Best Lift Kit for Chevy Tahoe (Review & Buying Guide)

Best Lift Kit for Chevy Tahoe (Review & Buying Guide)

Best Lift Kit for Chevy Tahoe
The Tahoe is both a popular and reliable SUV, especially when you outfit it with some custom modifications. A lift kit is a great way to spruce up any vehicle, and this guide can help you find the best lift kit for Chevy Tahoe models today.
Best Lift Kit for Chevy Tahoe
Installing a lift kit can be somewhat of an annoying process, especially for newer at-home mechanics. Ultimate Rides offers lift kit installation and much more, so reach out if you’re near our area!

Find the Best Lift Kit for Chevy Tahoe SUVs

If you’re the owner of a Chevy Tahoe, you already know that you’ve got a great vehicle on your hands. One of the more popular ways to customize the Tahoe with by installing a lift kit. Lifted suspension is a trend that is only becoming more popular with each passing year. Here at Ultimate Rides, it’s one of the things that we specialize in. We know a lot of our readers are looking to find the best lift kit for Chevy Tahoe models, and we put together this guide to assist you.

Below is a list containing some of our favorite lift kit options for the vehicle. We tried to include a variety of sizes as well as compatibility with different model years. Make sure to pay close attention to both of those things to ensure they match up with your needs. Not all lift kits will fit on all Tahoe models, so you have to make sure to buy the right one. After our list, you’ll find our buying guide, where we provide additional details on lift kits for the Tahoe. Take a look and get in touch with us if you have any questions!

1. Rough Country 6″ Magneride 16230 (ASIN – B07KPM9R5F)

Compatibility: 2014-2020 Chevy Tahoe

Our go-to manufacturer when it comes to lift kits is Rough Country. They offer a wide range of sizes and have products that cover most model years. Additionally, their kits are made with high-quality parts and feature a lifetime warranty. With this option in particular, you’ll get a massive six-inch boost for your Tahoe. While that may seem like a lot, it’ll completely revolutionize the look of your SUV, as well as let you install a larger set of wheels and tires onto the vehicle. Installation can be something of a nightmare for the uninitiated, so we recommend consulting an expert if you opt to go with this kit. However, there’s no denying it may be the best lift kit for Chevy Tahoe models.

Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit (fits) 2014-2020 Chevy Tahoe Suburban | GMC Yukon/XL 4WD | MagneRide | Suspension | 16230

2. Supreme Suspensions 1-3″ Adjustable Front 3″ Rear Lift Kit with Shock Extenders (ASIN – B01MZH79V7)

Compatibility: 2000-2006 Chevy Tahoe 4WD Six-Lug

The next kit in our list comes from another of our preferred manufacturers, Supreme Suspensions. With it, you’ll be able to adjust the front end of your Tahoe anywhere between one to three inches, allowing you to get it perfectly lined up with the rear end, which receives a three-inch lift here. This set also includes shock extenders for your vehicle, helping you maintain factory performance. While this definitely doesn’t offer quite as much of a lift as the first kit on our list, it’s a great place to start for newcomers and those who want to go up a size or two in their wheels. Installation is a little more basic, but still can be quite difficult if you’re not heavily experienced with jobs such as this. Also be sure to not the compatibility of this kit and make sure it lines up with your Tahoe.

Supreme Suspensions – Full Lift Kit for 2000-2006 Suburban & Tahoe and GMC Yukon 1500 Adj. 1-3″ Front Lift Torsion Keys + 3″ Rear Lift Spring Spacers + Shock Extenders + Torsion Tool 6-Lug 4WD

3. Supreme Suspensions 3.5″ Front 3″ Rear Lift Kit (ASIN – B013JGGRDK)

Compatibility: 2007-2020 Chevy Tahoe

Here we have another kit from Supreme Suspensions. This time, it offers a flat height adjustment for both the front and rear end, raising the front by an extra half-inch. This can help fix slight unevenness in your suspension, which is a common problem among SUVs. It’s a simple set of spacers, which is the most basic form of lift kit that you can find. However, there’s no denying that it still gets the job done, and is totally safe and secure when installed properly. You’ll find all the hardware you need to get it installed in this kit, so you shouldn’t have to buy anything else other than tools or professional installation.

Supreme Suspensions – Lift Kit for 2007-2020 Chevy Tahoe 3.5″ Front Lift + 3″ Rear Lift Leveling Pro Kit (Parent)

4. TORCH Off Road 3″ Adjustable Front End Lift Kit (ASIN – B08KFN6H7W)

Compatibility: 2000-2006 Chevy Tahoe 6-Lug with Torsion Bar Suspension

At number four, we’ve got another lift kit made for older Tahoe models. TORCH Off Road is a reliable manufacturer when it comes to lift kits, and we definitely recommend this option as long as it’s a good fit. Once again, you’ll find a set of torsion keys that allow you to adjust the height of the front end. This will let you get it perfectly even with the rear, which will be raised up by three inches. The product comes with a lifetime warranty, so if you notice any problems you will have a pathway to exchange or return the kit. For all these reasons, we consider it a contender as the best lift kit for Chevy Tahoe models from the early 2000’s.

