Best F150 Bed Mat (Review & Buying Guide)

Best F150 Bed Mat (Review & Buying Guide)

Best F150 Bed Mat
The Ford F150 is one of the best pickup trucks you can buy, new or old. That’s why it’s so important to take care of it, including the bed. Use our guide to find the best F150 bed mat available to drivers today.

Find the Best F150 Bed Mat Available Today

Whether you use your truck for work or everyday use, taking good care of it is always going to be important. There are a number of accessories that you can buy that make the process just a little easier. One of those accessories is a bed mat. These mats simply lay in your truck bed, protecting the surface from damage over time.

If you’ve spent any time shopping for your own bed mat, you’ve probably seen that there are countless products available. That can make it somewhat difficult to find the right option for your specific truck and needs. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide that should help. Take a look below and you’ll find a list featuring our picks for the best F150 bed mat money can buy.

After our list, you can stick around and read through the buying guide. Here we’ll tell you what thought process went into choosing our list, and provide some more details on picking out the right bed mat for your situation. Finally, we’ll finish up by telling you more about what Ultimate Rides does, and how we might be able to help you!

1. Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat

Compatibility: 2015-2018 Ford F150 5.5ft Bed

Our pick for the best F150 bed mat has to go to this option from Dee Zee. Not only is it affordable, but it offers a high-quality compound rubber mat that will do the job in protecting your truck bed. It’s got a non-slip surface that ensures it won’t move around, and it’ll stop other cargo from sliding around your truck bed as well. Installation could not be easier, and it’s incredibly easy to keep this mat clean with a quick sweep and a wipe-down if it’s still not right. The worst thing you have to worry about is that you may need to do just a little bit of trimming to get things exactly right, depending on the model year. Other than that, we’d say this is just about the perfect bed mat for the selected model years.

Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat , Black

2. Westin 50-6355 Black Rubber Truck Bed Mat

Compatibility: 2015-2021 Ford F150 5.5ft Bed

Westin is a company that has a hand in a lot of different vehicle accessories. Their bed mats are some of the most reliable choices out there. They aren’t flashy, but the basic design is perfectly fine as long as they get the job done. This mat certainly does. It fits on the latest generation of Ford F150 models, and it couldn’t be easier to install it in your truck bed. It’s a heavyweight rubber material that won’t move around, and it’ll protect your bed in the long run. You can’t go wrong with Westin truck bed mats.

Westin 50-6355 Black Rubber Truck Bed Mat fits 2015-2021 F-150 (5.5ft Bed)

3. Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat

Compatibility: 2015-2021 Ford F150 5.5Ft Bed

Here at Ultimate Rides, it’s safe to say Rough Country is one of our preferred accessory brands. In recent years, the company has driven their way to the head of the pack when it comes to accessory manufacturers. Their products are stylish, reliable, and usually still quite affordable. This bed mat is an excellent example of all that. You can get it for just over $100, it’s highly durable, made in the United States, and utilizes recycled rubber to be better for the environment. As long as you’re a fan of the Rough Country style, this is a great choice for any F150 driver with the right fit.

Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat for 15-21 F150 | 5.5 FT Bed – RCM671

4. BedRug IMPACT Bed Mat

Compatibility: 2015-2021 Ford F150 5.5Ft Bed

Our next bed mat is sort of a hybrid between a bed mat and a bed liner. It’s certainly not as intensive to install as a bed liner, so it leans more towards being a mat. However, it definitely has a different texture and style than your typical bed mat. This rug-like material is resistant to stains, and makes it less of a pain on your knees to climb into your truck bed. The surface is also anti-skid, helping ensure your items don’t slide around much if at all while you’re on the road. As long as you dig the style of this “BedRug” feel free to install it in the back of your pickup truck today!

BedRug IMPACT Mat IMQ15SCS fits 15+ F-150 5’5″ BED , Gray

5. Husky Liners 16008 Heavy Duty Bed Mat

Compatibility: 2015-2019 Ford F150 5.5Ft Bed

Here we have a bed mat from Husky Liners that goes back to the standard style you’d expect to find. However, it’s still a top-quality option. The material used in this bed mat is different than what you’d usually see, making it stand out despite the same basic style. It’s heavy-duty protection and still offers comfort if you have to climb in the back. The product even has an anti-moisture design that helps keep your items dry. With all this available at great price, what’s not to love?

Husky Liners – 16008 Heavy Duty Bed Mat Fits 2015-2019 Ford F-150 5.8′ Bed Black

6. SMARTLINER K0167 Truck Rugged Rubber Bed Liner Mat

Compatibility: 2015-2022 Ford F150 5.5Ft Bed

Lastly, we have a final bed mat to share with our readers. It comes from SMARTLINER, and it fits on the latest F150 models as well as trucks going a few years back. The product features a lifetime limited warranty, so you should be satisfied with everything available here, as the company stands behind it. The textured surface offers a softness for your cargo, a non-slip surface, and protection for your vehicle. Overall, it offers the same advantages as the other mats on our list, just with a different style to consider.

SMARTLINER K0167 Truck Rugged Rubber Bed Liner Mat for 2015-2022 Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab F-150

Best F150 Bed Mat
Ultimate Rides is more than happy to help you find your next F150 pickup. We’ll even be able to install a bed mat for you and much more! Just contact us to speak to a member of the team and get started.

Best F150 Bed Mat Buying Guide

There are many reasons why a truck owner would want to install a bed mat. Not only will they help keep your truck bed in better condition, but they’re also easier to sweep out and clean than a standard truck bed or even a liner. They’re also almost always more affordable compared to a reliable bed liner. You can also count on them being easy to install in almost every case.

We hope that our list was able to provide you with a bed mat that’s right for your truck and what you plan on using it for. In our next section, we’ll start getting into the details of what made those items stand out. If you weren’t able to find a match on our list, those factors should help you in your future search for a bed mat! After that, we’ll get into the details of what exactly we do at Ultimate Rides. The next time you want to find your next truck, or upgrade your current one, we’ll be here for you.

Factors of Focus: Choosing the Bed Mat for You

When it’s time to choose the best F150 bed mat, whether it’s for a customer or for one of our own trucks, the size and compatibility of the mat should always be the first consideration. You have to choose a bed mat that not only fits your truck’s model and model year, but your bed size. Once you narrow down all the options to fit those specific parameters, the search becomes easier.

From there, it’s time to start really thinking about the style you want. Some bed mats start to veer into bed liner territory, making them more durable but expensive and difficult to install alone. Other bed mats offer super easy installation and still provide great coverage, but won’t offer the same quality as something more expensive. It’s up to you to determine the right balance.

Lastly, you’ve got to look at quality. As with most products, the more expensive it is, you can typically expect a higher quality product. This isn’t always the case, though. That’s why it’s important to read through reviews, both from experts and customers, before you make a final purchase.

Find Your Next Custom Truck with Ultimate Rides

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