Oil Change Service in Morris IL

Oil Change Service in Morris IL

Oil Change Service in Morris IL

Changing your oil on time is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle running properly, yet it is often put off or sometimes even forgot about. Don’t stall any longer! Need a shop you can trust? You can get an oil change service in Morris IL when you bring in your car to the Ultimate Rides Service Center. Whether you’re looking for conventional, synthetic or a blend of the two — our qualified mechanics and technicians at Ultimate Rides can handle the job.

We know that there are endless choices available when finding an oil change service, but we hope you let us prove what we can do at Ultimate Rides. We’ve taken our no-pressure for the customer approach to selling vehicles, and applied it to how we treat our service customers. Don’t expect someone trying to strong-arm you into an extra service job that you have no interest in. We’re just here to help, and make sure your oil change goes as smoothly as possible!


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Save on an Oil Change in Morris IL

Whether we’re performing a routine oil change or something a bit more complicated — we’re always looking to provide you with the lowest price we can. Our community has done so much to support us through our business, and we truly appreciate every customer — which is why we focus so much on customer satisfaction at Ultimate Rides.

Where to get an Oil Change in Morris IL

Trying to find the right shop in the Morris IL area to handle your oil change? Ultimate Rides is used to dealing with a wide variety of makes and models, after all we are a used car dealership so we’ve seen it all! You can find our full service shop located at 155 E. Division St. in Coal City, IL — right across from one of our pre-owned lots in the Joliet IL area.