5 best Jeep D Rings For The Money

5 best Jeep D Rings For The Money

Aryou looking for the best Jeep D ring for the money? Then you have found the right place. D rings are the best accessory for that new front or rear bumper. Not only does it give your jeep that finished look, it also serves a purpose for off roading. Paired together with a winch these Wrangler D rings will help you get out of any sticky situation you may be in. D rings becomes invaluable when finding yourself victim to bent suspension or any other form of vehicle damage, or if you happen to get stuck in a tight spot out on the trail. A winch also comes in handy to move obstacles out of your way. Line speed, motor strength and type as wellas the mounting style used, are all factors that should guide you towards a worthwhile purchase. The Diameter,capacity and material used are all things to consider whenpurchasing D ring shackles. Also the use of isolators will be a must so these rings don’t rattle a clank when you’re going down the road or trail. I put together a list of the top 5 D rings that we use here around the shop. A lot of these look the same and most have the same towing capacity, but lets jump into the list!

Quick overview:

Below we take a look at 5 best Jeep D Rings For The Money:


1. E-Autogrilles – 3/4″ Red D-ring Shackles  (9,500 Lbs)  with Black Isolator

Starting off the list is the  E-autogrilles 3/4 inch D ring with isolater. What I like about this deal is you get the isolators with the D rings. So when you are looking for a full kit for your Jeep D rings this is it. You get them both at a reasonable price. Comes with a 7/8″ diameter pin and isolator & washers kits. The Isolator is constructed from durable polyurethane material and protects the bumper finishes from damage.

E-Autogrilles – 3/4″ Red D-ring Shackles (9,500 Lbs) with Black Isolator


2. RETECK D ring Shackle Rugged  (57,000 Lbs) Heavy Duty D Ring for Jeep

These Reteck D rings for jeep bumper is a great choice for the pair. They come in a variety of colors like red, blue, orange, black and silver. Some of them even come with isolators which is a bonus! Matching the same specs as the other guys, it comes in a 3/4″ diameter with 7/8″ diameter pin. Drop forged steel shackle that will result in incredible strength and quality. Reteck offers a lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

RETECK D ring Shackle Rugged (57,000 Lbs) Heavy Duty D Ring for Jeep


3. Smittybilt 13047B 3/4″  D-Ring

Smittybilt 3/4″  D-Ring is designed for high quality towing. Even though they charge a decent amount of money for the one ring, you are buying from a big authority in the Jeep space. Smittybilt means quality when it comes to Jeeps and off road. The price for this is close to the pairs listed above. It is made from strong material and is plated with zinc coating to prevent corrosion. This ring is highly durable and ensures easy installation. Comes in black, zinc or red D ring, and they do offer this in other sizes like 1/2″ and 7/8″ which is a bonus.

Smittybilt 13047B 3/4″ D-Ring


4. Ohuhu Shackles 3/4″ Heavy Duty D Ring 2-pack Towing D ring for Jeep

Looking for that D ring on a budget, this is the most cost effective way to get some D rings on your jeep. Still made from forged steel, so this thing is still heavy duty. It also shares the same towing and recovery capacity as the other d-rings, at 4.75-ton (9500 lbs.). Whether you’re using tow or snatch straps, snatch blocks, or even tree savers, our towing shackles will work perfectly. Powder coated finish like most of the others on the list too! Equipped with a 3/4 inch D-ring shackle with industry grade 7/8 -inch pin ideal for winching, ridging and recovery.

Ohuhu Shackles 3/4″ Heavy Duty D Ring 2-pack Towing D ring for Jeep


5. XYZCTEM Towing D-Ring Shackles 3/4″ (Set of 2) Load Bearing Jeep 4.75 Ton

To round out our list we have the XYZCTEM ¾” Towing D-Ring Shackles. These guys match the same as the rest with 3/4″ diameter shackle and comes with an industry-standard 7/8″ locking pin to keep it in place and stable while pulling or towing. Same load bearing and tow capacity as the rest of the list, puts most of these on the same playing field at 4.75 Ton (9,500 Lbs). Each set of XYZCTEM towing shackles is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Here is a little excerpt from XYZCTEM



Whether you drive a Jeep, truck or SUV, you enjoy it because of its off-road and rugged capabilities; including their ability to tow things in a pinch. That’s why it’s important to ensure your towing D-rings are strong enough to pull a car out of a ditch or a stump out of the ground. With XYZCTEM ¾” Towing D-Ring Shackles, you’ll enjoy up to 4.75 tons of towing power in a rust-resistant, powered-coated finish. Crafted with drop-forged steel and tough enough to stand up to almost any job that comes your way, you’ll never have to replace your towing shackles again!

XYZCTEM Towing D-Ring Shackles 3/4″ (Set of 2) Load Bearing Jeep 4.75 Ton

Other things to consider with your Jeep D rings:

I would imagine that D rings is the first thing you are looking for after that shiny new bumper purchase on your Jeep Wrangler. Or maybe a friend got stuck on the trail and they needed the extra pull through the woods. No matter what the reason is, one thing to consider with your rings would be d ring isolators. Also you might want to consider getting a d ring hitch for that center pull point on the rear bumper. No matter what shackles you choose for your Jeep d-rings, be safe out there on the trail or crawling through the mall parking lot!