Brush Guard Dodge Ram 2500 (Grille Guard Buying Guide)

Brush Guard Dodge Ram 2500 (Grille Guard Buying Guide)

Brush Guard Dodge Ram 2500
Protecting your vehicle should be a top priority. If you spend a lot of time off-road, there are accessories out there that can defend your ride and add an aggressive new look at the same time. Let us share some awesome grille guards with you for your 2500 pickup.

When getting a truck ready for off-road action, there are certain accessories and upgrades that we recommend. Along with a lift kit and some new tires, one of the most important is a grille guard. If you think there’s any chance of your vehicle coming into contact with bushes, tall grass, or anything else that could scratch it up, you’ll want one of these add-ons. They can also help out on the road, potentially protecting your pickup from damage in minor fender benders. The right guard could be the difference between no damage and thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs.

That’s why it’s key to choose a high-quality brush guard. Your Ram deserves the best after all. Not all of these products will fit the 2500, so you’ll have to shop carefully. Even the ones that do fit may not offer the level of quality you want. In our list below, we’ll share some of our favorite brush guards with you. Take a look and see if any seem to be the right fit for your Dodge Ram 2500.

1. Westin 57-4020 Polished SS HDX Grille Guard

Compatibility: 2019-2022 (Excl. Power Wagon)

Our top choice for the Dodge Ram 2500 is this product from Westin. It may not be cheap, but for those Ram drivers who want the best for their 2500, it’ll be worth it. The product comes in one whole piece, so there will be no assembly necessary. The process of getting it onto your Ram is pretty straightforward as long as you have the correct tools. Once it’s installed, you’ll be ready to drive anywhere four wheels can take you without worrying about damaging your 2500. It offers a great look, and you can trust in the construction as Westin is one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Give this accessory a try and see how it works for you and your Ram.

Westin 57-4020 Polished SS HDX

2. Westin 57-4025 Black HDX Brush Guard

Compatibility: 2019-2022 (Excl. Power Wagon)

Up next is a slightly different option, still from Westin. The design is similar, but it’s darker and just a little bulkier. Additionally, it’s made with slightly cheaper materials. Although still highly durable and made to last, it will cost you significantly less. The process of installing this accessory should be equally simple as our first recommendation for the 2500 pickup. The construction is solid and reliable, and again the whole thing comes in one piece. If you want some of the best protection available for the front end of your Dodge Ram 2500, this is one of the top picks we can recommend.

Westin 57-4025 Black HDX Grille Guard fits 2019-2022 Ram 2500 3500 (Excl. Power Wagon)

3. Luverne Prowler Max Custom Black Steel Brush Guard

Compatibility: 2014-2018

Moving on to a different company, this option was designed for slightly older models of the Ram 2500. It still offers excellent defense, and is the most affordable option on our list so far. One of the elements that many drivers like is that the product doesn’t cover the Ram logo on your vehicle, letting you show off the most stylish aspects of your truck while still providing solid protection. It’s resistant to water damage, and features a coating that protects it against corrosion over time. It’s still not exactly cheap, but it’s one of the better options around this price range that you can buy for a 2500.

LUVERNE 321033-321332 Prowler Max Custom Black Steel Truck Grille Guard, Select Ram 2500, 3500

4. Black Horse Black Rugged Brush Guard

Compatibility: 2010-2018

None of the above options suit your 2500? Don’t give up yet. Check out this accessory from Black Horse. It’s a brush guard designed for maximum protection, and it’s available at a great price. It does come in three separate pieces while you’ll need to assemble. However, the process is quite simple and should be doable for most people at home. The product features a powder coating designed to protect against rust and corrosion, and that means you won’t have to worry about how rain affects the product. Look it over and decide if your Ram 2500 would be better off with this installed.

