Best Brush Guard for Toyota Tacoma (Review & Buying Guide)

Best Brush Guard for Toyota Tacoma
If you often find yourself driving your truck through rugged terrain, a brush guard can be an important accessory to install. The truck above could certainly benefit from one. Read through today’s guide to learn about the best brush guard for Toyota Tacoma trucks.
Best Brush Guard for Toyota Tacoma
If you use your Tacoma for off-road adventures, a brush guard can help you protect your front end. “A Heavy Duty Truck Bed Cover On A Toyota Tacoma” by DiamondBack Covers is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Choose the Best Brush Guard for Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma isn’t always the first truck that comes to mind when thinking of off-road driving, but it is actually quite a capable vehicle. This is especially true when you outfit it with the right accessories. One of the upgrades that we recommend is a brush guard, otherwise known as a grille guard. These accessories protect the front end of your truck from a wide variety of damage. They essentially act as a shield, blocking impact from messing up your bumper and more.

It’s not always easy finding the best brush guard for Toyota Tacoma models. There are definitely options out there, but the best quality picks may get lost in the shuffle. Below you will find a list that features our recommendations for your truck. Make sure you pay close attention to the model year information to ensure you buy a brush guard that fits your vehicle.

After you get through our list, stick around and read our buying guide. There we will tell you what qualities you want to look for in a good brush guard. We’ll also fill you in on what we do at Ultimate Rides, so you can learn how we may be able to help you out. Good luck finding the right brush guard, and feel free to contact us the next time you’re shopping for a vehicle.

1. Westin 40-33885 Textured Black Sportsman X Grille Guard (ASIN – B07W3H2RSX)

Compatibility: 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma

One company that can just about always be relied upon for quality accessories is Westin. This brush guard for modern Toyota Tacoma trucks is the first we would recommend to our readers. It’s highly durable, and features an aggressive look that will suit the Tacoma very well. The guard offers excellent coverage for your front end, including extra protection for the outer wings. Installation can be a pain, but doing your research ahead of time will help immensely. If there was one option that we had to name the best brush guard for Toyota Tacoma models, it would have to be this one.

Westin 40-33885 Textured Black Sportsman X Grille Guard Fits 2016-2021 Tacoma

2. Hunter GT-811 Powder Coated Black Grille Guard (ASIN – B00OPD1EFI)

Compatibility: 2005-2014 Toyota Tacoma

Our next product is made for older Tacoma models, and can be found for a great price while still offering strong defense. It features powder coating for extra durability, and includes a limited five-year warranty from the manufacturer. Everything you need for install is included in the package, and the process shouldn’t be too difficult. It does still pay off to look up some video tutorials online before attempting it on your own. Once you get it on your truck, you should be ready to go off-road without worrying about damaging your Tacoma.

Hunter GT-811 Grille Guard Compatible for 2005-2014 Toyota Tacoma – Powder Coated Black

3. Armordillo USA 8702161 AR2 Pre-Runner Guard (ASIN – B08QM8QF1H)

Compatibility: 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma

Here we have another brush guard for the newest generation of the Toyota Tacoma. It does, however, offer a different look than the other two products we’ve shared. It’s a more basic design, but that’s more about looks than the actual effectiveness of this guard. It does still work well at protecting your truck from damage. At the same time, it has a sleeker aesthetic that many drivers may prefer over more detailed brush guards. Plus, this option allows plenty of room for other front end upgrades, like towing kits and light bars. For all of those reasons, this may be the best brush guard for Toyota Tacoma drivers with certain needs.

Armordillo USA 8702161 AR2 Pre-Runner Guard Fits 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma – Matte Black

4. Tyger Auto TG-GD6T60028 Light Mount Front Bumper Guard (ASIN – B01NGTEDHE)

Compatibility: 2005-2021 Toyota Tacoma

Tyger Auto is a fan favorite, and their products have a distinct look that some people truly love. This option is the first bull bar on our list. That means it’s smaller than a full-sized brush guard, but accomplishes the same purpose. The product comes with a five-year no-hassle warranty from Tyger Auto, and you can expect their customer service team to treat you well. Installing this bar shouldn’t be too difficult, and as long as you like the Tyger Auto branding you should dig the style once all is said and done. If this seems like the perfect fit for your truck, go ahead and pick it up!

TG-GD6T60028 Front Bumper Guard Compatible with 2005-2021 Tacoma | Textured Black | Light Mount | Bull Bar

5. TAC Predator Bull Bar with LED Off-Road Lights (ASIN – B09BLHX1BZ)

Compatibility: 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma

Here we have another bull bar for you to check out, this time from TAC Truck Accessories. This bar includes LED lights, an upgrade that no other options on our list feature. It has a five-year warranty from defects, and should be quite easy to install. While it may not offer the same degree of defense as a bigger brush guard, sometimes you only need minimal protection, and the lighting may make up for it. If this seems like the right fit for your needs, it’ll be great for new Toyota Tacoma trucks.

TAC Predator Bull Bar Compatible with 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck Fine Textured Black Modular Lighting Front Bumper Brush Grille Guard with LED Off-Road Lights (Patent No.: US 10,315,599 B2)

6. BLACK HORSE Custom Fit Black Grille Guard (ASIN – B00T53VFWU)

Compatibility: 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma

Finally, we have one more brush guard to share for older Tacoma models. It’s once again a full size brush guard, including extra strong protection for your headlights that are even removable. The installation process is about what you’d expect, and we’d encourage you to research the process before attempting on your own. As far as looks and effectiveness, you can’t really go wrong with this product, as long as you double check it’ll fit on your vehicle. This brush guard definitely deserves a spot on this list as one of the best options out there for drivers.

BLACK HORSE 17A096400MA Black Grille Guard Compatible with 2005 2015 Toyota Tacoma

Best Brush Guard for Toyota Tacoma
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Best Brush Guard for Toyota Tacoma
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Best Brush Guard for Toyota Tacoma Buying Guide

We offered a variety of different styles and fits on our list. Hopefully you were able to find a brush guard that will work for your truck. However, if you do need to keep looking, this next section should be of some use to you. With our Factors of Focus, we’ll get into the details of what makes a high-quality brush guard, so you can learn what to look out for as you shop. After that, we will finish up by telling you what exactly we do here at Ultimate Rides. We think you’ll be excited about what we can offer.

Factors of Focus: Finding the Brush Guard for You

When you choose a brush guard for your truck, the most important thing should be finding an option that fits. With the best brush guard for Toyota Tacoma, this usually isn’t too difficult. You should just need to find a product that fits your model year, without having to worry about other factors. From there, start thinking about what style you’d like to go with. There are some smaller options, often referred to as bull bars. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending more for better protection, a full size brush guard could be a great choice.

As far as quality, durability is going to be the most important thing to consider. Look into the type of materials used to construct the guard. If it is a reliable metal, you know you can count on it for a while. If you’re not too sure, take a look at customer reviews for the product. These can often be useful in terms of knowing what you’re getting into.

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