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Lifted Trucks for Sale

Ford Lifted Trucks for Sale | Custom Ford Trucks

Best Place to Buy Lifted Trucks from Ford

In some ways, buying a vehicle today is easier than ever. However, in other ways, it’s become increasingly complicated. At Ultimate Rides, we strive to offer the best auto purchase experience possible. That means our pricing and financing are straightforward, our sales team is friendly and helpful, and we make it very easy and even affordable to order a custom truck delivered to your home.

We aren’t like your standard local auto dealership. Instead, we focus on high-quality custom models, most typically trucks and SUVs. We also have our own custom lift center on-site, where we employ an expert team who upgrades and even builds our vehicles. That means the trucks we sell are one-of-a-kind, whether they’re one of our popular Ford options or something from another manufacturer.

Learn about what it means to shop with Ultimate Rides. We’ll fill you in on how you’ll be able to completely customize your next truck, and then have it shipped directly to you. You can also read about our top-notch customer service and all the ways we’ll go above and beyond to help you. Take a look at our vast inventory page, featuring new and used trucks, to see if anything catches your eye. If it does, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to begin the process with you.

Customize Any Ford Pickup Truck in Our Lift Center

One of the biggest benefits drivers will find from shopping at Ultimate Rides is access to our service center. You should notice right away that the vehicles in our inventory feature certain upgrades, most often a suspension lift. All of this comes from our in-house team of technicians. They’re ASE-certified, passionate about what they do, and offer tons of experience. Though we do work fast, we make a point to never rush the process, and always ensure that any work is completely accurately and carefully. They’re also happy to work on popular Ford models, as well as vehicles from other manufacturers.

On top of the existing modifications, any time a customer orders a vehicle from us, they’ll have a chance to make further changes. This applies both to our new and used inventory, with Ford models being a popular choice to upgrade. Let our team know what kind of enhancements or accessories you’re looking for. There’s no limit to what we can do beyond your own imagination. Our lift center is equipped with the best technology and equipment available, and you can trust that our team knows what it’s doing.

Worried about the price of these potential upgrades for our lifted trucks? We have great news. Customers will have the ability to include the cost of this work in their vehicle financing plan. By simply increasing your monthly payment by a small amount, you could see some major benefits and upgrades to the ride. To learn more about how this process works, all you need to do is give Ultimate Rides a call. Our team is standing by to provide details and start taking down your information once you’re ready.

Ford Lifted Trucks for Sale
You can find a wide range of model years available at Ultimate Rides, but they’ll all have at least one thing in common: they’re rust-free and in good condition. Each vehicle we sell undergoes a thorough inspection to make sure it reaches our standards of quality.

New and Used Ford Trucks in Excellent Shape

At Ultimate Rides, we go out of our way to provide the best quality possible for our lifted trucks and SUVs. You won’t find any truck in our inventory that features rust damage, and on top of that each model has been carefully inspected by our team to look for any warning signs drivers would want to know about. Part of what sets us apart from the competition is this level of quality, and it’s why we send our buyers out to the warmest parts of the United States in search of custom trucks. They bring back the best models they find, and as long as it meets our standards, we customize the vehicle and list it for you to buy.

Ford models are among the most popular vehicles out there, and they make up a significant part of our inventory. We try to offer a solid selection that includes diesel models, as well as standard-duty and heavy-duty Ford trucks. At many other used auto dealers, their Ford vehicles will be in varying condition. While this can help lower the price, there’s always a good chance it could come back to bite you. If you’re tired of seeing Ford models in rough shape, it’s time to check out the Ultimate Rides inventory and see what you’ve been missing.

Ford Lifted Trucks with Delivery Around the Nation

Ultimate Rides is located about an hour south of Chicago. However, despite that, we provide vehicles to drivers all throughout the country with our simple and quick delivery service. Just get on the phone with our team and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll be able to fill you in on our current Ford inventory, including the different lifted models we have to offer as well as any further customization options. You’ll have the ability to pick out and customize your ideal truck, and from there we’ll gather your shipping information and come up with a financing plan that works for you.

Just like with our custom upgrades, Ultimate Rides customers will have the opportunity to finance their shipping costs. This makes the process much more affordable for many drivers. Along with that, we’re happy to share that your vehicle should arrive within a week from the time that it’s ready. We know how tough it can be to wait around for such an expensive purchase, so we do all we can to reduce that time. Contact us with any questions, or if you feel ready to get started!

Ford Lifted Trucks for Sale
Nothing goes better with a lift kit than a set of new tires and wheels. Let our team know if you need assistance picking out a set that suits your needs, such as an off-road focus or something that’s quiet on the highway.

Ford Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance

While it’s usually not too hard to find a team of mechanics to work on your Ford pickup, it can be harder to find people that you actually trust. This is especially true if you drive a lifted model. Not all mechanics are qualified to work on these specialized vehicles. Lifted Ford trucks can also get pretty expensive, so you’ll want to be careful about who you choose to leave it in the hands of.

If you’re in the Chicago area, you’ll be glad to learn that the Ultimate Rides service center is open to the public for maintenance and auto repairs for Ford vehicles. Just let us know what’s going on with your truck. We should be able to provide you with an estimate, or we’ll take the truck in and diagnose the problem. The price of our services is carefully calculated to be fair for all, and you won’t have to worry about leaving your lifted ride in our hands. With our level of expertise and passion for these vehicles, we take great care of each and every one.

Popular Customization Options for Your Ford Truck

Before you go, we’d like to share some of the beloved features and accessories that the Ultimate Rides team can add on to your next Ford truck. While the most common upgrade is a suspension lift, that’s far from the only option. As shown in the picture above, you could also opt for a set of new wheels and tires. The ability to install larger tires is one of the main reasons people choose to lift their Ford, and there are tons of different choices available based on what you plan to use the lifted truck for.

Ultimate Rides also has the ability to completely re-do the interior, adding more comfort and advanced features like a new sound system. If you’re hoping to get the most out of your Ford’s performance, we recommend looking into engine chip installation, giving you more control over the truck. We can even offer a new paint job, providing a custom look catered specially to your sense of taste.

If there are any other potential upgrades you can think of, there’s a very good chance our team can make it happen. We even have the ability to build a vehicle the way you want, changing any and all aspects of the truck or SUV. Lifted models aren’t for everyone, so if you’re feeling unsure, we can even uninstall a suspension lift, bringing the truck back down to standard size. It’s not one of our most popular choices, but it’s definitely a service that we can offer.

Do you feel as though Ultimate Rides might be able to supply you with your next vehicle? You can expect to find plenty of options from companies like Ford, Ram, Chevy, Toyota and more. Drivers won’t have to settle for factory models, as our team can help bring the vision in your head to live, with countless customization options available to you. Get in touch with us over the phone at 815-634-3900 to start the conversation. If you ever find yourself in the greater Chicago area and wish to come meet with us, you can visit the Ultimate Rides office at 38 W. Division St., Coal City, IL 60416. We’re excited to speak with you, and ready to create something truly special together!