Cheap Aggressive Mud Tires Buyers Guide

Lets face it, big mud tires are known for being really expensive, but no need to worry because I am here to help you find some cheap aggressive mud tires. The thing is they make all different types of mud tires and having your choice between brand, style and size really helps. For example if you want a cheap 31 inch tire vs. a 33 inch tire, the cost will vary a bit. Most of the time we get customers that come in here looking for the best aggressive mud tire on a budget. At that point ride quality, noise and actual performance isn’t a main concern. A lot of people are after the looks of the tire after they install a lift kit. As many of you know, lifting a truck or Jeep, it is not cheap. Which makes sense to why someone would want to price shop the cheapest option when it comes to getting an aggressive mud terrain tire.  Here at Ultimate Rides we build lifted trucks every day, I mean, its what we do. We have customers come from all over to have us install their lift kit wheel and tire. I work hand in hand with our service manager to make sure we are the price leader when it comes to finding the cheapest mud tires. Now its going to be hard to know exactly the mud tire you have on your lifted ride, so I will review only the cheapest aggressive mud tires in each size from a stock truck to a really big lifted one. Lets get into this cheap mud tire guide!


Here is an overview of the cheap mud tires I will be talking about:

Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Im going to start with our most popular choice around the shop. This is my favorite tire for anyone buying on a budget, period. Federal has came a long way in the tire business and I think you will be presently surprised with their mud terrain tire line. Built with rugged performance in mind for an aggressive tire, the Federal Couragia MT uses a high tread ply rating and 2 or 3 ply sidewall plys to provide strong off road protection in rough trail riding. They are a tad bit louder than a normal all terrain or radial tire, but every mud tire out there is going to be just as loud. Another thing we noticed with these Federal Couragia is they seem to wear very well. All in all if you are looking for a cheap mud tire, then these are your go too, and a 33 inch tire with a 20 inch rim should be perfect to get yourself that big rim, small sidewall look. Also on my list is a 35 12.5 20 which would be for a bigger lifted truck or wrangler with 20 inch wheels. Most of our lifted Silverados, F150s or Wranglers with a four to six inch lift will run these as cheap aggressive mud tires. And last but not least is the 285/70/17 which will fit almost every stock truck out there.

Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tires

Radar Tires Renegade R7 M/T All-Terrain Radial Tire

Radar Tires are definitely a price leader by a couple bucks. They also have an aggressive mud tire tread which is common for an MT tire. They offer a 3 ply casing for the side wall and they have a “stone ejector technology” that will prevent rocks getting stuck inside the tread when you are driving or in the trail. These Renegades run about as loud as the Federals, if not a little bit more quiet on highway speeds. What I like about the Radar brand is they are always trying to price lead on the mud tires, I always see them for sale for a little bit cheaper. Its good for us off road enthusiast because it keeps the price down. They are both similar tread pattern and offer about the same reliability, road noise and look. No matter your choice they will both meet or exceed your thoughts when it comes to a cheap mud tire. In this post I have the Radar in a 35/12.50/20 which like I stated above is best for a lifted truck. Also have the 33/12.50/20 which is awesome for a truck that might have a leveling kit on it, to give you that low sidewall profile for running a 20 inch rim on 33 inch tire. And lastly the 275/70/17 which will fit any stock truck with an 18 inch rim.

 Radar Tires Renegade R7 M/T All-Terrain Radial Tire 

Is it Worth Running Cheap Aggressive Mud Tires?

Putting a cheap mud tire on your lifted ride is something I think is great idea, because we do it everyday. The truth is, these two options will last at least two seasons of driving. I can not say an exact milage, because your lift kit, ball joints and suspension play a big factor in the longevity of these cheap mud tires. These companies are both big brands, with marketing dollars and volume movers. I can say from personal experience that we have used these federals on over 400 vehicles over the years. We have had customers come back and get another set of these tires after a few years of using the Wrangler or lifted truck that we sold them with the cheaper mud terrains that we used. Its obvious the truck, wheel size and lift height all will determine what you will need to make these work.  All in all I would say using these cheap mud tires listed in the post is the way you should go. We have tried them and we love them, every customer looking to save money loves them, and I think you will too. If you have any questions about what will fit on your truck or Jeep Wrangler, just drop us a line in the comments and I will help you get your truck sized up so you can order some cheap aggressive mud tires. If you are located in the Chiacgo land area, you can have our service center mount, install or even lift your truck so you don’t have to worry about it!