Best Little Trees Scent | Make Your Vehicle Smell Great

Best Little Trees Scent | Make Your Vehicle Smell Great

Top Scents Available from Little Trees

When it comes to air fresheners, no brand is as prominent as Little Trees. Their products can be seen in vehicles all across the country in the form of a little tree hanging from a rearview mirror. As a matter of fact, you’ve probably used their items before yourself. There are many different scents to choose from when it comes to this company, and they each have varying degrees of popularity. If you’re having trouble deciding which scent will work best for your car, you’re in luck. Our team here at Ultimate Rides knows all about these air fresheners and how appealing each smell is. We’ve put our expertise to good use by providing a list of our top 10 favorite scents from Little Trees. Check out the list below for a brief rundown on each option. Then make a decision on which is best for your car, or pick out multiple packs and try them all to test it out for yourself.

Following our list, you’ll find a guide that will walk you through a few important pieces of information when it comes to choosing an air freshener for your car. We’ll tell you how you can get the best results for the money you spend, and offer tips on keeping your car smelling as best as it possibly can. Check it out and make sure to tell your friends about Ultimate Rides, where we sell custom car models, trucks, and SUVs ready for you to drive today, with affordable shipping across the globe!

Best Little Trees Scent
Our favorite scent is hands down the black ice, its not too string, and smells just right!

1. Black Ice

The most popular scent Little Trees has to offer is Black Ice. It can be a little difficult to describe what it actually smells like, but some drivers compare it to the scent of men’s cologne. However you come to describe it, there’s no denying that the air freshener will do wonders in sprucing up your car. Like other products from the company, this air freshener was made in the United States, so you’ll even be able to feel good about supporting domestic manufacturing when you pick up a pack for your car. In our estimation, Black Ice is the best that the company has to offer, and we’re confident you’ll feel the same way, just as long as you like the scent.

2. New Car Scent

The next option you’ll find near the top of Little Trees best selling products is their New Car offering. It’s no secret that people love new car scents, and this product helps you keep it around your car at all times. Depending on your personal taste, this could easily be the best option out there for your car. Similar to Black Ice, it’s hard to find a natural comparison for this, but nonetheless it’s an absolutely wonderful aroma. Just make sure you’re a fan of the new car aroma before you decide it’s best for your car, because some people describe it as smelling too much like a chemical for their own tastes. Just be assured that this product is completely safe and non-hazardous to keep around your car, so there’s no need to worry about that.

3. Vanillaroma

Want something a little more natural? What’s better than vanilla? This air freshener will keep your car smelling pleasant around the clock. According to many drivers, it’s the best that the company has to offer. Like other products from Little Trees, the aroma isn’t too strong, but it’s enough to provide a relaxing environment in your car anywhere you take it. If you’re a fan of vanilla in general, there’s a very strong chance this will be the best option available for your car today. Try it out and buy a whole pack if you’re a fan!

4. Peachy Peach

According to many drivers, the preferred aroma in their car is peach. If that sounds like you, this next option might be your best pick. It’s peach-scented, providing your car with a subtle but always enjoyable peach aroma wherever you take your car. The item itself is a brightly-colored orange, which may or may not be appealing to you depending on your sense of style. Take a look at the item, try it out in your car, and decide if this is the aroma you’d like to go with moving forward!

5. Cherry Blossom Honey

Looking for an interesting blend of aromas to enjoy? Cherry Blossom Honey could be the right fit for your car. It once again offers a subtle scent that won’t come off too strong. At the same time, though, it’ll ensure your car has a positive atmosphere that people will enjoy spending time in. It recalls a certain time of year, when cherry blossom trees start to bloom, and can help bring both the driver and passengers back to that point, even in the dead of winter. Try it out and decide if it’s the best option for your car.

6. Summer Linen

If you’re searching for something that will offer a pleasant but familiar aroma without resorting to something from nature, our next product might be the one for your car. It’s Summer Linen, and it will help bring about relaxing memories of folded laundry, perhaps from childhood. It’s a strong pick, with many drivers around the country choosing this as the preferred option for their car. If it feels right to you, go ahead and give this aroma a shot and see how it feels in your car.

7. Royal Pine

Distinct from the other options on our list is Royal Pine. It’s another classic offering from this company; one that many drivers might remember their parents using back in the day. Whether you simply like the aroma of pine, or you’re looking for a little injection of nostalgia into your daily life, you’ll be able to find it with this product. It’s an option that many people love, and could fit right in inside your car.

