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Cheap Used Trucks for Sale in Michigan

Use Ultimate Rides for the Best Cheap Used Trucks for Sale in Michigan

If you live in Michigan and need to find a place that sells high quality and cheap used trucks you can trust, we may actually suggest buying from out of state. We know it sounds crazy, but at Ultimate Rides we provide cheap used trucks for sale in Michigan as well as many other states around the country, especially the Midwest. We venture out to the warmer southern states to scope out and find the best trucks we can, and we only buy rust free. From there, we bring the vehicles back to our headquarters, where they take a trip to our service center to be tuned up and to make sure everything is up to our standards.

Though we’re located about an hour south of Chicago, we actually do most of our business with buyers from outside Illinois, helping people like you find cheap used trucks for sale in Michigan. Whether you wish to drive or fly in to check out our inventory in person, or if you’d like to do business over the phone and have the vehicle shipped to you, we make sure that you are involved in every step of the process as we make things as easy as possible for you. For those buying over the phone, we will be able to provide an assortment of high quality pictures of the vehicles that you are interested in, as well as all the available details on each. For those who decide to fly in, we will gladly pick you up from the airport in the very same truck that you are considering buying! We go above and beyond what is expected to make sure our customers are blown away by their experience with us.

cheap used trucks for sale in Michigan
You won’t be able to find any cheap used trucks for sale in Michigan quite like this one.

Cheap Used Trucks for Sale in Michigan Can Be Customized

For the entirety of the existence of Ultimate Rides, we have been all about customizing awesome trucks and making them accessible and affordable for folks everywhere. Back in 2017, we built a brand new state of the art lift center to be able to take our work to the next level. If there’s a truck that catches your eye in our inventory, you can immediately have it sent over to our lift center for work, and we can customize nearly any aspect of your vehicle, including installing a full suspension lift kit, custom wheels and tires, and a whole lot more. At Ultimate Rides, we know just how important customizing your truck can be. We can promise that we’ll enjoy the process of outfitting your vehicle just as much as you’ll enjoy the end result.

Finding cheap used trucks for sale in Michigan isn’t always difficult, but finding them free of rust and other common problems can be. That’s why we decided to make our trucks available to as wide of an area as possible: the whole world! With the power of the internet, there’s no reason we can’t communicate worldwide and provide folks with trucks in great shape where they need them. There are many places around the country where it can be hard to find used trucks that are not already plagued with rust, and it can be even harder to find an excellent custom shop that can accomplish everything you want with your truck. At Ultimate Rides, you’ll find both. Why buy rust when you can buy from us?

It’s important to find a truck that matches your personality, and sometimes you need to get a custom truck to make sure that that is the case for you.

Not Your Standard Truck Dealer

One of the things that makes shopping at Ultimate Rides stand out is our customer experience. Our sales team isn’t going to be like other used truck dealer sales associates you’ve encountered before. We aren’t out to scam you or supply you with an unreliable truck. Our prices might not be as low as some of the other trucks you come across, but you can certainly count on the fact that they are in excellent shape, and you’ll be dealing with a top tier sales professional who will treat you like an actual person rather than a way to unload another vehicle. From the top down, our team is made up of excellent individuals, from our friendly customer associates to our ASE certified technicians at the lift center. When you buy from Ultimate Rides, you’ll be able to feel the difference in the way you’re treated.

In addition to our staff, our lift center is another reason you might want to check us out even if you’re looking for cheap used trucks for sale in Michigan. Maybe you’d rather keep your current truck and get it fixed up and customized. Go ahead and bring us what you’ve got, and we can go over your truck with you and figure out whether you want to have it worked on or buy a new truck altogether. We have a strong team of trained service technicians that will be able to make your old beauty look and run as good as new.

Make your truck go from looking standard to outstanding at Ultimate Rides.

If you’re thinking about buying a truck from us but you don’t have a way to make it out to see us, we can easily work with you over the phone, and we are able to include both the cost of customization at our lift center and transportation of your vehicle within your financing deal. By spreading the cost of these additions out alongside your car payment, you’ll be able to make the truck of your dreams a reality, and all at an affordable rate.

Does this sound appealing to you? Keep checking out our inventory on our website and when you’re ready, give us a call at 815-634-3900. If you would like to visit us in person, you can find Ultimate Rides at 38 W. Division St., Coal City, IL 60416.