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Lifted 4 Door Jeeps for Sale Near Me

Lifted 4 Door Jeeps for Sale Near Me
This custom Wrangler is one of several lifted 4 door Jeeps for sale near me. It features custom wheels, tires, a front towing rig and more.

Find Lifted 4 Door Jeeps for Sale Near Me

Have you heard about Ultimate Rides? We’re the premium custom auto dealership for you. We offer a great variety of custom-built vehicles, each one in excellent shape. Though we sell cars, trucks and SUVs, there is little doubt that Jeep is one of our specialties. If you are in search of lifted 4 door Jeeps for sale near me, you’ll find them here. We get many different varieties in, so it doesn’t matter if you’re in need of something built for off-road, or the perfect commute Jeep. We’re sure that we have just the thing for you.

Though we are located about an hour south of Chicago, Ultimate Rides is the go-to destination for customers all around the world. Our vehicles are like no other. In fact, more than half of all of our business is done with consumers outside of our area. Our vehicles are just that good! There are a number of ways in which we set ourselves apart from your everyday corner auto dealer. For one, we have an incredibly high standard of quality for any vehicle that comes through our doors. When you buy from us, you can be sure that you’re getting the best.

Year after Year of Custom-Built Quality

Another element that sets us apart is our lift center. While we certainly aren’t the only dealership around to have our own service center, ours is unlike any other. We have an expert team of service technicians working full-time on our premises. They customize, build, modify, maintain and fix vehicles. That includes our own inventory, as well as vehicles for the public. Nearly all of the vehicles we sell have been worked on right here in our shop. If you want custom 4 door Jeeps for sale near me, we’re the place to find the best of them.

Additionally, whenever you buy a vehicle from us, you’ll have the ability to customize it to your liking. Let us know what kind of work you’d like down. Then, before you pick the vehicle up, we’ll take it over to our lift center and spruce it up for you. Whether it’s lifted suspension, custom tires, LED lighting or something else, we can get it done. Plus, you’ll have the choice of either adding the cost of service to your vehicle financing, or paying for that aspect of the cost up front. Either way, we will do what we can to bring your ideal vision of a Jeep to life.

Lifted 4 Door Jeeps for Sale Near Me
Ultimate Rides also has other options available for 4 door Jeeps. This custom Wrangler is sleek, and offers a slightly different style than the bold red up top.

Rust-Free, Eye-Catching and Ready to Drive

The real appeal of Ultimate Rides is undoubtedly our vehicle selection. Each vehicle you find for sale at our dealership is entirely free of corrosion and rust. This is out of the question for most dealerships, especially in the Midwest. However, we work very hard to ensure our inventory is only of the highest quality. Rust is an incredibly common problem for vehicles everywhere. You may be wondering how we’re able to avoid it! The truth is simple.

Our buyers venture out and look for vehicles in the warmest parts of the country. Places like California and Florida don’t deal with rust damage, because their weather conditions are much more favorable. We find the best vehicles we can, and we bring them back to our HQ to customize and pass along to you! If you want a clean, rust-free vehicle that will serve you well, Ultimate Rides has your back. We can even offer some tips on how to keep your vehicle rust-free even after you take it off our hands. Just remember to ask!

VIP Customer Service for Everyone

The next element that distinguishes us from other dealerships is the way we treat customers. We understand that our business has garnered a nasty reputation over the years when it comes to customer service. We have set out to change that perception. Ultimate Rides is and has always been a family-owned business. We’re very adamant about making sure that homegrown mentality sticks around. That means we treat each and every customer as if they’re a personal friend. If you want the VIP treatment the next time you buy a vehicle, you ought to come pay us a visit. You’ll be able to touch base with a member of our team and get all the help you need.

We’ll also make sure to go the extra mile for our customers. If you are searching for a specific vehicle, we can help you find it. Our buyers come across rare and hard-to-find vehicles almost every day. Leave a small deposit with us for security, and let us know exactly what you’re looking for. Once we’ve tracked the vehicle down, we’ll make sure it’s in great shape. Then, we’ll get it cleaned up and ready for you to come pick up! What’s not to love? Let us know if there are other ways we can help you out. Whether it’s a ride to or from the airport, a bit of information on a part, or something else, we’d love to be of assistance!

Lifted 4 Door Jeeps for Sale Near Me
We can even offer a matte paint job if you would like. At Ultimate Rides, we offer the custom vehicle of your dreams, no matter what it may be.

Fast and Secure Vehicle Delivery

If you don’t already live in the Chicago area, you may be fretting about our vehicles not being available to you. However, we have good news. Ultimate Rides offers affordable and safe vehicle delivery! You can order a vehicle to be sent to your home right over the phone. We also have some customers who come into our office, take a look at the vehicle, and then decide to have it delivered. Whichever way you decide works for us! Plus, you’ll even be able to choose whether to cover the cost of delivery upfront, or to cover that cost with your vehicle financing. Our prices are very reasonable, so get in touch to learn more!

