Best Backseat Pet Barrier (Review & Buying Guide)

Backseat Pet Barrier
Heading on a family trip in the near future? Why not take the dog along? Just make sure you are fully prepared with our guide!

Picking Out the Best Backseat Pet Barrier

Taking your pet for a ride in the car can often be a fun treat for both you and them. Whether you have to run to the store or bank, or you’re planning a fun family trip, it’s always a blast bringing the pup along. However, it’s important to do your best to keep things safe. While it may be okay for some dogs to come up and sit in the front seat, in other circumstances it may become dangerous. You can prevent your dog from wandering where they shouldn’t with a quality pet barrier!

There are countless barriers available online, but not all of them are equal in quality. Today, we wanted to provide you with a list featuring some of the best backseat pet barrier options. After that, we’ll share our buying guide with you, which should get you ready to pick out the best accessory for your needs.

Backseat Pet Barrier
It’s never a bad idea to come prepared, especially when your family’s and dog’s safety is involved. By keeping your dog in the backseat, you can ensure they don’t distract or bump into you while driving.

1. Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover and Barrier (ASIN – B01MXUK432)

Our favorite backseat pet barrier is made by manufacturer Doggie World. It’s an excellent option that functions both as a barrier to the front seat, and a cover for your back seats. All at once, you’ll be able to keep your pet, yourself and your vehicle protected! This cover is very easy to get in and out of your vehicle, and you won’t have a difficult time cleaning it either. It’s waterproof, which makes it easy to just throw in the washing machine. It also has the benefit of keeping your vehicle upholstery free from messes!

Overall, we have no doubt that this is one of the best pet barriers out on the market. It even includes a dog seat belt and a storage bag with your purchase. The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer, so if you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can always contact them to make it up to you. Check out this backseat pet barrier today to make sure your car rides with the pup always go smoothly.

Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover – Cars, Trucks and Suvs Luxury Full Protector, w/Extra Side Flaps, Seat Belt Openings – Hammock Convertible for Your Pet – Waterproof, Non-Slip – Machine Washable

2. Bushwhacker Deluxe 56″ Dog Barrier (ASIN – B0076BE458)

Our next pick is more of a standard backseat pet barrier as opposed to a seat cover. This product uses a scratch- and tear-resistant screen, held in place with tough aluminum tubing. This is a larger option, and intended most likely for trucks and SUVs. It’s quite easy to get this barrier mounted in your vehicle, as it attaches right to the headrests and seat belt mount or seat frame. Once installed, it should ensure that your dog won’t be jumping in and out of the front seat while driving. This is a reliable barrier, and we feel confident it’ll get the job done. However, it might be a little too bulky for some.

Bushwhacker – Deluxe Dog Barrier 56″ Wide – Ideal for Trucks, Large SUVs, Full Sized Sedans – Pet Restraint Car Backseat Divider Vehicle Gate Cargo Area Travel Trunk Mesh Net Screen Barricade

3. Zookeeper Adjustable Pet Barrier (ASIN – B0014O41NS)

The third pet barrier we want to share is another differently style. This time, it consists of rounded aluminum bars that mount in place to keep your dog in the back seat. It uses flexible cords to tightly wrap into place, so you won’t even need to use any tools to get it in or out of the vehicle. It’s also adjustable on its width, making it a great fit for many vehicles. The bars are close enough that just about any size dog won’t be able to wiggle through. As long as you don’t mind the somewhat basic look of this barrier, it is an excellent choice.

Zookeeper Pet Barrier – Adjustable and Universal for Cars, Trucks, SUVs – Moves with Your Vehicle Seats. Tilt. Slide. Recline. Easy Install Dog Car Gate – Strong Metal Tubing Gate Divider Barrier

4. DYKESON Mesh Pet Barrier (ASIN – B07VZ61SKX)

Another appealing option for drivers, especially those with small dogs, is a mesh barrier. While this won’t prevent large dogs from jumping or climbing over, it should do quite well for smaller dogs, and is a lot less distracting for drivers as it won’t block their view. This mesh net comfortably wraps around the vehicle headrests and base of the front seat to stay in place. Additionally, the manufacturer offers an 18-month worry-free warranty if you happen to find any issues. Once again, we think this is perhaps the ideal backseat pet barrier for small dogs.

DYKESON Pet Barrier Dog Car Net Barrier with Auto Safety Mesh Organizer Baby Stretchable Storage Bag Universal for Cars, SUVs -Easy Install,Safer to Drive with Children and Pets

5. rabbitgoo Large Adjustable Pet Barrier (ASIN – B07RL61N8T)

Next up, we’ve got another barrier best suited for SUVs and trucks. It’s adjustable, but the way it’s structured requires a specific kind of front seating. You can see from the picture and the way it is mounted that this likely won’t work well for smaller cars. However, the barrier has more secure installation. While this may be a negative for some people, as it takes longer to install, it will be great for those with heavy dogs that push up against the barrier. This is a tough mesh barrier that will hold up when push comes to shove. If you think it’s the right fit for your ride, it is a great option for you.

rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier for SUVs, Van, Vehicles – Adjustable Large Pet SUV Barriers Universal-Fit, Heavy-Duty Wire Mesh Dog Car Guard, SUV Pet Car Gate for Vehicles, Safety Car Divider for Dogs

6. STARROAD-TIM Mesh Pet Barrier (ASIN – B083FS6X23)

The sixth item on our list is a budget option, but it certainly doesn’t have lackluster results. It’s a tight mesh screen that will no doubt stop dogs from climbing into the front seat. It’s basic, but often that is all that’s required to solve a given problem. This mesh barrier wraps into place with its hooks, and should do a great job. However, dogs who tend to scratch may rip this barrier up over time. That shouldn’t be too big of a problem though, considering the excellent price you can get this barrier for.

STARROAD-TIM Dog Car Barrier Vehicle Pet Barrier Backseat Mesh Dog Car Divider Net with Adjusting Rope and Hook Suitable for SUV Pickup and Small Car

7. High Road Mesh Dog Car Barrier (ASIN – B00S5CGBZ8)

The final item we’d like to share with you today is another mesh barrier option. This is a very different style than what we’ve seen before, however. The frame of this barrier helps open up the view for the driver while still blocking your dog from climbing up front. Other than its distinct shape, it’s not too different from other similar mesh barriers. It’ll still get the important job done, but will hopefully do so without getting in the driver’s way. It won’t even be too difficult for you to get installed, and should only take a few minutes!

High Road Dog Car Barrier with Full View Mesh Cover and Padded Steel Frame

Backseat Pet Barrier Buying Guide

Were you able to find a barrier that suits your needs? We hope so! There are obviously a near-countless amount of different vehicle shapes and sizes out there, so you can expect a variety of barriers to accommodate. If you weren’t able to find a backseat pet barrier that fits your ride, this guide should help you find what you need.

First, you’ll have to pay attention to the amount of space you need to fill. Trucks and SUVs will need larger barriers, while a car may need the small size instead. Most of the products you’ll find around online will be available in these different sizes, so be sure to pick up the correct one! Next up, you’ll want to think about the style of barrier you want. There are heavy-duty options as well as mesh nets and things like that. What you need likely depends on your dog.

Backseat Pet Barrier
It’s your call what the best position for your dog is in the vehicle. Whatever you decide, just make sure you get set up with all the safety accessories required, such as a backseat pet barrier.

Our intent with this guide was to keep you informed and provide you with some options for a quality backseat pet barrier. If you were not able to find one on our list, hopefully the tips in our buying guide will help you get what you need. Check out our website for more accessory buying guides for vehicles, and feel free to get in touch with Ultimate Rides if you have any questions!

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