Best Little Tree Combinations | Top Air Fresheners

Best Little Tree Combinations | Top Air Fresheners

Little Trees Scents – Combining for a New Fragrance

Just about everyone knows about Little Trees air freshener products. They’re the most popular choice for drivers, as they’re affordable and effective. They might not last very long, but you can get a large pack of their products for a great price, making it easy to stock up and save money at the same time. While most drivers only keep one scent in their car, we’re here to tell you that it’s possible to combine the best scents of their air fresheners to come up with a new flavor combination that you love. If you’re tired of the same old scent in your car, this is definitely worth giving a try. Below, we’ll share with you some of the most effective Little Trees combinations. Decide if you like any of our recommendations, or browse around until you find a scent combo that seems appealing to you. Then hang up a tree pair in your rearview mirror and hit the road with a fresh scent filling up the air in your car! There are so many different combinations to try, so be sure to share yours with our team and readers.

Vanillaroma and Lavender

Two of the best smelling aromas found in air fresheners and beyond are vanilla and lavender. Oftentimes in candles, you will find these two scents together, and for good reason. They just work together very well. While Little Trees doesn’t manufacture an air freshener that combines both scents, there’s nothing stopping you from picking up the company’s Vanillaroma product and the Lavender scented product. Hang up one of each on the mirror of your car and you’ll be able to experience a truly pleasant aroma any time you go for a drive. Your car will stay fresh with this fragrant combo, and it is one of the best pairs available in our opinion.

Cherry Blossom Honey and Wild Cherry

Are you a fan of cherries? If so, you’ll be happy to find that the company offers two separate cherry-scented products for you to consider in your car. In fact, why not go ahead and try them both together? Their Cherry Blossom Honey air freshener is a little bit more subtle, featuring hints of honey to go along with the cherry. Then, at the same time, you can add a little bit of cherry emphasis to your car with the Wild Cherry product. Together, you’ll find that these two air fresheners add some much-needed fruitful aromas to your car, and you might find it hard to go without them moving forward. If you think that cherries are the best fruit, this is the combo for you.

Best little tree combinations

There are a number of different ways to keep your car smelling fresh and clean. While an air freshener can help, you’ll also want to make sure to keep your car free of other odor-producing problems such as spills or trash. Otherwise you’ll just be dealing with the air freshener scent over top of the existing odor that you really want to get rid of. There are plenty of products out there you can use to clean your car, and the best air fresheners can be used as a complement to those. Our favorite is black ice!

Caribbean Colada and Peachy Keen

Sticking to the fruit-based category of air fresheners, another combo to consider for your car is Caribbean Colada mixed with Peachy Keen. Together, these two scents can create a tropical aura of freshness anywhere you go with your car. Plus, these two air fresheners get extra points for featuring the classic, nostalgic style people know and love from Little Trees. That iconic design is something just about any driver can remember, so shop around to score a few of these products and you’ll be able to inject a classic sense of style into your car. While the “best” available scent is subjective, we’re willing to bet many drivers will agree that this pairing results in some of the best smells available for your car. Give it a try and be sure to share your thoughts with our team!

Royal Pine and Black Ice

When it comes to popularity with customers, the best air freshener scent is likely Black Ice. It has a stylish smell to it – one that can be hard to place exactly. However, most people who try it out in their car love it, so the product speaks for itself. Along with Black Ice, Royal Pine is another classic variation. If you’d like to mix it up a little, try putting both options in your car for a blend of nature and suave style (some compare the small of Black Ice to men’s cologne). While this combination doesn’t make a ton of sense on paper, we think you’ll understand when you get both options inside your car.

Black Ice Air Freshener Spray and New Car

Want to avoid having two hanging air fresheners in your car? Why not try out one standard style option along with an air freshener spray? The company offers a variety of different styles, including a spray version of Black Ice that can be extremely handy to keep in the car. Combine that with a New Car scented hanging freshener and you’ll have an excellent combo on your hands. The New Car style will keep your car smelling like the day you bought, while you’ll also have the option to insert Black Ice whenever it feels necessary.

Best Little Tree Combinations?
Even if you’re not dealing with any unwanted smell inside your car, it pays off to have an air freshener around. It’ll help keep the atmosphere inside the car pleasant, especially useful for those who spend a lot of their time driving. You might as well be comfortable so you can enjoy every aspect of your car!

Top Selling Air Fresheners

The most common way to produce a fresh smell inside your car is through a Little Trees air freshener, or as we’ve shared here, by using two different options! Most drivers don’t want to spend a great deal of money keeping their car smelling good, so they decide to spend a little bit of money on disposable air fresheners instead. That’s the advantage you’ll find with this brand, and it’s why they’re so incredibly common across the country. The scent will fade relatively quickly, but you’ll be spending a very small amount of money on each freshener, especially if you buy a larger pack. That means you can simply swap one out as soon as it starts to fade. It takes little effort, and there’s just no denying that it’s one of the best ways to improve the scent of your car. The best Little Trees air fresheners, in terms of sales at least, have to be the Black Ice products. Behind that is probably the new car scent, as it’s one that many drivers absolutely love. The fruit-scented options are right up there among the best, so it really depends on what you prefer! Try out a bunch of combinations and figure out what works for you.

Top Ways to Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

While the right air freshener can do a lot to improve the atmosphere of your car, that’s not all you need to do. It’s important to keep your car clean. If you spill something, get your hands on a quality cleaning product and take care of it. If you don’t, it won’t be long before your car starts to stink, and nobody wants to drive around in a car that smells bad. While it might be easy to hang a little tree from your mirror, if that’s all you do, your situation won’t improve. We all know how easy it is to make a mess in a car, whether it’s from you or a passenger. Just take some time to take care of it soon, or you’ll wind up having to bring the car into professionals to take care of things. It’s always best practice to keep trash out of the car, no matter how tempting it is to just leave it behind until later. It might take a little effort, but it will pay off in the long run. Trust us!

Additional Air Freshener Products from Little Trees

You don’t have to just rely on hanging air fresheners from Little Trees. As seen in the last entry of our recommendations, the company also has spray bottle products. There are even more options beyond that, helping ensure you have the right type of car air freshener for your needs. The company makes vent clips that attach to your air conditioning outlet, helping move fresh-smelling air around the car. You can even find products that actually wrap around the slots of the vent, staying low-profile was also keeping your car smelling good. There are fiber can products, which you leave in the car with the top open to spread around your desired scent. While the little hanging air fresheners are certainly the most popular choice, you’ll have plenty of options open to you when it comes to freshening up the air in your car. Just shop around until you find what works for you!