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Lifted Chevy Silverado for Sale

Look for a Lifted Chevy Silverado for Sale at Ultimate Rides

If you are currently looking for a lifted Chevy Silverado for sale, come check out our inventory at Ultimate Rides to see if anything catches your eye. We carry a wide selection of trucks brought in from around the country to sell to you from our headquarters an hour south of Chicago. We have our own lift center where we’re able to install lift kits and customize rides, even giving you the option to alter a truck from our lot when you purchase it.

At Ultimate Rides, we carry only the finest new and used trucks from around the country, with all kinds of lifts and wheels available. One of the defining features of our vehicles is that they are all entirely rust free. Despite being located in the heart of salt country during the winter, we’re able to maintain rust free vehicles by purchasing our trucks from other regions around the country that aren’t forced to deal with the same kinds of harsh conditions that we are subjected to here. Our specialized buyers hunt down high quality trucks from different places across the United States and have them sent back here so we can sell them to you where you need it the most.

For anyone who considers their interest in trucks, engines, lift kits and more as a hobby, we think you’ll easily find something to love in our inventory. We usually have an assortment of lifted Chevy Silverado models for sale, one of our more popular selections. These heavy duty trucks can become even more imposing or inspiring when you install a high end lift kit and a set of bigger tires to drive around on. Finding a rust free lifted Chevy Silverado for sale in the Midwest is not very common. That’s just one reason to make sure you regularly check out inventory and see what we have in stock. We also have helpful guides available on how to find the best leveling kit for Chevy Silverado trucks.

Lifted Chevy Silverado for sale
At Ultimate Rides, we will have an assortment of the lifted Chevy Silverado for sale.

At Ultimate Rides, Customer Service Isn’t Just a Department

When Ultimate Rides was started over a decade ago, the business was built upon a few ideals that still guide it today. One of those ideals was to change the face of customer service in the automotive sales industry, at least as much as we can. We’re still following that tenet today, by treating customers with the respect they deserve. Nobody wants to go to buy a truck only to be given the run-around by a shifty salesperson who is trying to get one over on you. You simply won’t find that at Ultimate Rides.

We begin by treating our staff fairly, which is all too uncommon in our current day and age. The idea is that you can’t expect your staff to treat your customers with respect when you don’t even treat your staff with respect. From there, we make sure that we stay on track of our goals: making sure your truck buying experience is all that you could ask for. We know how expensive trucks can be, and we want to make sure you get even more than your money’s worth when you shop with us. We go above and beyond in hopes that you’ll spread the word about us to your friends and family, or think of us next time you decide to buy a vehicle.

Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, able and willing to answer any questions that might crop up while you are checking out our inventory, either in person or online. Speaking of online, did you know that interested buyers who live outside the Chicago area are still able to purchase from us? We ship our vehicles anywhere they need to go, meaning no matter whether you’re a city, a state or a country away, we’ll still be able to serve you, including with an excellent lifted Chevy Silverado for sale.

Come Check Out a Lifted Chevy Silverado for Sale Today

Another guiding point for Ultimate Rides since its inception has been our love for awesome lifted trucks. In our lift center, there’s nothing our service staff loves more than when a huge lifted Chevy Silverado for sale comes in to be tinkered with. We’ve driven these trucks, so we truly know what the experience is like, and we understand why you have the desire for it. When you buy a truck from Ultimate Rides, you have the ability to have it sent to our lift center and tweaked to your perfect specification, and all of it can be included as a part of your financing plan for the truck. That means that you’ll only be paying a few extra dollars every month to add a level of customization to your vehicle that most people never even break about. But for those of us who know and love the feeling of driving a lifted truck, it’s a small price to pay.

If you’ve shopped around at other locations for rust free vehicles, you know how hard it can be to find both a dealer that treats you with respect and that carries high quality vehicles for purchase. We believe that if you give us a chance to sell you your next truck, you’ll drive away satisfied with the experience. At Ultimate Rides, we put our money where our mouth is, and make sure that each transaction ends with a happy customer. After all, isn’t that what our country was built on? We think that the family business still has a place within the American marketplace, and we’re here to prove it.

If you want to reach Ultimate Rides by phone, you can call 815-634-3900 to get in touch with our sales or service departments. If you’re in the Chicago area and would like to come in and see us in person, visit 38 W. Division St. Coal City, IL 60416. We’ve got a great variety of lifted trucks and SUVs that we think will blow you away.