TORCH Lift Kit For 2000-2006 Chevy Tahoe GMC Yukon Suburban 1500 SUV 4WD 4X4 (3″ Front 3″ Rear Lift)

5. Supreme Suspensions 3″ Spacer Lift Kit (ASIN – B013JGI4V8)

Compatibility: 2007-2020 Chevy Tahoe

Next up, we have another kit for you from Supreme Suspensions. It will provide you with a flat three-inch lift for your Tahoe, utilizing front and rear spacers to do so. It fits on quite a larger range of Tahoe vehicles, making it a safe choice for most drivers who don’t want to waste their time or money. Three inches is plenty of lift to allow for a larger set of tires, which is one of the more popular reasons to lift your suspension. Plus, it’ll still offer that cool look people are going for with a lifted SUV. There’s no reason not to opt for this kit unless you want to go bigger.

Supreme Suspensions – Full Lift Kit for Avalanche Suburban Tahoe Yukon 1500 Leveling Kit 3″ Front Lift Strut Spacers + 3″ Rear Lift Spring Spacers Aircraft Billet Aluminum (Black)

6. MZS 3.5″ Front 3″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit (ASIN – B08JCC45R2)

Compatibility: 2007-2020 Chevy Tahoe

Finally, we’ve got one more leveling lift kit for you to consider. If you need a half-inch more height in your front compared to the rear end of the SUV, this is the option for you. Once again this kit utilizes spacers to achieve its height, which is one of the easier installs out there for lift kits. It’s still recommended to look into professional installation unless you’re confident you can handle it, though. If this is the right height for you, it’s a great pick and that’s undeniable.

MZS Leveling Lift Kit 3.5″ Front Suspensions + 3″ Rear Strut Spacers Compatible with 2007-2020 Tahoe/Suburban 1500 6-Lug | 2007-2013 Avalanche 1500 6-Lug 2WD 4WD

Best Lift Kit for Chevy Tahoe
In addition to a suspension lift, we recommend looking into larger wheels/tires as well as a set of running boards. These can all be great additions for any vehicle, especially the Tahoe.
Best Lift Kit for Tahoe
If you’re looking to buy your next vehicle, make sure to check out Ultimate Rides. We carry a huge range of vehicles, and offer shipping anywhere in the United States and beyond.

Best Lift Kit for Chevy Tahoe Buying Guide

Buying a lift kit unfortunately isn’t as easy as picking out the first product that catches your eye. There’s quite a bit of research involved, and that’s where we come in. It’s important to, first of all, pick a kit that fits your truck. From there, you’ve got to determine the quality to make sure you’re not getting worked over. In this last section, we offer a few pieces of advice for you to carry with you while shopping for the best Chevy Tahoe lift kit. Check it out, and then get in touch with Ultimate Rides if you have any more questions.

What to Look For in a Lift Kit

After you’ve determined if a lift kit is a good fit for your Tahoe, you have to determine if it’s the right quality. If you’re not experienced in this field, that may seem a little difficult at first. However, we want to make the process easier for you. When you’re shopping around, make sure to carefully read through product descriptions. This information should be helpful, such as what materials the kit is made from. Customer reviews can also be very useful in this regard. If it says verified buyer, then you know it’s coming from someone who actually did buy the product, making their word more valuable. Use whatever resources that you have available and you should be able to stay informed.

Installation Tips and Info

Even the best lift kit for Chevy Tahoe SUVs is probably going to be a pain to install. Plus, if you want your vehicle to stay safe, it’s very important to ensure everything is installed correctly. We strongly recommend looking into professional installation for a lift kit unless you’re very confident in your abilities as an at-home mechanic. If you are dead-set on installing yourself, make sure to watch video tutorials as well as do plenty of reading to know what you’re getting into. Once you’re done, remember to take your vehicle in for a steering alignment to get everything back in order.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the Chicago area, that means you aren’t very far from Ultimate Rides. We’re a custom service center and auto dealer that specializes in lifted vehicles. You can feel free to bring your vehicle to us for lift kit installation, or visit to find your next vehicle. We also offer delivery all across the country and even beyond, so don’t hesitate to reach out the next time you’re ready to buy. You can call us today at 815-634-3900, or visit the office at 38 W. Division St., Coal City, IL 60416.

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