Buyers Guide: Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers

Buyers Guide: Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers

best jeep wrangler seat cover

Buying The Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers

All Jeep lovers know that protecting the quality of their Jeep is incredibly important. Thus, there is great value in buying the Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers on the market. However, this is not necessarily an easy task for most drivers. This is because of all the different factors that play into finding the right Jeep covers. Drivers usually fall in love with the best looking seat covers and do not get great durability and reliability. Our team at Ultimate Rides aims to change this by helping drivers out.

Here at Ultimate Rides, we have spent time reading reviews on various seat covers. As a result, we have put together a list of four of the best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers on the market. We know that you are busy with work and other activities. So we decided to put together all the information you need to know on the best seat covers. That way, you can be confident that you are making a smart purchase. Take some time to read our list of the Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers. Now, let’s get into this list!

Best jeep wrangler seat cover overview:

1. Bartact JKBC2013R4B Baseline Performance Seat Covers

The Bartact JKBC2013R4B Baseline Performance Seat Covers start our list of the Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers. These seat covers are the most expensive but also provide the most value for your Jeep Wrangler. The Bartact Baseline Performance Seat Covers are made here in the United States. There are two available colors which include black and graphite. So you can pick the color that best matches the interior design of your Jeep Wrangler.

A streamlined design works to repel water off of the seat covers. All stitching on the fronts have been eliminated and thus, water can only get in at the stitching on the edges. However, these seats are able to fit snug on your vehicle’s seats. That way, you can avoid the seats being ruined as a result of sliding around. Plus, a high-grade foam and scrim help protect the bottom of the seat covers as well. Drivers that want longevity and quality should take a look at these Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers.

Bartact JKBC2013R4B – 2013-18 Baseline Performance Rear 4 Door bench Seat Covers Jeep Wrangler JKU (Black)

2. Rough Country 91007 Black Neoprene Seat Cover (B077TJYZXP)

Rough Country is a brand name that we at Ultimate Rides always trust. Their products are made with great quality and care, and it shines through when you get your hands on whatever it is that you’re buying. These seat covers will work great on any two-door Jeep Wrangler from 2013 through 2018, and the kit comes with covers for all four seats. The covers are very heavy-duty, and will work even with heated seats, allowing you to experience real comfort while also keeping your vehicle clean. Installation should be incredibly easy, and with some seat covers such as these you won’t have to worry about tracking a little bit of mud or dirt into your ride.

These aren’t flimsy, lightweight seat covers either. While installation is simple and easy, that doesn’t mean you’re just fitting a thin sheet of fabric over your seat and hoping for the best. These covers were designed for protection, and they’re able to accomplish it with ease. While some drivers like to go flashy with their accessories, others would rather keep things minimal and low key, and these seat covers are a great choice for that. You can use these seat covers to protect your vehicle from elements like rain, dirt, snow and more, making it almost essential for anyone who wants to keep their vehicle spotless even in poor weather conditions. Whether you often take your Jeep Wrangler off the road or you stick mostly to its confines, these seat covers will do wonderful in keeping your baby clean.

Rough Country 91007 Black Neoprene Seat Cover (Front/Rear) for 13-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-Door

3. CoverKing Front 50/50 Bucket Custom Fit Seat Cover

CoverKing Front 50/50 Bucket Custom Fit Seat Covers land third on our list of the Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers. The CR-Grade Neoprene seats are built to provide an immense amount of durability. These covers are made up of Neoprene material which provides wondrous longevity. Thanks to this Neoprene design, these covers are very water resistant and durable. They can handle whatever you throw at them and then some. Each cover is bolstered with a soft cushion that you will sink into during a long drive. However, these seats are still able to boast a sporty design that aims to thrill.

The Neoprene design helps the CoverKing Front 50/50 covers fit well to your Jeep Wrangler seats. A large selection of designer colors and patterns will let you customize the seats to your preference. That way, you can match the seat covers with whatever interior scheme your Jeep Wrangler contains. Drivers looking for style, durability, and personalization will want these Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers. If that sounds like you then take time to look further into this product!

Coverking Front 50/50 Bucket Custom Fit Seat Cover for Select Jeep Wrangler Models – Neoprene (Black)

4. GearFlag Jeep Wrangler TJ Neoprene Seat Cover

The GearFlag Jeep Wrangler TJ Neoprene Seat Cover is last but not least on our list of the Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers. These seat covers are durable but also provide plenty of style as well. The black seats feature red stitching and inserts that help these covers stand out amongst the crowd. Plus there are map pockets on the back of both the front seat covers. Drivers that love getting away for a camping trip will surely love this extra feature.