BLACK HORSE RU-DORA10-B Black Rugged Grille Guard Compatible with 2010-2018 Dodge RAM 2500 3500 (Does not Include 2019-2020 Models)

5. Westin 57-93555 Black HDX Winch Mount Brush Guard

Compatibility: 2010-2018

Here’s another option for you to think about from Westin. It comes with a winch mount included, making it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to outfit their Ram 2500 with as many upgrades as they can. Of course, the included winch makes the installation process more difficult, and increases the cost. However, it should be worth it for many drivers, especially considering the quality offered by Westin. As long as this is the right fit for your Ram model year, and you’re confident it’s what you need, feel free to pick up this combination winch and brush guard.

Westin 57-93555 Black HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard fits 2010-2018 Ram 2500 3500

6. ARIES Polished Stainless Steel Brush Guard

Compatibility: 2014-2018

If you’re looking for a more basic brush guard that still offers protection you can rely on, this product from ARIES is for you. It’s made for 2014 through 2018 models of the 2500, all in one piece with no need for drilling. The stainless steel bars are resistant to corrosion, and features a high-strength design that’s meant to hold up in tough times. While it’s not exactly a cheap vehicle accessories, it’s the most affordable full brush guard on our list, and it’s definitely our favorite budget offering.

ARIES 5056-2 1-1/2-Inch Polished Stainless Steel Grille Guard, No-Drill, Select Dodge, Ram 2500, 3500

7. Westin 58-31195 Black HDX Bandit Front Bumper Brush Guard

Compatibility: 2019-2021

The last option from Westin on our list is a stylish heavy-duty black grille guard. It features a honeycomb design that adds some extra flair to your front end while also defending it from major and minor damage. There’s also a two-inch receiver hitch up front, perfect for those who want to use their 2500 for work and off-road recreation. The product is very heavy, and may be difficult to install at home for most drivers. If you do go with this option, consider professional installation for the best results!

Westin 58-31195 Black HDX Bandit Front Bumper/Grille Guard fits 2019-2021 Ram 2500 3500

8. Tyger Auto TG-GD6D60528 Bull Bar

Compatibility: 2019-2022

Lastly, we have something a little different to recommend. If you’re in need of something a little more modest for your Ram 2500, check out this bull bar from Tyger Auto. It attaches to your bumper, providing an extra layer of defense as well as some rugged off-road style courtesy of the manufacturer. The product has a five-year warranty, and though it doesn’t meet the same standards as a full grille guard, it’s still an excellent addition to any Dodge Ram 2500.

Tyger Auto TG-GD6D60528 Front Bumper Guard Compatible with 2019-2022 Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 | Not Fit Power Wagon Trim | Textured Black | Light Mount | Bull Bar

Brush Guard Dodge Ram 2500
It’s possible to find grille guards that also offer lights, a winch, and more. Let our team know what you’re looking for, and we can find something and custom order it for you! You can even count on us for installation for these as well as additional accessories.

Benefits of Grille Guards

Truck owners should know the importance of keeping the value of your vehicle high. One of the most effective ways to do that is to keep it free from damage. That alone is worth the price of most brush guards for your Ram. If you’re an off-road enthusiast, protecting your vehicle is just another part of the lifestyle. A grille guard can stop bushes, tall grass, and other hazards from doing any damage to your front end. The right product will also act as additional protection for your bumper in the case of minor accidents. Additionally, many grille protectors also include extra lighting, helping you see in the dark and increasing your visibility for other drivers. Even with all of these benefits, at the end of the day some drivers simply install these accessories for the way they look. They’re a great way to improve the aesthetic of your Dodge Ram 2500. It should just be a matter of finding the best option for your Ram.

Grille Guard vs. Bull Bars

You may or may not have heard about these two types of accessories. Some people might use the terms interchangeably, but there are some important differences to be aware of. A bull bar is much smaller, usually only covering the surface of the bumper or perhaps a little bit more. They act as another layer of protection in the event of your vehicle coming into contact with anything else. They’re almost always more affordable than most full grille guards, but can sometimes offer extra features that raise up the price, such as LED lighting. An actual brush guard will be larger, covering most of the front of your vehicle. They vary in style, and are designed with specific vehicle models in mind in order to fit. We hope this guide aided you in finding one for your Dodge Ram 2500!