Best Dog Seat Cover for Truck | Top Seat Covers

Best Dog Seat Cover for Truck | Top Seat Covers

Do you own a dog and drive a pickup truck? If so, you’re probably no stranger to taking your dog out for a ride, whether you’re running errands or heading out on a family trip. This experience can be enriching for both people and their dog, but without the right protection, your dog can easily do some damage to the interior of your vehicle. That’s why we recommend a seat cover set for all pet owners. With the right seat cover, you’ll be able to bring your dog anywhere without stress. That’s because, in addition to protecting your interior, the top seat cover choices will also ensure your dog is comfortable and safe in the vehicle.

There are countless seat cover options out there for dog owners, and the process of finding a great option can sometimes take some time. In order to make life easier for you, we’ve compiled a selection of the best dog seat covers money can buy. Take a look below at our recommendations, including a short description of what you can expect from each seat cover. After our list, you’ll find our buying guide, where we’ll help you pick apart the good from the bad, and decide which seat cover is right for your vehicle and your dog.

1. URPOWER Hammock Style Dog Seat Cover

In our opinion, the best seat cover for a dog owner is this hammock-style cover from URPOWER. It’s easy to install, with straps that attach to the headrest and seat anchors. This seat cover is made from a heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric, which is waterproof, tear-resistant, and holds up to scratches and much more. In addition to acting as a protector for your interior, this seat cover also keeps your dog safely in the rear seat while you’re on the road. They’ll stay both safe and comfortable, and it’ll be too difficult for most dogs to try and climb over to get in the front seat. With great reliability, multiple size options, and a storage pocket for accessories, this is undeniably a very good option for any dog owner looking for a quality seat cover.

2. Ataqus Dog Bench Seat Covers

If you’re looking for a more standard bench seat cover, this next option could be a good seat protector to consider. It’s universally sized, easily fitting over just about any bench seat. The cover will protect from the common hazards of a dog, including scratches, hair, and accidents. For this style of cover, this is the top choice we’d recommend. It’s very affordable, provides good coverage over the seats in a truck, and is incredibly easy to keep clean. If it looks like the right fit for your vehicle, give this dog seat cover a try and let us know if it’s effective for you!

3. Amazon Basics Quilted Water Resistant Hammock Seat Cover

Want a basic hammock-style cover at a highly affordable price? Amazon Basics will have you covered. While this seat cover doesn’t offer many extra bells and whistles, it gets the job done and costs about $15. You just won’t find any other cover that performs as well for such a low price. There’s also an XL size available for about $10 more. These seat covers still offer spill-proof, non-slip material, and between the two sizes they should fit in all types of trucks. These seat covers need to be washed by hand, but due to the type of material, it’s very easy to stay on top of. For these reasons, we strongly encourage those on a tight budget to look into this cover.

4. 4Knines Front Seat Cover for Dogs

Is your dog a front seat dog, with your permission? If so, you’ll want a cover for the front seat, and this is our recommendation for you. With the same material many of the other dog seat covers on our list are made from, it fits right on top of a bucket seat, protecting against scratches, hair, stains, liquids, and more. Though the cover is one-size-fits-all, there are different styles for you to choose from, ranging from about $40 to $50. We have no doubt one of the seat cover options will work great for you and your dog.

5. AsFrost Dog Seat Covers – Dual Front Seat

The next seat covers we’d like to share with you will fit on a pair of front seats, protecting the upholstery from your dog. These dog seat covers are relatively basic, fitting over the top of your front seat. Still, they’ll do an excellent job protecting from all the possible hazards that come along with bringing a canine in your truck. It’s common for fabric and upholstery to receive scratches and potentially stains from a dog, and a cover like this will help make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s not a bad idea to install these seat covers along with another cover for the back seat, especially if your dog tends to move around inside the vehicle from the front seat to the rear.

6. VIEWPETS Bench Pet Seat Cover

Hoping for an alternate color to the standard black seat cover? This next option might work better for you. The dog seat cover comes from VIEWPETS, who are one of the top providers when it comes to pet seat covers. It should easily fit right over a rear bench seat, offering a non-slip fabric for your dog to relax on while also protecting your interior from damage. By now, you should be pretty familiar with this style – it’s easy to install and clean, and your dog will love it. Just make sure it’s the right style to match your interior and you’re good to go!

7. Kurgo Wander Dog Bench Seat Cover

With this next seat cover from Kurgo, you’ll have a different style to choose for your dog. The cover is made with a thick fabric that wraps around a rear bench seat in trucks. It allows dogs to get comfortable in the back seat while also defending the quality of your vehicle. It’s waterproof, and the edges of the seat cover are piped to ensure liquids don’t seep down into your carpet. The material is very durable, and this seat protector will last you for a long time. For all of these reasons, it’s worthy of your consideration as a way to protect your vehicle from dog passengers.

8. DogShell® Heavy-Duty Truck Rear Seat Cover

Finally, we have a more premium seat cover for readers to think about. The cover folds out, providing your dog with a platform to rest on rather than keeping them limited to the seat itself. At the same time, it offers a layer of protection over your seats, ensuring your dog doesn’t accidentally damage the interior. Your vehicle deserves the best, and that includes the best dog protection as well as the best dog to have as a pet. With this product, everyone will be happy. You’ll just have to spend a little extra for your dog compared to a standard seat cover.

Best Dog Seat Cover for Trucks

Finding Great Seat Covers – What You Should Know

The key to choosing the right seat cover for you and your dog depends on a few factors. You’ll need a cover that protects your seats, makes your dog calm and comfortable, and keeps them safe while you’re navigating your way through traffic. That’s why we recommend options with non-slip material, as it ensures your dog will remain safely planted on the seat, hammock, or platform. The right dog seat cover will be waterproof, and should be durable enough to handle scratches and more. Depending on your preferences, you may also want an option that confines your dog to one area of the truck, but that might not be necessary for every dog and owner. At the end of the day, shop around until you find an option that suits your personal preferences, while also instilling confidence in the quality of what you’re buying.

Benefits of Using Seat Covers

Whether you have a dog or not, you can strongly benefit from installing some seat covers in your vehicle. The interior is a place that gets a lot of wear and tear, and that is multiplied every time you have passengers or a pet inside. Whether you want to keep your vehicle until it stops running, or you plan to sell it down the line, you’ll want to keep the value and condition as high as possible. Seat covers allow you to do that. They’re affordable, easy to maintain, and simple to install. There’s no strong reason not to buy a set of high-quality seat covers for your pickup.

Other Useful Accessories for Dog Owners with Trucks

Along with a quality seat cover set, there are some additional accessories we’d recommend for dog owners. You could check out a dog bed, with plenty of options made specifically to fit inside vehicles. This will hopefully settle hyperactive dogs down, and keep any dog comfortable during their trips on the road. On the same note, it’s worth investing in toys. Distractions can be helpful, especially for dogs with anxiety about traveling. A leash goes without saying, as you’ll want to keep your dog safely nearby when the time comes to exit the vehicle. Beyond that, it can help to grab items from home that will keep your dog calm.