These seats are lightweight at only 7 pounds. This makes the seats easy to handle and install. Wetsuit material helps the seats boast an impressive amount of durability. They are water resistant, dirt proof, sand-proof, snow-proof, and even dog proof. The GearFlag Jeep Wrangler TJ Neoprene Seat Cover fit like a glove onto your Jeep Wrangler seats. The velcro strap allows for a simple and quick installation process so you can hit the road in a hurry. Drivers that enjoy all kinds of off-road conditions will surely love these Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers!

Gearflag Jeep Wrangler TJ Neoprene Seat Cover custom fit 1997-02 (Front + Rear set) (Red/Black)

5. Rough Country 91004 Neoprene Seat Covers Black (B06XC3LQV5)

If you liked the Rough Country seat covers we showed off earlier but you own a four-door Wrangler rather than a two-door, you’re still in luck. These Rough Country seat covers will work on any four-door Wranglers from 2013 to 2018, and are an excellent way to both customize the interior look of your vehicle as well as keep it protected from dirt, grime and anything else you don’t want staining your Jeep’s seats. These covers feature durable four-layer construction, with a protective polyester exterior and foam padding inside. Included you will find covers for your headrests, as well as seat covers for the front seats that have back pockets for extra storage.

Installation is quick and easy, meaning you won’t have to spend hours trying to get these covers to fit on correctly. This package includes a one-year limited warranty, and we’re confident that this product will stand the test of time as long as it’s taken care of properly. At Ultimate Rides, we perform a lot of modifications and custom work on vehicles, and one of our most trusted brand names would have to be Rough Country. If you drive a four-door Jeep Wrangler from between 2013 and 2018, these are surely some excellent seat covers for you to outfit your vehicle with. Get a set today, and make sure you let us know if you have any other recommendations for Jeep Wrangler seat covers out there.

Rough Country 91004 Neoprene Seat Covers Black Front/Rear Compatible w/ 2013-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 4DR

6. SUNPIE Universal Front Seat Cover Case with Organizer (B01J9OXZP4)

If you’re looking for something a little more tactical and with tons of utility, this seat cover courtesy of SUNPIE should do the trick. As an alternative to standard seat covers, this option instead offers plenty of extra storage space, with tons of pockets and modular pouches available to install on the cover. This will fit on 2007 – 2016 models of the Wrangler JK and JKU, and installation is as easy as strapping the cover in place. Whether you’re a hunter, a hiker, or you have any other reason to go for this level of storage in your Wrangler, this cover should handle the job nicely. It’s made from an extremely strong 600D polyester material, so there’s no doubt in our minds that it will stay tough through just about any situation.

Overall reviews are excellent for this product, with seemingly most of the negative reviews being due to the customer purchasing the wrong size for their vehicle. As long as you buy the right item, you’ll be met with a sturdy and strong seat cover that protects your vehicle, gives you tons of extra room for storage, and is comfortable. The fact that the item is modular means you can customize it to fit your needs, so whatever you plan on using the extra storage for, you can have it your way. While this item may not be ideal for everybody, there’s a certain set of individuals out there who are looking for something just like this.

SUNPIE Universal Seat Cover Case with Organizer Storage Muti Pocket fit Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CJ YJ Cherokee Rubicon Ford F150 Ridgeline Seat Protector Multiple Pockets

7. CarsCover Custom Fit 2011-2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4dr JK (B077KJDSKC)

Here’s a set of covers made specifically for newer model Jeep Wrangler Unlimited SUVs. While these are a little bit pricey, they do offer a lot more coverage than many of your standard seat covers will, and are made with waterproof comfortable material. Installation is slightly more in-depth than many other seat covers, but instructions are included and it’s nothing we think you won’t be able to handle. In our opinion, in addition to the extra coverage this set provides, the big benefit to this choice is that it is tailor made for your Wrangler and should fit like a charm.

Not only do these seat covers look sleek, but they’re quite comfortable too. They may not have any bright colors or extra bells and whistlers like many of the other options available on this list, but what it does offer is a tight fitting custom fit seat cover for your Wrangler. If that is all you’re looking for at the end of the day, we think you’ll be quite pleased with this set of seat covers.

CarsCover Custom Fit 2011-2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4dr JK Neoprene Car SUV Wagon Front & Rear Seat Covers Gray & Black Sides Tailor Made Seat Cover

8. 10pc Stripe Baja Blanket Weave Multi-Color Seat Cover with Steering Wheel Cover (B0711KGX5N)

If the last choice wasn’t your cup of tea and you would actually like something with a little more color and livelihood, check out this set of baja blanket seat covers made by manufacturer Copap. The material that the covers are made out of are thick and comfortable, able to protect your Jeep seats from spills, mud and other damage while also improving the look of your ride. The covers are made with a foam padding underneath the blanket weave material, ensuring that it offers comfort as well as protection. The set even comes with a universally sized steering wheel cover, so you will be able to outfit your Wrangler as you see fit.

