Buy Guide: Best Ford F150 Running Boards In 2018

Greetings, and welcome to our first review on running boards for the Ford F150’s. Today we will be going over the different styles, sizes, and brands that are available to you for your F150. These are the best Ford F150 running boards in 2018 for the money. Keep in mind at the end of the day this is ALL personal preference, and we want to make sure YOU are getting value out of this purchase. Keep in mind all these products are backed by wonderful customer satisfaction guarantee and tested before use. None of these products we talk about are new and have been backed by many years of testing, experience, and consumer reports. F150 step bars have been around for years, and this review will help you decide what is the best for your F150 rather its an old body 2003 ford f150 running boards or a 2016 f150 supercrew running boards you’re after we will have you covered. 

best ford F-150 running boards
Don’t underestimate how useful a quality set of side steps can be. Whether for yourself or passengers, it never hurts to have a helpful step up into the truck cab.

When it comes to installing the running boards, it’s a VERY simple process. All the instructions are included and it’s truly a snap! The running boards add a great sense of stability when entering your vehicle and protection to the sides during rocky terrain. Keep in mind this WILL add value to your truck when you are ready to sell. Selling trucks is a huge market for us, and many people are quickly adjusting to adding these to their vehicles after a purhcase. They are safe, lightweight, and make your truck look like the king of the road. Many people ask us what we prefer when it comes to running boards. Its just like anything in this world, the brand and quality. Today we will be talking about the various brands and how they are different from each other. Everything from design, class, and fit all has to do with who you are buying it from and at what cost they can deliver the product. This will be more like a journey inside the many step bars you can acquire, and where to obtain them. Before we begin I want to explain to users the different types of Running Boards we will be covering. The first will be the Nerf Bars for the ford F150. Nerf Bars origin started with the race cars because it protected drivers from the dangers of being on the track. The style carried it’s way straight to trucks and it performed well. The standard Running Boards are used as “automotive staircases” so to speak. Designed to help you mount into your truck, and get on the road. Well that’s enough of this introduction; lets carry on with the f150 nerf bars!



Tyger Auto “Star Armor Kit” TG-AM2F20118 (2009-2014 Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab)

When it comes to picking a running board for your truck, what are you truly looking for? I would say style with a bit of mighty class right? That’s what all of us truck lovers really love about our vehicles! Let me introduce to you the Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit by Tyger Auto. This running board has loads of great aspects about it and we will cover as much as we can for you in short burst. Let’s start with its design, you know you’re receiving a Star Armor Kit by the way the etched out stars on the bars shine as you enter your vehicle.That is truly something to smile about. Also, lets not forget the sweet metallic black, and rust-free coating to give it a finished look.  A great look for running boards  on your f150 supercrew! 

When it comes to installing the Star Armor Kit have no fear! The kit is easily assembled with standard tools you would find in your garage, and does not require you to buy anything extra in advance. Just make sure to read the installation carefully, and double check your steps. In no time you will have a full fledged running board for your Ford F150.

Most running boards are universal for most models. This means that a 2009 f150 running boards is the same as a 2011 ford f150 running boards and so on. It is great to know that Tyger Auto has our back no matter what model truck we have; and that’s why they are truly one of the top running boards out on the market. If you would like to check out some alternatives for your F150, make sure to check out the TYGER Step for 2009-2014 Ford F150 Super Crew Cab.

Tyger Auto TG-AM2F20118 Star Armor Kit (for 2009-2014 Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab | Textured Black | Side Step | Nerf bars | Running Boards), 1 Pack

Spec-D Tuning SSB3 (Running Boards 97-03 Ford F150)

Those Tyger Autos were pretty sweet right? They had some great design, class, and branding. But what if you have a bit of an older vehicle and need a different look or just something that is compatible for your Ford F150 steps. The Spec-D step bars are still for sale, and they go like hotcakes.

Spec-D Running Boards have a thick 3″ chrome plating that holds good weight, and is sturdy for stepping in and out of your truck. The great part of the running board is that it has a polyethylene surface which is designed for non-slip, and prevents liquid from making it slippery. Stainless steel bars are designed to prevent corrosion and provide extra support for drivers. A lot of people ask for 2003 ford f150 running boards and these are the ones we point them towards. 

The Spec-D Running Boards are the best money can buy, and the price isn’t over the top either. We only recommend the highest quality of equipment for your vehicles, and want users to understand that it can come at a fair price. It takes a good amount of research to know right from wrong, and helping readers is our number one priority. Get ready because we will be talking about the iBoard Running Boards 6″ Custom Fitted Nerf bars next!