When you give us a call, a member of our team will be able to provide you with all the information you require on our vehicles. Whether you already have one picked out, or you need some time to choose, we’ll be able to help. We can provide more detailed photos, further information on the vehicle capabilities and more. You’ll also have the option to customize the vehicle in our lift center, just like any other ride bought from us. Once we get all of the details taken care of, we’ll get your vehicle ready to go! Before you know it, it will arrive right outside your home.

Maintenance and Repair Services

At Ultimate Rides, we don’t just offer custom work on vehicles. Our service center also offers maintenance and repair for the public. We know how difficult it can often be to find a team of mechanics you can rely on. This is especially true if you have a custom vehicle, as they can often be more to handle for a standard mechanic. However, at Ultimate Rides, we are perfectly equipped for dealing with these vehicles. Our prices are straightforward and transparent, allowing you to know exactly what it is you’re paying for. Additionally, we’ll get the job done as quickly as possible so you can get back out on the road.

We can handle just about anything when it comes to your vehicle. We do regular old oil changes, tire rotations, fluid changes and more. Along with those basics, we also can repair just about any element of your ride. Whether it’s the engine, the transmission, the suspension or something else, we’ll get it done. If we have to diagnose a problem, we’ll do so. As soon as we find out what’s wrong, we’ll get in touch to see if you want us to go ahead with the repair process. When we’re through, you’ll have your vehicle back, running in great shape once again.

Lifted 4 Door Jeeps for Sale Near Me
The Grand Cherokee doesn’t often get as much attention in custom vehicle circles compared to the Wrangler. However, it’s a stunning vehicle in its own right. Come take a look at one today by visiting Ultimate Rides.

A Short History of the Jeep Wrangler

When it comes to custom vehicles, no Jeep is more popular than the Wrangler. The roots of the Jeep Wrangler go way back to World War II. It’s a long past, and we’d like to give you some of the broad strokes today so you can walk away more informed on the topic. Back during the war, the allies needed a reliable 4×4 that could get them across rough terrain. Two major auto companies worked together and came up with the prototype of the Jeep. It served the allies well during the war, and became iconic even then.

Later on, the Jeep was reimagined as a civilian vehicle. The Wrangler was introduced in 1987, and ever since it’s been a staple for off-road drivers. It’s quite rare for a vehicle to build up the kind of die-hard support that the Wrangler has. You will even find some drivers out there who simply refuse to own anything else. Those searching for lifted 4 door Jeeps near me simply need to check out the Wrangler selection here at Ultimate Rides. It’s something you don’t want to miss.

The Ever-Rising Popularity of Custom Vehicles

People sometimes forget that the automobile has only been commonplace for around a century. In that time, the invention has advanced leaps and bounds. For many years, there wasn’t really any such thing as a custom vehicle. You drove the vehicle the way you got it off the lot and that was it. However, these days, it’s becoming increasingly common to see drivers customize their vehicles. After all, why shouldn’t they? These are expensive pieces of machinery that we sometimes spend hours a day inside. We drive them for years. We ought to make them our own!

There are tons of different options available for vehicle customization. One popular choice for drivers is to lift the vehicle’s suspension. This provides an appealing new look, and allows for larger custom tires and better off-road performance. Other often-used choices include LED lighting systems, custom tires, towing rigs and more. If you have any ideas or questions concerning ways to customize your vehicle, all you need to do is get in touch with us over at Ultimate Rides today!

Lifted 4 Door Jeeps for Sale Near Me
The Wrangler comes in many shapes and sizes. That’s especially true if you decide to go custom. Find these lifted 4 door Jeeps for sale near me at Ultimate Rides!

Own Lifted 4 Door Jeeps for Sale Near Me Today

If you’ve narrowed down your desired vehicle to a Jeep, you’re off to a great start. Despite that, there is still plenty of choice for you within that category. There are many different Jeep models available, from the Wrangler to the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee and beyond. Even within those models, you’ll often find great variance from model year to model year. Take a look at our inventory here on our website. We usually have plenty of Jeep models available. Contact a member of the Ultimate Rides team today if you’d like to learn more about any one of our rides. They sometimes go quick, so be sure not to wait too long!

Closing Thoughts

There’s true beauty available in the idea of a custom Jeep. They can fit many different needs, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a college student, a frequent traveler or all those combined! If you have any questions about what you see on our website, you can reach Ultimate Rides over the phone today at 815-634-3900. If you would instead like to come meet with us in-person, you can visit our office now at 38 W. Division St., Coal City, IL 60416.

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Ultimate Rides consists of two brothers who have been buying and selling custom vehicles for over ten years. Selling lifted trucks by day and writing these awesome reviews by night! They started their Ultimate Rides journey with a third brother Jake, who was a big part of building the business they have today. In 2016 Jake passed away and losing their brother was the hardest thing they ever had to deal with. Even though they had a tragic loss they plan to continue to set a new trend for the auto industry, keeping customers number one. Pushing the envelope on the lifted truck market, these guys love researching and learning about everything in the auto industry!

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