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History of the Hummer H3...


History of the Hummer H3

The Hummer H3 is one of the most versatile vehicles that we sell for under the fifteen thousand dollar price point, and there is a reason for that. Because it was built to compete with the Wrangler its a choice that most had to make when they were in production. Today the market has changed and they are considered a hidden secret, and now becoming popular again. We take most of them and customize with a lift kit, bigger wheels and bigger mud tires. When these things are set up, they really do transform into something really cool. Enough of the small talk,  we can go over some of the reasons why the Hummer H3 is still one of the baddest vehicles on the planet. We do get a lot of questions about the H3 and we would like to use the page to get those answers!


Hummer H3 life expectancy

Is the Hummer H3 reliable?

A: The Hummer H3 shares its frame with the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon that was produced beginning in 2004. Good news for the Hummer H3 is that it goes one step further with additional frame gussets for added strength. And since it is a full frame with the body mounted on top, the Hummer H3 is a very solid platform to build from. The drivetrain is a solid axle in the rear with leaf spring suspension. Front is independent suspension utilizing upper and lower control arms with torsion bar suspension and a center differential. The engine is the same Vortec 3.5L (2006 only) and 3.7L Inline 5 cylinder that was offered in the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon. The Alpha (available 2008-2010) was available with an aluminum block 5.3L V8 engine that was used in the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon as well. The transmission options were either the very common 4L60-E 4 speed automatic which is shared by every GM truck of the same years or an Aisin AR5 5 speed manual. Servicing the Hummer H3 is simple since the majority of the parts are still available from any Chevrolet/GMC dealer and local parts stores.

Is the Hummer H3 off-r0ad capable?

A: Yes! The Hummer H3 has the powertrain of a GM truck, full frame, 4:56 axle ratio(4:10 Alpha), full time four wheel drive with high and low range and a ground clearance of 9.1 inches. All the requirements for going off road. The Hummer H3 was tested fording water at a depth of 27 inches at 5mph and 20 inches at 20 mph. Departure angle, meaning the minimum angle in which the rear bumper will make contact with the ground, is 34.7 degrees. The approach angle, which is the minimum angle that the front bumper will make contact with the face of an obstacle is 37.4 degrees. The breakover angle or the side angle of a slope that the Hummer H3 can traverse without rolling on its side is 22.1 degrees. The nice feature about the factory equipped traction control system is that it can stop wheelspin at each individual wheel which means that one wheel can be completely off the ground and it will not stop the other 3 wheels from clawing for traction! The Hummer H3 came with 31 inch tall tires stock while the Hummer H3 Adventure package came with 33 inch tires as well as differential lockers and a 4:1 low range gear ratio! And all Hummer H3 SUVs came standard with recovery hooks front and rear.

Can the Hummer H3 tow?

A: A trailer hitch was a standard feature on the Hummer H3 and tow rating were an impressive 4500Lbs for the 5 cylinder with an automatic transmission, 3000Lbs with the 5 speed manual transmission and 6000Lbs for the Alpha with the 5.3L V8 engine.


Lifted Hummer H3 with 35
We build Hummers like this with a lift kit, bigger rims and 35″ tires, really transforms the look of the boring stock Hummer H3.
Lifted White Hummer H3
We customize the rear tire carrier to hold the bigger tire and rim, look at that rear end view of this lifted H3.

Hummer H3 lift kits

Can you lift a Hummer H3?

A: While the factory ground clearance of 9.1 inches on a Hummer H3 is impressive, many will want even more. The best lift kit for the Hummer H3 is a simple 2.5 inch kit that consists of torsion bar keys for the front suspension and a leaf spring shackle for the rear suspension. This lift kit will allow the Hummer H3 to fit a 35 inch tire!

Is there a way to make a Hummer H3 Overland vehicle?

A: The answer is yes. There are full length roof racks available for the Hummer H3 along with roof access ladders and roof top tents. Many accessories such as winches, fuel can carriers and high jacks can be mounted to front and rear bumpers.

Hummer H3 Alpha review

The Hummer H3 Alpha was introduced in 2008 and remained until 2010. The Hummer H3 Alpha shared its chassis with the Hummer H3 but added a 300HP aluminum 5.3L V8 engine. To reduce the added weight the front differential was made with an aluminum case for the Hummer H3 Alpha versus the cast iron case in the Hummer H3. Axle ratios were 4:10 which allowed for a little more speed before shifting through each gear. Tow rating was increased from 4500 to 6000 Lbs in the Hummer H3 Alpha. The transmission was the same reliable GM 4L60-3 4 speed hydramatic that is used in the full size Chevy Silverado 1500. We have had a few of these, and they have been really cool!

Hummer H3 problems

The Hummer H3 is a very reliable SUV and had very few problems. There was a cylinder misfire problem that existed in the 2007 and 2008 3.7L inline 5 cylinder engines that was caused by bad head castings from the factory that only affected some of the Hummer H3 vehicles. Most were identified and replaced under warranty by the dealerships. The hood louver was known to come loose and the there was a recall issued to correct that problem. These were the only issues that have ever been known to exist with the Hummer H3 that I am aware.

Lifted Hummer H3
This adventure package H3 was lifted and set up with bigger tires, we also color matched all the trim to a dark grey color.
Lifted Silver Birch Hummer H3
This silver color really pops with the black and machined rims and the bigger 35″ tires!


Last year Hummer H3 was made

All good things must come to an end with the Hummer franchise. GM cancelled the Hummer division after 2010 so the Hummer H3 was no longer available after the model year 2010. While China made an attempt to buy the Hummer name from General Motors, it ended up staying with GM. And in 2021 the Hummer brand will be revived with a all electric SUV and Truck!!! It will definitely be a big change to what we are used to, but think its cool that they are keeping it alive with electric.


If you want us to help build you a Hummer H3, locate you a super clean rust free hummer, or just want to buy some wheels and tires from us for your H3, give us a call or shoot us a message! We love these things, enjoy building them and would love to help you get yours built. We ship in rust free hummers, build them in house and can build you one!


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