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Finding the Perfect Lifted SUV Dealership...

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Finding the Perfect Lifted SUV Dealership

Ultimate Rides is a Lifted SUV Dealership You Can Count On

Have you ever spent a significant amount of time shopping for lifted SUV but were unable to find what you were really looking for? We know that pain all too well. It seems like every dealership these days is out to stick you with a vehicle that it wants to get rid of rather than matching you up with exactly what you have been looking for. At Ultimate Rides, we guarantee you that we do not operate that way. The bottom line for us is to be the lifted SUV dealership that helps you secure the vehicle you’ve been searching for, not the one we want to pawn off on you. We know that customers are usually well aware of exactly what they’re looking for, especially those who have previously driven around in lifted SUVs and want to buy another.

If you take a brief look at our inventory, you’ll find it quite clear that we specialize in lifted SUVs and trucks. We consider ourselves the best lifted SUV dealership in the Midwest and beyond, and we promise we can back up that bold statement. If you live in the Midwest, we urge you to come visit us or even just give us a call to find out everything we have to offer you. Anyone looking for a high quality lifted SUV in great shape should know that we send out specially trained buyers throughout the country to find the best lifted SUVs for sale out there, and we bring them back to our home base to sometimes have some further work done before we sell them to you! If you live in the Midwest, you already know there is a huge void of rust free vehicles found at a lifted SUV dealership. We are trying to supply this area with the vehicles they’ve been asking for, but guess what else? If you live outside of the Midwest, we’re here to help you too!

lifted SUV dealership
Only a serious lifted SUV dealership would offer these kinds of awesome custom vehicles.

No Matter Where You Live, We are the Lifted SUV Dealership For You

One of the biggest benefits of shopping at Ultimate Rides is how easily accessible our vehicles are, no matter where you’re from. We make it easy for you to check out everything we have to offer on our website, and you can always give us a quick call to find out more information on a vehicle. From there, we will be able to provide you with high quality photos, more detailed information on the vehicle and more, making sure you know exactly what you’re buying before you officially make a decision. Over half of our sales are made with customers who live outside of the immediate area we’re located in, meaning that customers from all around have found a reason to shop with Ultimate Rides. Let us show you exactly why that’s the case. For instance, if you make the decision to buy one of our vehicles and have it shipped to you, we have the ability to package the cost of transportation together with the cost of the SUV, allowing you to pay them off together in one payment.

Of course, we understand that many customers are hesitant to make a major vehicle purchase over the phone. If you’d like to fly in to see your future beauty in person, we also aim to make that process as easy as possible for you. We’ll pick you up straight from the airport in the SUV you are thinking of purchasing, and we’ll allow you to take it all in and make sure it’s really the vehicle you want. From there, a quick trip back to our lifted SUV dealership location and we can get started on the financing paperwork, and it’s as easy as that!

Some lifts are subtler than others, such as the one on this 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Build Your Dream SUV at Ultimate Rides

If you’ve taken a look at our inventory and see something you like, but think could use some tweaking, we’ve got some excellent news for you. Any vehicle you see in our stock can be sent over to our lift center for any custom work you’d like to see done before you take your SUV home. Our lift center was newly built in 2017 and is loaded up with some of the finest equipment that’s used for upgrading and working on vehicles. Our service team is ASE certified and is very experienced working on lifted SUVs, so you can trust that there won’t be any careless mishaps that happen due to a lack of care or experience. Whenever you send a vehicle over to our lift center before your purchase, you can have the cost of the work done included as a part of your SUV financing deal, making it even easier to create your perfect vehicle.

Unfortunately in the automotive sales industry, it’s become quite common for dealers to try to take advantage of their customers. Maybe it’s because they believe the everyday individual doesn’t know the ins and outs of a vehicle well enough to tell when they’re getting screwed, but we think better of our customers. We know that if you’re coming to us, you know a thing or two about SUVs, and we’d rather converse with you and find the right match instead of trying to stick you with a junker. In fact, we don’t even have any junkers to unload! You’ll be able to instantly feel the difference in atmosphere when you come into Ultimate Rides. We do our best to stand out from every other lifted SUV dealership, and with all the excellent reviews we’ve received over the years, we think we’re doing a pretty great job if we say so ourselves.

Are you ready to make a move on your next SUV? Get in touch with us at Ultimate Rides and we’ll be able to make your dream a reality. Just come on down and see!