How Long Do Little Trees Last? | Make Your Air Freshener Last

How Long Do Little Trees Last? | Make Your Air Freshener Last

Do little trees Last?
How long do these products keep your car fresh? They may only work for a week or two at a time, but that’s why it pays off to keep extras on hand to switch out when the time comes.

How Long Will Your Little Trees Air Freshener Last?

Air fresheners from the company Little Trees are extremely common all across the country. They’re one of the most popular ways to provide a fresh scent inside a car. However, they have a reputation for not lasting very long. It’s worth pointing out that Little Trees last quite a while if used correctly, and they’re also extremely affordable, allowing you to stock up and keep a package of them in your car to switch out when necessary. Compared to other modern air fresheners, you’ll be able to save quite a bit of money by using these hanging tree products.

So how long can you expect one to last? If you follow the official directions of the product, they should last nearly two months. However, this requires you to open up only part of the bag, hang it up in your car, and keep opening up more and more of it as the product starts to fade. Most drivers are simply going to take the air freshener completely out of the bag and hang it up in their car instead. If you do this, the scent will be stronger throughout the air of the car, but the product will likely only product a smell for a week or two. For most drivers, though, this is perfectly fine. There are packages out there that let you spend less than a dollar on each air freshener, which is a great price to keep your car smelling fresh.

If you’d rather not change out your air freshener once a week, there are other options out there for you to consider. You can keep a spray cannister freshener in your car to use whenever you need a fresh smell. Alternatively, there are products you can attach to your vent that utilizing the car air conditioning to spread around the desired scent. Check out our short guide to learn everything you need to know on how to make the most out of your Little Trees products.

Make the Most Out of Your Money by Buying in Bulk

If you’d like to stick with Little Trees, the easiest way to keep your car smelling great is by stocking up on the product. The company sells packets of their trees in bulk, meaning you can get as many as 20 or 30 of them for less than a dollar for each. They might not stay fresh for super long, but you’ll be able to swap them out with incredible ease, all for a great price. Just keep the package in your glove compartment in your car and grab a new one when it’s time to make the switch.

One possible fault with buying in bulk is that you won’t be able to switch up the scent in your car as often. There are variety packs out there that provide you with one of each flavor, but then you’ll have a different one every time. One solution to this is to figure out a few scents that you like, and buy bulk packages of those scents. That way, you can switch things up in your car, but you’ll also have the option to keep the same scent around if you desire. Either way, buying in bulk is the route to go if you’re unsure what to do about keeping your car smelling fresh with these useful products.

How long do little trees last?
Air fresheners aren’t the only ways we would encourage you to keep your car fresh. There are products you can use to clean the interior, and it also pays off to keep the car free from trash.

Other Types of Little Trees Air Fresheners

If you’d prefer not to have to switch out your scented tree once a week or two, there are other options you can consider. The company makes two other types of freshener products that are worth your consideration. You can choose an air freshener spray, or a vent air freshener. Both will last you longer than a single week or two, can be kept in your car, and can be found at very affordable prices. Learn a little bit more about both below, and then you’ll be able to figure out which options might be right for you, whether it’s a Little Tree product or something that comes from another company.

Air Freshener Spray

If you want a product that can make your car smell fresh at a moment’s notice, this style is for you. It’s available in a wide variety of scents, and provides a strong scent to enjoy. That scent might not last long, but you’ll have a whole bottle to use whenever the time is right. Keep it in your car and simply spray around whenever you need a fresh smell. Keep in mind that the smell is stronger than what you’d find with a typical air freshener product, but that might be just the thing you need for your car. Shop around until you find the right smell for you and shop away!

Car Vent Air Freshener

Similar to the standard style, you can buy products that attach to the vent in your car. They’ll utilize your car vent air conditioning to spread a fresh smell around the car, keeping the environment pleasant wherever you go. These aren’t as strong as spray fresheners, and will last longer than your typical hanging tree air freshener. If you’re looking for something in between the classic style and a spray can, this could be the option for you.

Classic Hanging Tree Air Freshener is Still a Great Option

Now that you know what a Little Trees air freshener can do for your car, it’s up to you to decide if the product is right for you. They might only last a couple of weeks, but at such a great price, and with their strong effectiveness, there’s no doubt it’s still a great deal. Check out some different scents and decide which option will suit you and your car best!