Best Adjustable Drop Hitch for Lifted Truck | Top Picks

Best Adjustable Drop Hitch for Lifted Truck | Top Picks

Do you drive a lifted truck? If you plan on doing any towing, you’re going to want to look into buying an adjustable drop hitch. Without one, the act of towing with your truck can not only be ineffective, but actually dangerous for yourself and other people on the road. With the right hitch, however, you should not have any trouble towing a trailer safely.

Many adjustable hitches are available to buy these days, but they aren’t all of the best quality. How can one pick and choose between a good hitch and a poor one? At Ultimate Rides, we have a ton of experience using and installing hitches on a lifted vehicle. We encourage you to look over our list below. It offers our recommendations on hitches to consider, with each entry including a link to find one for your truck as well as a short accompanying review.

After the list, our guide will have more information on both installing and using a trailer hitch that is adjustable. By the time you’ve finished reading through everything we have to say, you should have the knowledge you need to choose the right hitch and hit the road with your trailer.

If you need any help with hitch installation, lifted truck upgrades, or finding a new vehicle, we hope you’ll reach out to our team at Ultimate Rides over the phone, or come and visit our office an hour south of Chicago. We are always happy to help our customers start driving something special.

1. B&W Tow & Stow Tri-Ball Drop Hitch for Lifted Trucks

Specs: Fits 2.5″ Receiver, 7″ Drop, 14,500 GTW

The top hitch we’d like to recommend for towing a trailer with a lifted vehicle is this option from B&W. It has the ability to drop as much as seven inches, meaning it should work for the majority of lifted trucks. It only works with a 2.5-inch receiver rather than a 2-inch, so be sure to be mindful of that as you shop. The tri-ball design means the hitch can support a great deal of weight, and it does so with ease. The black powder coating helps prevent rust damage from becoming an issue for this part of your truck, and the vehicle was made in the United States to further bolster your confidence. If you happen to find any problems, you’ll be glad to know that the hitch comes with a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer, there to back you up when it comes to defects with the product. For these reasons, it’s easy to rank this hitch at the top of our list.

2. Aluma-Tow 6″ Drop Hitch and Receiver for Lifted Trucks

Specs: Fits 2″ Receiver, 6″ Drop, 12,000 GTW

This hitch from Aluma-Tow is the next option we’d recommend looking into. It can drop up to six inches, enough for most lifted models. While not quite as much as our top pick, that’s still a reliable amount of adjustment available. The drop hitch can support up to 12,000 lbs. of gross trailer weight, and features pins that you can actually lock into place to keep your trailer secure. The hitch ball mount is made from chrome-plated steel, and you’ll find an extra ball mount in the set to keep you covered across a range of size needs. This trailer hitch is one of the better adjustable options drivers can choose for their truck, and if it’s a solid fit and supports enough weight for you, we encourage you to look into buying and installing it.

3. PSAuto Tri-Ball Adjustable Hitch for Towing

Specs: Fits 2″ Receiver, 5.7″ Drop, 10,000 GTW

If you’re hoping to find a great hitch on a budget, this could be the product that works best for you. It offers a respectable drop of up to 5.7 inches, and the trailer hitch can support up to 10,000 lbs. The only downside is that there are just three separate settings for towing, so while the hitch is adjustable you are a bit limited when it comes to exact height. The hitch fits with a two-inch receiver, and is known for offering smooth towing no matter what kind of trailer you’re pulling along. It’s a highly durable accessory for your truck and comes with a lifetime warranty to back up the claims of quality. As long as one of the three ball mounts is the right fit for your trailer, this hitch is an excellent choice.

4. CURT Adjustable Ball Mount Drop Hitch

Specs: Fits 2″ Receiver, 6″ Drop, 14,000 GTW

CURT is a top supplier of hitches for trucks, and this is one of the best hitch options out there today. You’ll have the ability to drop the hitch up to six inches, making it suitable for most lifted vehicles. The drop hitch comes with two heavy-duty steel ball mounts, adding a little bit more versatility to your trailer options, and you won’t have to worry one bit about their strength. The hitch is also weather-resistant and should hold up against corrosion over the years, so you hopefully won’t have to invest in another hitch for a long time to come.

5. B&W Tow & Stow Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Specs: Fits 2″ Receiver, 7″ Drop, 10,000 GTW

If you were a fan of the hitch we ranked as the best choice, but you only need a dual ball mount rather than a tri-ball design, this is the drop hitch for you. This adjustable hitch can offer as much as seven inches to drop, suitable for a wide range of trailer and truck combinations. It’s also resistant to rust, features a limited lifetime warranty, and was manufactured in the United States. It’s made from a steel alloy that you can depend upon, and you’ll have the ability to fold the hitch away and out of sight whenever you’re not using it to tow a trailer. For all of these reasons, it’s another one of the best hitches to consider for modern trucks with a two-inch receiver.

6. OEDRO Adjustable Trailer Hitch for Trucks with Lift Kit

Specs: Fits 2″ Receiver, 8″ Drop, 10,000 GTW

The last hitch we are recommending today comes from OEDRO, and offers a drop of up to eight inches. This hitch ball mount is made from solid aluminum, with a design that’s put into place to reduce the amount of stress a trailer can cause. The hitch is sleek and stylish, and also features a locking mechanism for security. The receiver can support quite a solid amount of weight, plus the trailer hitch is very easy to install onto your truck. Not all hitches that can drop this low are so affordable, and that’s just part of what makes this trailer hitch stand out. As long as you have the included key, adjusting the height of the hitch is simple, and it works on a wide variety of trailer setups. For all these reasons, it’s one of the best hitches you can buy today.

Best Adjustable Drop Hitch for Lifted Truck

Finding a Top Drop Hitch for Lifted Trucks

Having trouble choosing the best drop hitch for your truck? The key is to think about what trailer you’re going to be towing, and examine the height of the lifted truck compared to that trailer. Doing so will let you know how much of a drop you’ll need in your hitch. Measure the distance from the receiver as it currently stands to the hitch of the trailer itself. That’s the drop height you should aim for to keep the trailer level.

It’s also important to think about the gross weight of the trailer. That number should include everything being towed, including anything that might be stored in your trailer. Make sure to note that different height settings for each hitch will have a different weight limit for the trailer. Do not exceed this number or you could risk losing your trailer while driving, causing a great deal of damage and safety concerns.

Best Adjustable Drop Hitch – Installation Guide

Thankfully, most trailer hitches are quite easy to install. Simply secure the hitch into the receiver and tighten any washers and bolts that came with the product. Each drop hitch should come with a set of instructions that walks you through the process. It should be something that is easy for drivers to accomplish at home with just a few basic tools, even if you bought an adjustable hitch and drive a lifted truck. If you run into any problems installing the hitch, though, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for further assistance before getting on the road with a trailer.

Drop Hitch Receiver Towing Safety Tips

The first thing we can offer in the way of safety advice is to always make sure your trailer is level with the receiver. Failing to do so can be dangerous for you and anyone else on the road, as well as whatever you’re towing. You’ll also want to never exceed the maximum weight capacity for your height setting of any receiver. Make sure to carefully read through the instructions to know how much weight can safely be towed at each setting. We also encourage you to check out the trailer, hitch and receiver before getting on the road. Make sure nothing is loose and that everything is properly connected to ensure you’re ready to go.