Installation is pretty simple with this set, though some reviews have mentioned having to go off the instructions a bit to make sure everything fits correctly. However, we believe that even despite that small setback these seat covers will perform admirably for you. The style certainly isn’t for everyone, but those who want a cozy and convenient way to protect their Jeep Wrangler seats could do much worse than this option. For our money, this is one of the best Jeep Wrangler seat covers you can find online.

10pc Stripe Multi-Color Seat Cover Baja Saddle Blanket Weave Universal Bucket Seat Cover Fit for Cars & Vans with Steering Wheel Cover

9. Rough Country 91000 Neoprene Seat Covers Black (B07GPHXSQ3)

The final set of Rough Country seat covers on our list, this entry is compatible with 1997 through 2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ models. It offers the same durable construction and reliable material as the other Rough Country choices, but will have a different fit than the previously mentioned options. Made with neoprene, foam padding and polyester, these seat covers will not only protect your SUV from damage, spills and more, but will help keep you even more comfortable while you’re inside. It comes with the standard Rough Country one-year warranty, and it is recommended that you wash it by hand rather than use your washing machine.

Installation is as simple as the other Rough Country sets, and should only take a few minutes of your time. The straightforward black style of the Rough Country sets may not suit everyone’s style, but while basic, it does certainly get the required job done. The covers themselves are breathable yet sturdy, and you won’t to worry about any liquids leaking through. With all of that in mind, we confidently recommend the Rough Country seat covers to anyone looking for a simple way to protect their Wrangler.

Rough Country 91000 Neoprene Seat Covers Black Compatible w/ 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ (Set) Custom Fit Water Resistant

10. GEARFLAG Neoprene Seat Cover Custom (B0796PDG2P)

The final set of seat covers available on our list again comes to us from manufacturer GEARFLAG, this time compatible with the 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JKU. Included in this set you will find two front seat covers, an extended back seat cover as well as covers for each of the vehicle’s headrests. As an alternative to the standard black found on many seat covers, this set instead comes in a vibrant red that will make your seats pop to the eyes. It won’t cover up your airbags, and the front seat covers even have map pockets on the back.

The covers are resistant to liquid, dirt, sand and more, and you should find that it does an admirable job protecting your Wrangler from the harsh elements. You should find that these will improve your comfort while you’re inside, and should last you quite a long time. Though it is the final entry on our list, we still believe that these seat covers are an excellent choice depending on your own personal style.

GEARFLAG Neoprene Seat Cover Custom fits Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-17 Unlimited 4 Door Full Set (Front + Rear Seats) (Red/Black)

Parting Words On Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers

Buying seat covers for your Jeep Wrangler is an important investment. After all, no one wants to buy seat covers that do not protect their seats. Drivers want seat covers that provide them with style and substance. Drivers want to get the Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers available. Be sure to spend time looking at all of your options so you can get durable seat covers that match the design of your Jeep. Install will be a snap with these slip on covers, and they will prolong the life of your OEM seat, which is a super bonus. This will help the resale of your wrangler when it comes time to sell it. If you you looking to protect resale of cars we have a a girly seat cover guide that will help. We know, we sell used jeeps all the time and having a super clean interior is always an added bonus and helps with value. After doing your research and spending time looking through the options. Refer back to our list of the Best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers for extra help!

If you have any further questions about your Jeep Wrangler, or would like some help with installation, give Ultimate Rides a call today. We spend many days out of the year building and customizing these vehicles, so we think it’s safe to say we know our stuff. Whether you need a new vehicle, want to upgrade your existing vehicle, or need some major or minor repairs, we do it all. You can reach us over the phone today by calling 815-634-3900, or if you live in the Chicago area you will find us about one hour south of the city at 38 W. Division St., Coal City, IL 60416. We hope to hear from you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should it take to install one of these seat cover sets?

A: The answer to this may vary from set to set, but in general it should take you no longer than 10-20 minutes to properly install one of these. You should expect dealing with some straps, as well as other small parts like an S-hook or a latch. Each set of seat covers should come with instructions upon purchase, and if those don’t seem to help, you can always look online for video tutorials or get in touch with the manufacturer for help or more information.

Q: Will installing these seat covers void the warranty on my Jeep Wrangler?

A: As you are not damaging or altering anything on the vehicle itself, just adding to it, you should be in the clear when it comes to your warranty. All the same, we recommend double checking the wording of your warranty to make sure you’re good to go. In our experience, you can never be too careful, but we think you won’t have anything to worry about.

Q: How can I tell if a seat cover will fit on my Jeep?

A: In the description of a given product, it should tell you which models it was manufactured for. However, many seat cover sets are made to be universally sized, so if you are unable to find any wording that provides you with specific compatible models, it is likely one of those. Always be sure to check out reviews to see if they offer any additional information.