8. Wild Cherry

Another beloved choice from this company is Wild Cherry. With its distinct bright red color, and the vibrant aroma of cherries, there’s a lot to love about this option. The smell of cherries brings about feelings of spring and summer, helping keep the atmosphere in your car light and enjoyable. It’s all down to personal taste, but if you think you’d like this scent, there’s a good chance it’ll work out for you in the long run. Try out a pack in your car and then you can decide if you’d like to stick with this option in the future!

9. Leather Scent

One of the most unique options out there is this one. It’ll provide you with rugged leather smell in the car, perfect for those who don’t want anything super fancy. At the same time, however, it will make a strong difference when it comes to the atmosphere in your car. You’ll enjoy being around it, and your passengers will as well. It’s not a very divisive smell, so this is a pretty safe bet for any driver who wants to please everyone. It might not be the first option you think of, but we’re confident it’ll work for you.

10. Rainforest Mist

Last but not least is Rainforest Mist. The name might not describe exactly what aroma it provides, but you’ll understand once you’re able to take it in. It’s again a pleasant and relaxing smell; one that can keep you calm and focused while driving. It’s not an incredibly strong aroma, so it shouldn’t be enough to bother any passengers who aren’t a huge fan of the scent. Still, though, you can count on it providing your car with an appealing smell anywhere you drive.

Getting the Most from Your Air Freshener

While it might seem easy to just hang up an air freshener in your car and let it do its magic, there’s actually more to it if you want your car to smell the best it possibly can. You also have to work on keeping in clean, make sure you have extra air fresheners handy, and choose the right scent for your preferences. The rest of our guide will offer information on how you can accomplish all this, getting the best results for your car.

Take Care of Unwanted Odor and Smells

The vast majority of air freshener products out there, while providing great smells in your car, don’t actually get rid of whatever is causing a bad odor. That’s why it becomes so important to keep your car clean. It’s very common to have an accidental spill inside the car; the really important part is to act fast to clean it up before it sets into the car interior. Keep cleaning products handy – either in your car itself or in your garage. That way you’ll be ready if a spill occurs, whether it’s food or drink.

Also be sure to avoid leaving trash in your car. We know how easy it is to decide to worry about it later, but it’s a bad habit to take on. It won’t be long before your car starts to have a poor odor because of it. We know you don’t want to buy an air freshener just for its scent to sit on top of whatever bad smells already exist in your car. For the best results, make sure your car has a neutral smell, and then pick up a Little Trees air freshener to add a positive scent into the car.

Best Little Tree Scent
Taking care of your car is a very important step to ensuring it smells good. If you have leather upholstery, make sure to buy the right products to keep the inside of your car clean. Same goes for cloth upholstery, or whatever else you might have inside the car. It also won’t hurt to bring your car into a car wash when the time is right. Then you can rely on an air freshener to provide a pleasant scent in the car, wherever you go.

The Best Option? Your Favorite Smell

Though the sheer amount of Little Trees scents available might feel overwhelming at first, take a deep breath and think about your favorite smells in general. There’s a very good chance the company has an option that’s at least similar to what you’re thinking of. The best car air freshener is the one that comes the closest to your sense of taste, and that’s why having so many options available can actually be a benefit. Some people prefer citrus fruit smells, while others prefer Black Ice or new car. Little Trees has a scent for everyone. The real key is trying out different options until you figure out the scent that works best for you and your car. That’s why it’s good that the air fresheners are so affordable, but more on that in the next section. For now, just know that you should feel free to try out different scents until you figure out which you like. You and your car will benefit from trying out plenty of different options until you settle on your best pick as you drive.

Value is Key – Buying in Bulk

Want to get the most out of your money? Don’t buy a smaller pack of these air fresheners. You’ll almost certainly go through these things pretty quick, as the smell for each will only last a couple of weeks, at best, before they run out. The good news is you won’t have to spend very much to get a new one, making it incredibly easy to simply replace the spent air freshener with a new one in your car. You can even keep the entire package right in your glove compartment, trunk, or back seat, making it easy to grab one from your car while you’re on the go. Best practice is to stock up on your favorite Little Tree scent and then you won’t have to worry about ordering a new pack until you’re almost out. This is the best way to save money while also ensuring your car smells great at all times!