A Buyers Guide to Truck Bed Tent F150

A Buyers Guide to Truck Bed Tent F150

Truck Bed Tent F150

Getting a Good Truck Bed Tent F150

Here at Ultimate Rides, we have a great number of tips and tricks that you can use when finding the best Truck Bed Tent F150 for your Ford truck. A weekend camping trip can be an absolute blast when you get your hands on a great truck tent. Understanding how to get the best available truck tent is complicated. We know because we even read a buyers guide when looking for the best camping chair on the market.  That is why we have listed four different truck tent options for your Ford F150.

With so many available Truck Bed Tent F150 options on the market, it is hard to know what will get you good value for your hard-earned cash. Should you focus all your efforts on finding a waterproof tent? Or should you spend time trying to find a tent with great storage space for your Ford F150? We highly recommend that you take some time to figure out what you want most out of your tent truck. That way, you are able to get the right tent for your Ford truck that complements your lifestyle. Here are four different Truck Bed Tent F150 options available on the market today!

1. Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent

One of the most reasonably priced Truck Bed Tent F150 options available is the Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent. If you do not want to spend a large sum of money on a truck tent for your Ford truck, this is a viable option for you. The Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent will fit snug on your Ford F150 by using tension straps. Thanks to a lightweight design with 4 poles, it takes only a few minutes to set up. This is going to come in handy in the instance that a storm approaches quickly on your campsite.

The Guide Gear truck tent boasts plenty of headroom and interior space. There are mesh windows throughout this truck tent for ventilation on hot summer nights. Plus, there are a few gear pockets you can use to organize items. A floor-less design also allows for you to avoid removing tools when you set up your Truck Bed Tent F150 while camping. This tent also boasts 190T polyester with 100mm water-resistant coating to keep you dry!

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

2. Rightline Gear 110730 Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent 6.5′

Our second Truck Bed Tent F150 recommendation comes in the form of the Rightline Gear Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent. You can avoid getting soaked if it rains while you camp thanks to water-resistant fabric. The water will just roll right off of the tent. The tent features protective heavy duty straps to help avoid damaging your Ford trucks finish while setting up the tent. Plus, color-coded poles and pole pockets work in tandem to simplify the setup process. This tent also has a floorless design so you do not need to remove gear and tools from the truck bed while using it.

The Rightline Gear truck tent also features glow in the dark zipper that you can see late at night in the wilderness. The standout aspect of this tent comes in the form of the sky view vent. You can use this vent to get a nice breeze or to let in some sun during the day. However, you can also use it late at night to watch the stars. Keep the sky view vent in mind when you move forward with buying a great Truck Bed Tent F150.

Rightline Gear 110730 Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent 6.5′

3. Napier Sportz Truck Tent

The spacious Napier Sportz Truck Tent is the third tent features on our Truck Bed Tent F150 list. When you fully close the door of this tent, it will prevent any rain from entering inside of the truck tent. Plus, the full rainfly and built-in storm flaps are used for the windows and door. That way, you have extra protection in case you encounter some serious rainfall while you camp. Much like the other tents on our list, this Ford F150 truck tent has simple assembly process. By using the color-coded poles and sleeves you can set up your tent in a matter of moments. This tent also boasts 3 large windows and 2 ceiling vents.

If you want to camp during the hot summer season use these for extra ventilation. An expanding carrying bag can be used to stow away the Sportz truck tent and for easy transportation. One of the impressive features is the rear access panel. Use this access panel to get into the truck cabin for extra storage space. Plus, a gear loft and built-in lantern holder offer extra luxuries for your camping experience. If you want extra accessories then this might be the Truck Bed Tent F150 for you!

Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey (Full Size Crew Cab 5.5-Feet Box)

4. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

One of the most popular Truck Bed Tent F150 options on the market is the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent. This tent incorporates Hydra-Shield™ material that is watertight, durable, yet also very breathable. A sharp attention to detail is what makes this tent such a popular option for your Ford F150. The large D-shaped door comes with top of the line YKK zippers. Plus, you can use the extra covered entry for added protection. Use the clamp-on rails to easily mount the tent right onto your Ford truck bed for a tight and secure fit. This comes in handy just in case the weather is rough and the wind speed rises. There are 2 separate gear pockets for extra storage space and more organization options. So if you need a place to put your phone or extra tools then these gear pockets will come in handy. Furthermore, this tent boasts five different windows to let you open up and ventilate when the weather is nice!

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Factors Of Focus

1. Price

Always, always, always start with the price. Luckily for you, truck bed tents are available at all kinds of prices. There are some available for about $100 a pop and others available at a price over nearly $300. Simply put, you pay for the quality. Yes, more expensive options are obviously much more pricey. In return, you get one of the best tents available though. Use your discretion throughout this process.

2. Material

The better the material, the more durable the design. Remember, you are camping. So you need the best tent that is going to last for a really long time. If not, it might break on the very first camping trip. Furthermore, look out for something that is waterproof!

3. Storage Space

Some tents are built with lots of storage space and others are not. Find one that features great storage space. This comes in the form of an access panel and even a gear loft. More storage space makes your camping trip so much more convenient. Not to mention everything is within reach while you sleep!

Last Thoughts On Truck Bed Tent F150

To get the best Truck Bed Tent F150, you just need to figure out what types of features you want. If you want a truck bed with great storage space then find one with gear pockets and lofts. However, if you want a Ford truck bed built to be durable in harsh weather then check out the Kodiak Canvas. This will help you find a Ford F150 truck bed that caters to your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Setting Up My Truck Bed Tent Difficult?

A: Not at all. Remember, this is camping, not rocket science. Simply follow the instructions that come with the truck bed. Usually, the truck bed tent tethers down onto the truck bed. It is not all that different from tethering down cargo space as you haul it in your truck!

Q: What Is The Most Important Feature?

A: We have two important features: heavy duty straps and a waterproof design. Yes, storage space matters. But, not as much as these functional features. Heavy duty straps hold down the truck bed tent in serious winds. On the other hand, waterproof materials actively defends against any water damage. That way, it can withstand the elements during your camping trip!

Q: What Can I Use The Storage Space For?

A: All your camping gear and equipment. This includes lanterns, smaller items, and even space for your phone.