Best New Car Smell Spray | Air Freshener Guide

Best New Car Smell Spray | Air Freshener Guide

Top Choices for New Car Air Freshener Spray

Depending on how old your car is, keeping the air inside fresh can present something of a challenge. It’s possible you’ve tried a wide variety of air freshener products to varying success. It can be difficult to find a car air freshener that actually gets the job done, especially if there’s a specific scent you’d like to keep in the air. One of the top scents for drivers is the classic new car smell. However, like with many other car air freshener spray products, it’s not always easy to replicate it exactly. Take a look at our list below to find some of the best odor options for the air in your car.

Ultimate Rides is a car dealer that specializes in providing high-quality custom vehicles to our customers. We outfit our inventory with upgrades and accessories, and that includes a variety of air freshener products. That means we know our stuff. Check out some of our recommendations on air freshener scents, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about getting the right fragrance in your car. After our list, you’ll find some additional details on choosing the right air freshener, so be sure to check that out as well!

1. Ozium Air Sanitizer 3.5 oz Spray

While there are many products out there that attempt to replicate the classic scent of a new car, there’s only one official option, and it comes from Ozium. They’re the company that provides the air freshener countless dealerships around the country use, and it’s the scent most drivers know and love. The great news is you can buy it for your own car, and it doesn’t even come in at a hefty price. In addition to providing a good fragrance in the air, this car air freshener actually sanitizes the air in your car, helping get rid of bacteria and other sources of a bad odor. There’s no doubt in our minds this is the top car air freshener for those who want to sanitize and make their car smell great. For just about $12, you’ll have everything you need in your car to achieve the scent you love.

2. Ozium 3.5 Oz. Air Sanitizer & Odor Eliminator 4-Pack

Like that last air freshener? If you want to keep multiple bottles handy so you won’t have to purchase it again for a long time, and save some money in the process, this car air freshener four-pack from Ozium is for you! By now, you should know exactly what this product can do for the air in your car. It’ll not only clean the air, but leave a great scent behind at the same time. It doesn’t just cover up the odor you don’t want, but actually eliminates it altogether. If you’re dealing with a pesky car odor you’re having trouble getting rid of, this is a good product to try out. It’s by far our favorite air freshener to keep in the car.

3. Chemical Guys New Car Smell Premium Car Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator

One of the most popular choices for drivers apart from the Ozium air freshener is this option from Chemical Guys. The company offers a wide range of scents for car owners to choose from, with this new car smell spray being one of the top picks. While it’s not the exact odor you’d expect from an Ozium product, it does a good job of replicating the scent. The 16 oz. spray bottle should last quite a while, and you’ll get even more use out of it by diluting the air freshener with water. As it stands, the compound has a pretty strong scent. That might work for some people, while others will prefer the lighter scent that comes from diluting the solution. Whichever option you choose, you can make your car smell just the way you want using this air freshener.

4. Scent Bomb 100% Concentrated Car Air Freshener and Home Spray

Still looking for a different option? This concentrated car air freshener solution from Scent Bomb might be the option for you. It comes in a five-pack of smaller spray bottles, still coming in at less than $20. Similar to our last air freshener product, this solution is supposed to be diluted with water to get the right strength for your car and the air inside. According to customers, the product does a reliable job of eliminating previous smells in your car, and will replace them with a fragrant scent that you will enjoy. The only important thing to note is that you may need to use a separate spray bottle in order to properly dilute the air freshener solution with water, so keep that in mind if you decide to buy. Once sprayed in your car, you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant perfume that lasts days.

5. Meguiar’s G4200 New Car Scent Protectant Spray

Next up, we have an air freshener for your car from a company called Meguiar’s. They offer spray products as well as packages of wipes that feature that classic scent of a new car. Here we’re sharing the spray product, but you’re also welcome to check out the wipes to help keep the interior of your car clean along with the air. The product features very strong ratings from customers, offering a scent that should recall memories of a brand new car. Compared to other products on our list, the way you’ll use this spray will be a little different. While it will help the smells of the air in your car, the main purpose is to spray on surfaces inside and wipe them down. The solution will act as a protectant for those surfaces, as well as emitting a pleasant odor into the car. If that sounds right for you, go ahead and give this car air freshener a shot!

6. Little Trees Spray Car Air Freshener (New Car Smell)

Little Trees is the most popular provider of air freshener products around, with their tree-shaped hanging air fresheners often the first thing people think of when it comes to this type of product. In addition to those hanging air fresheners, the company provides a spray bottle new car smell air freshener that is worth checking out. The product comes in an easy-to-use bottle, features a fragrance you can enjoy, and is highly affordable. While it’s not necessarily our absolute favorite car air freshener, it’s well-worth trying out in your cars at home.

7. TriNova New Car Smell Air Freshener – Deodorizer Spray

The next product on our list was made right here in the United States, and is another choice to consider when searching for a new car scent air freshener. It comes from the company TriNova, and offers an odor that should appeal to those searching for something to recreate the scent of a brand new car. While not the best option available, it does have very solid customer ratings, and offers a nice scent in the air of the car without coming off too strong. If the other options don’t work for you, for whatever reason, we definitely encourage you to give this air freshener a try and see how it smells in your car.

8. Chemical Guys New Car and Leather Scent Sample Kit

If you were a fan of the spray from Chemical Guys, or if you’d like to try out a smaller sample and see how it makes cars smell, you’re in luck. The company sells a sample-sized two-pack of its new car smell and leather scent products. With it, you’ll be able to spend less and try out both options, seeing if either one could be the right fit for you and your car. You can see how each affects the air, and from there order a bigger bottle if you’re a fan of either scent.

Find the Right Scent for Your Vehicle

With so many options out there for your car, it can be a little bit laborious to find a product that smells exactly the way you want. If it’s that scent of a new car that you’re after, Ozium is certainly the first air freshener we’d go with, as they are the real deal. However, if you’re not into that option for whatever reason, there are plenty more products for you to try. If you’re like most Americans, you spend a considerable amount of time in your car. That’s why it’s so important to keep that car smelling fresh. We hope this guide has been helpful in accomplishing that goal for you!

Great Ways to Keep Your Interior Fresh

In addition to car air freshener products, there are several other ways to keep the air in your car clean and free of bad odor. There are items out there that can absorb the unwanted scent in your car, pulling it right out of the air. These are typically made of charcoal, and are meant to be left inside the car at all times. In addition to that, cars can be detailed, cleaning out the interior and finding the source of any unwanted scent that’s plaguing the air in the car. That’s something we even do right here at Ultimate Rides, so be sure to let us know if you’re in the Chicago area and need assistance with the air in your car.