Best 2006 Chevy Colorado Bed Liner (Review & Buying Guide)

Best 2006 Chevy Colorado Bed Liner (Review & Buying Guide)

2006 Chevy Colorado Bed Liner
Your truck bed can take a lot of damage, no matter what model you’re driving. We encourage you to search for a high-quality bed liner. It’ll protect your vehicle from damage, and help keep the value up over the coming years. Use our guide to find a 2006 Chevy Colorado bed liner for your vehicle!

Choosing Your 2006 Chevy Colorado Bed Liner

A bed liner is one of the most useful accessories one can install on their pickup truck. We all know that the truck bed can see a lot of wear and tear. This could be especially true depending on what you use your truck for. Whatever the situation is, we encourage you to look for a bed liner to install on your vehicle. If you decide to sell it down the line, this will help ensure you get more money. At the same time, it’ll also just let you experience driving a vehicle that’s been taken care of!

If you’re in need of a 2006 Chevy Colorado bed liner, you’re in the right place. Depending on what vehicle you drive, you’ll need a specific bed liner if you want it to fit. Below we will share our recommendations on finding the best options for this vehicle. Make sure you still pay attention to the truck bed length, as that will affect which options fit. If you buy a universal option, you will most likely have to trim it to ensure it fits. As long as that’s okay with you, keep those options in consideration as well as custom fit bed mats.

After you make it through our list, be sure to stay and read our buying guide. It’ll offer more last minute advice, as well as telling you additional details on Ultimate Rides, including how we might be able to help you.

1. R&L Racing Black Rubber Diamond Truck Bed Trunk Floor Mat

Compatibility: 2004-2012 Chevy Colorado 6′ Bed

It’s our recommendation that you choose a bed liner custom made for your truck if possible. This option from R&L Racing was designed specifically for the Chevy Colorado, and will cover the 2006 model of the truck. Just make sure it’s the right size for your bed! This option fits with the longer six-foot bed, and features a non-slip pattern as well as rugged durability to protect your vehicle. The process of installation may take some time, but it should not prove difficult. So far, the bed liner has strong ratings from customers, and we’re confident you’ll like the end result once installation is complete. If this is the right size for your truck bed, this is an excellent 2006 Chevy Colorado bed liner to consider.

R&L Racing Black Rubber Diamond Truck Bed Trunk Floor Mat Carpet Compatible with 04-12 for Colorado/Canyon 6’/72″

2. TLAPS Black Rubber Diamond Plate Truck Bed Floor Mat

Compatibility: 2004-2012 Chevy Colorado 5′ Bed

Here is another strong option to consider, this time for the smaller truck bed. It comes from TLAPS, who you will see pop up again on our list, and sooner rather than later. We’re confident you’ll like the protection this liner offers. It’ll help stop your cargo from sliding around in the back, and it’ll do a great job defending the truck bed itself from scratches, scuffs and more. Make sure to closely follow the instructions during installation, and contact a professional for help if you’re having trouble. Once installed correctly, you should not have problems with the mat staying down.

TLAPS Black Rubber Diamond Plate Truck Bed Floor Mat Liner For 04-12 Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon 5 Feet (60″) Short Bed

3. BedRug Bed Mat BMX00D Universal Size

Compatibility: Universal (66″ x 98″)

The next few options we’re going to share are all universal. You’ll want to check out their size, as well as the general shape of the liner or mat. You’re almost certainly going to have to do some trimming to get it to fit correctly, but this will be worth it. This option is actually a little more difficult to install than your typical option. That’s because it is a full-on bed liner, and you’ll get lots of benefits from that. The best part here is that it’s not significantly more expensive than most bed mats. You may have to deal with annoying installation, or you can opt for a professional to make things easier.

BedRug Bed Mat BMX00D fits 66″ X 98″ UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL SIZE – 66×98 – You cut to fit

4. BDK M330 Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat

Compatibility: Universal (4′ x 8′)

This universal bed mat is four feet wide and eight feet long, in a straight rectangle. You’ll most likely have to do some trimming here, but the heavy-duty rubber mat will do a great job protecting the material in your truck bed from natural damage, water, stains, scratches, and so much more. The material has been tested under a wide variety of conditions and designed to last under extreme temperatures and rough weather. For all these reasons, this is a great choice to consider as your 2006 Chevy Colorado bed liner. Just make sure you prepare yourself to spend some time getting it to fit correctly in your truck bed.

BDK M330 Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat – Extra-Thick 4′ x 8′ Rubber Cargo Liner, Durable All-Weather Protection, Trim-To-Fit Design, Black

5. Caterpillar Ultra Tough Heavy Duty Truck Tailgate Mat

Compatibility: Universal (62″ x 21″)

Before getting into the details, it’s important to emphasize that this not a mat for your entire truck bed. Rather, this will specifically cover up your tailgate, making it a good companion to a universal bed liner. Caterpillar is a company known for toughness and durability. That stretches across all their products, including this tailgate mat. It’ll last you a long time, and the process of installing it shouldn’t prove to be too difficult or time-intensive. Keep in mind that the product is designed for metal tailgates and not plastic tailgates. Do your measurements and make sure it’s the right fit, or be ready to do some trimming if necessary. As long as all that checks out, we recommend looking into this tailgate liner.

Caterpillar Ultra Tough Heavy Duty Truck Tailgate Mat / Pad / Protector – Universal Trim-to-Fit Extra-Thick Rubber for All Pickup Trucks 62″ x 21″ (CAMT-1509)
2006 Chevy Colorado Bed Liner
Are you looking for someone who can install a high-quality bed liner on your truck? Or perhaps instead you need a new truck altogether, and want it outfitted with some amazing custom upgrades. Either way, you’ll be able to count on Ultimate Rides to help. We even offer shipping!

2006 Chevy Colorado Bed Liner Buying Guide

If you’re still having trouble selecting a bed liner, Ultimate Rides hasn’t given up on helping you. Take a look through the rest of our buying guide to find tips and information on the best bed liners, including what to look for as you shop. We’ll then wrap up by telling you more about how Ultimate Rides can help you in a number of different ways! Good luck in your search for a bed liner, and be sure to contact us if you think we may be of assistance.

Factors of Focus: Picking Out the Best Product

It’s not always easy choosing a bed liner. Our advice is to find an option that was custom made for your truck, if at all possible. This will hopefully ensure you won’t have to spend time measuring and trimming the material to get it to fit correctly. However, this may still be the case in some instances. It’s almost always going to happen if you choose a universal bed liner, but if you’re okay with the extra work it’s not always a bad idea.

Beyond compatibility issues, the main thing to think about is how well the liner will actually protect your truck bed. Is the material heavy-duty enough to protect against more than just scratches? There are waterproof options out there, as well as a variety of specialty bed mats depending on your needs.

Custom Vehicles and Upgrades from Ultimate Rides

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Additionally, the Ultimate Rides lift center is available to the public. We have a staff of passionate ASE-certified auto techs who are ready to turn your current truck into something special. That includes installation for lift kits and other major work, but also accessory installation like a 2006 Chevy Colorado bed liner. Contact us over the phone at 815-634-3900 to learn more about us or to get started finding your next vehicle. If you’re in the Chicago area, you can find our office by visiting 38 W. Division St., Coal City, IL 60416.

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