no exception.

EAG Steel Rear Bumper with Hitch Receiver Fit for 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ

7. EAG Steel Front Bumper with Winch Plate (ASIN – B0797FBYJ6)

Like EAG but want to try something different than our top recommendation? This next offering provides drivers with a different design but the same excellent quality. With it, you’ll find features like useful D-ring mounts, an integrated pre-runner hoop, and a winch plate rated up to 12,000 lbs. The construction is once again made from a tough and durable steel, and you won’t have to worry about the bumper failing on you in the next few years. It’s pre-welded with cold rolled steel, and features a two-stage matte black and power coated finish. We think Cherokee XJ drivers will love this bumper.

EAG Steel Front Bumper with Winch Plate

8. Tidal Off Road Front Bumper with LED Lights Fit for 84-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ (ASIN – B07DHK213B)

Finally, we wanted to share one last bumper option with you. Once again, this is a front bumper, but it has a few features you won’t find on the other available products on our list. Most notably, this bumper includes dual 12V LED lights up front. From the looks of the photograph, Tidal Automotive has some sort of partnership with EAG, so hopefully here you’ll find the best of both worlds. It features a winch plate that is also rated for up to 12,000 lbs. and plenty more to love, but the real defining feature here are those included LED lights.

Tidal Off-road Front Bumper with LED Lights Fit for 84-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ/Jeep Comanche MJ

XJ Off Road Bumpers Buying Guide

Did you find what you were looking for with our list of recommendations? We truly hope so! All the same, we wanted to share some useful knowledge with you concerning these products. That way, you’ll be ready to buy anytime you need to upgrade in the future. First, and perhaps most importantly, we want to let you know to be prepared for installation. Depending on which bumper you buy, you may need to be ready to put it together yourself. This can often involved welding and other heavy-duty construction, so be very careful before buying if you don’t have these tools and the right skill set.

However, there are plenty of previously-constructed options out there as well. Still, installation isn’t as simple as plopping your bumper on the vehicle and calling it a day. We recommend taking a look at installation tutorial videos before you purchase to make sure it’s something you think you can handle. If not, you can always get in touch with a professional for assistance. For instance, your friends here at Ultimate Rides do just that kind of work.

Once you’ve taken the installation process into consideration, you should be focused on which XJ off road bumpers have the high-quality construction you need. Stay on the lookout for high-strength materials such as cold rolled steel to be sure you’ve got a quality bumper on your hands. Also pay attention to customer reviews to learn everything you can about the product before you drop a load of money on it. We think the best way to buy is with an informed perspective, so you owe it to yourself to do a little research before checking out.

In Conclusion

After that, you’ll be ready to buy! You know what you’re looking for and you know how to install it, so feel free to get started. If you need any assistance with installation or have other questions, give Ultimate Rides a call at 815-634-3900. We’re more than happy to help you out!