Jeep WJ LED Headlights (Review & Buyers Guide)

All The Facts On Buying Jeep WJ LED Headlights

Drivers looking for a Jeep WJ headlight upgrade rejoice. Here at Ultimate Rides, we have worked to compile a list of four amazing Jeep WJ LED Headlights available on the market. Drivers that want a fun late night driving experience are going to want to upgrade their headlights. However, it is not easy understanding if you should get Jeep WJ Halo Headlights not. This is exactly why we have worked so hard to help put together all of the options you need to check out.

A Jeep WJ headlight upgrade provides drivers with enhanced visibility at night. So it is important that you find options that offer a high power output. That way, your late night drives become much safer and more fun. Do not waste your time sifting through product options trying to find Jeep WJ halo headlights. Check out our list of four terrific Jeep WJ LED headlights below:


1. AUTOSAVER88 Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee OE Projector Headlamp

The AUTOSAVER88 Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee OE Projector Headlamp graces our top spot on the list of great Jeep WJ LED headlights. This is the priciest option on our list but still manages to be under $100. Thus, drivers can buy our best choice without having to empty out a bank account. Plus, this headlight option boasts a simple plug and play installation process. That way, you can enjoy more time on the road and less time in the garage.

The high-grade ABS plastic helps this headlight provide heat resistance for drivers that live in a hot area. Plus, it is impact resistant to be as tough as possible. The fully sealed design is complemented with waterproof capabilities. These Jeep WJ headlights are also resistant to dust and corrosion. So if you want reliable and durable headlights, you need to check out this out as a Jeep WJ headlight upgrade.

For 99 00 01 02 03 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee Headlight Assembly,OE Projector Headlamp,Black Housing,One-Year Limited Warranty(Driver and Passenger Side)


The DNA motoring HL-OH-JGC99-CH-AM headlight comes in second on our list of great Jeep WJ LED Headlights. Drivers that are not automotive experts will appreciate the easy installation process of these headlights. The plug and play installation process is simple and quick. That way, you can enjoy your Jeep WJ headlight upgrade without any hassle. There is no requirement for modification or for drilling when installing these headlights. 

This headlight option provides drivers with both a driver and passenger side headlight. However, these headlights are impressive because they do more than light up the road. These headlights help the Jeep WJ look better out on the open road. It is great for the show and great for replacing old headlights that are too old. However, it is important to keep in mind that this option does not include bulbs. So you would have to buy those separately. If you are looking for a Jeep WJ headlight upgrade, check out these Jeep WJ LED Headlights.

DNA MOTORING HL-OH-JGC99-CH-AM Headlight Assembly

3. Auto Dynasty Pair Of Smoked Lens Clear Corner Headlight Lamps

The Auto Dynasty Pair Of Smoked Lens Clear Corner Headlight Lamps lands third on our list of Jeep WJ LED Headlights. Drivers serious about getting a Jeep WJ headlight upgrade need to check out this option. This set of headlights boasts a plug and play operation for drivers. Thus, you do not have to spend an hour installing your headlights. Instead, you can be ready to go in less than 20 minutes with the direct OE fitment. Plus, as the name mentions you receive a pair of headlights for both the driver and passenger side. 

These headlights provide a stylish flair to your Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee. If you want stylish Jeep WJ LED Headlights then this is a viable candidate. That way, your Jeep WJ is able to provide a better late night driving experience and it helps enhance the style of your vehicle during the day. There is nothing better than adding a component to your vehicle that provides style and helps you drive! You will enjoy the best of both worlds with these Jeep WJ LED Headlights.

For Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Pair of Smoked Lens Clear Corner Headlight Lamps Kit


The DNA MOTORING HL-OH-JGC99-BK-AM Headlight Set is last but not least on our list of terrific Jeep WJ LED Headlights. This is the least expensive option on our list of headlights for a Jeep WJ LED Headlights. If you are looking for a Jeep WJ headlight upgrade without the hefty price tag then check these out. The plug and play operation allows for you to set these headlights up swiftly. That way, you can start hitting the road late at night in no time. 

There are no bulbs included with these headlights. Thus, you will have to buy those on your own. You will not need to modify or drill to install these headlights onto your Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee. So this will help protect your frame and exterior design from any potential damage. Plus, the best part is that these headlights look amazing when installed on a Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee. If you want style and substance then check out these Jeep WJ LED Headlights. 

DNA Motoring HL-OH-JGC99-BK-AM Headlight Assembly, Driver and Passenger Side

Why Upgrade To New LED Lights For Jeep WJ?

Now more than ever before, technology matters. Especially when it comes to the automotive industry. New vehicles come with all kinds of advanced amenities and designs. In particular, modern vehicles come with LED lights. Why? Because they are much more efficient and powerful than their older counterparts. A pair of LED headlights is certainly more than enough to light up the road ahead.

LED lights are incredibly intelligent and advanced. Unlike older bulbs, LED bulbs focus all lighting in one direction. As a result, your source of light is much stronger out on the open road. You see more thanks to this strong lighting structure. Furthermore, LED lights are much more efficient. Since the light is focused in on area, there is not a lot of wasted energy. Less wasted energy decreases the chances of the bulbs burning out. That way, you do not need to replace bulbs all throughout the year!

Parting Advice On Finding Jeep WJ LED Headlights

Are you a night owl that loves taking on the open road after the sun has set? Do you have a Jeep WJ with old headlights? If so, then you are definitely going to want to get yourself a Jeep WJ headlight upgrade. There are great headlight options on the market that can enhance nighttime visibility while enhancing your style as well. That way, you can enjoy style and practicality all at the same time. 

Drivers that want the best headlights for their Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee should be patient with their buying process. You do not want to buy the wrong headlights and you do not want to buy headlights that do not properly fit your Jeep. So look back over our list of four terrific Jeep WJ LED Headlights for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Hard Is Installation?

A: Not hard at all. As a matter of fact, installing LED lights is one of the simpler processes. You can do this at home in the driveway or right in the garage. Here at Ultimate Rides, we recommend installation inside. Why? Because you never know what mother nature might bring. Sometimes, it is sunny and bright all throughout the day. Other times, a rainstorm appears out of nowhere and pours down on your house. You do not want to get caught outside with your lights out. So free up space inside your garage and get to work!

Q: How Do I Install My New LED Headlights?

A: Do not worry. You do not need to be an automotive expert to properly install Jeep Cherokee WJ lights. You just need a pair of LED headlights and a screwdriver. You first remove the older headlight. Unscrew it with the screwdriver. Then, place the screws in your pocket so that they are safe. Take out the old headlight. Do with it whatever you want. Never hurts to keep the old headlight just in case something happens with your new headlights.

Take a few minutes to clean up the headlight enclosure. Often times, it becomes dirty and gross. It happens. Especially if you are an off-road enthusiast that tears up dirt tracks. Insert your new headlight into the slot. Then, screw back in the screws and secure the headlight in place. Really make sure it is tight and in the right spot. You do not want a headlight falling out while you are driving. Secure it until it does not wiggle.

Q: Are There Other Light Upgrades Available?

A: Yes, there certainly are other lighting upgrades available for the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ. Remember, Jeep vehicles are modified almost as much as tuner cars. There are all sorts of aftermarket upgrades available on the market. Specifically, you can find advanced fog lights, floodlights, and LED taillight upgrades. Deck out your Jeep Cherokee WJ with some brand new lights today.