Spec-D Tuning SSB3-F15099SCS2-WB Ford F150 Super Extend Cab Chrome 3″ Side Step Bars Neft Running Boards

iBoard Running Boards 6″ Custom Fit (Nerf Bars)

Let’s talk about a nice pair of custom fit Nerf bars that are stylish, clean, and stand out. The iBoard Running Boards are a set of running boards that are 6″ thick rubber that are made for smooth step, and provide comfort when entering and exiting your vehicle. They are easy to install, have a solid aluminum construct, and hold up to 400 lb capacity making them a certified fit for your Ford F150 for all different years. The iBoard Running Boards are meant to fit with most Ford F150’s and come in many models.   All backed up by a six month warranty. Your truck will be rocking with style! The iBoard Running Boards are used by customers worldwide. Not having a running board is a thing of the past, and it’s the reviews that really stand out from the rest of the competition. iBoards are super durable and are mean’t for 4 door Super Cab pickup. They will not work on any two door cab. The iBoards only weigh about 40 pounds, and aren’t difficult to lift during installation.

iBoard Running Boards 6″ Custom Fit 2009-2014 Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab Pickup 4-Door (Nerf Bars | Side Steps | Side Bars)

Mifeier 5″ Oval Bent Nerf Bars (Nerf Bars)

As we start to approach the end of this article, we want to wrap up with one of our favorite nerf bars in the series. The Mifeier 5″ Oval Bent Nerf Bars. What I like so much about this design is that they have a wonderful chrome finish, and add just two rubber step up plates perfect for natural stepping motion. They have a nice oval finish which is different from the standard flat belt we are used to seeing on previous models such as the Tyger Auto or iBoards. The Mifeier 5″ fits 2004 – 2008 Ford F150 models, SuperCrew and Crew Cab only. Installation is very simple. It is a simple bolt on method and is all mean’t for DIY use. Compared to some other bars that we have reviewed here, these are a bit thicker at 5″ which means it holds a lot of weight, and guarantees that this will withstand and hold up to 400 lbs. Thier are only a few select Nerf bars that can hold weight like this. Not to mention they have the oval style which is designed to be sturdier and compact. The Mifeier 5″ Oval Bent Nerf Bars aren’t expensive and can be bought online at a great price. You know you will be backed by a reliable warranty and customer satisfaction for years to come.

Mifeier 5″ Oval Bent Nerf Bar Side Step Running Boards For 04-08 Ford F150 06-08 Mark Lt Supercrew/Crew Cab With 4 Full Size Doors



F150 Running Boards For Sale Conclusion 

When it comes to picking your next Ford running boards for sale, it is important to note some key features we went over today. Sometimes we get caught up in not understanding what we are looking at when it comes to ford truck running boards, which is why we have your back every step of the way. There we have it folks. We covered many types of bars in this review. We want to make sure customers understand the difference in these because products you may find one beneficial over the other. It is important to keep in mind when buying any running board that quality, brand, and design is at the top of its game. Also keep in mind that the prices of the bars will fluctuate depending on newer models and sales at the time. Rather you have a supercrew or a crew cab F150 or even an extended cab, I hope this article was enough help to get you on your way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is installing a set of running boards an at-home job? Can I do it by myself?

A: The answer to this question depends heavily on your experience level, and the tools and equipment you have at home. If you work on your vehicle all the time, this is most likely a job you can accomplish just fine on your own, and likely by yourself. However, if you consider yourself an amateur and don’t have too many tools in your garage at home, it might be a good idea for you to call a professional for help, whether that’s your friends here at Ultimate Rides or someone else.

Q: Will installing a set of running boards void my vehicle warranty?

A: Most likely the answer here is no, but it’s important to look into your specific warranty and read it over to find out for sure. Once you have your warranty, just look it over once again to check if screwing into the vehicle is enough to void it. It generally should not be a problem, so we’re confident in thinking you’ll be in the clear.

Q: How long will it take to install a set of running boards at home?

A: Once again, the answer to this question varies from individual to individual, based on your own situation and experience level. For a skilled automotive technician, this job should take no more than half an hour or an hour at most. It may take a few hours if you’re inexperienced and aren’t quite sure what you are doing with jobs like these. That’s why we recommend getting in touch with a professional if you have any doubts. Nobody wants to install an accessory on their ride only to find out they installed it incorrectly and it has to be re-done, or worse: there’s permanent damage.