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Lifted Trucks for Sale in MI...

Lifted Trucks for Sale

Lifted Trucks for Sale in MI

Ultimate Rides is Here to Provide Lifted Trucks for Sale in MI

Looking to upgrade your vehicle to a lifted truck? Whether you are gearing up for a road trip to the upper peninsula or need a day-to-day truck for your local work commute, we know it is not always easy finding the right vehicle. Especially in the Midwest, finding pre-owned trucks that aren’t already dealing with rust or damage can actually take quite a bit of time. While the summers in Michigan are always an absolute blast, full of lake trips, camping and hiking, the winters are an entirely different story. Heavily salted roads can lead to some pretty extensive rusting especially on the under-body of a vehicle, especially after a few years of activity. If there’s one state that knows it’s trucks, it’s Michigan. From its beginnings in the assembly lines of factories in cities like Detroit and Dearborn, the legacy of the Motor City lives on even today, ensuring that Michiganders know a good truck when they see one. We believe that when you get a look at everything we have to offer at Ultimate Rides, you’ll walk away pretty impressed by what you’ve found.

If you are currently in need of a reliable and stylish truck, we have got something for you.

Ultimate Rides is a specialty truck dealer based just about an hour south of Chicago that provides high quality lifted trucks to buyers from all around the country. If you are currently searching for lifted trucks for sale in MI, we can help you out. Wondering what sets us apart from other truck dealers in your area? For one, we only deal in well-maintained vehicles that are entirely free of life-shortening issues like rust, and that’s just a part of the reason customers seek us out. We are incredibly passionate when it comes to lifted trucks, so much so that we have our very own in-house lift center that we use to outfit and customize our vehicles. We consider ourselves one of the most experienced and skilled lifted truck service centers in the country, and if you don’t believe us, simply ask any of our previous customers!

lifted trucks for sale in MI
For those looking for lifted trucks for sale in MI, we have plenty of available vehicles for you, such as this 2006 GMC Sierra.

Looking for Lifted Trucks for Sale in MI? Expand Your Horizons with Ultimate Rides

One thing we sometimes hear from customers is that they aren’t sure they want to buy a truck without seeing it up close and personal first. We totally understand that sentiment, and we hope we can convince you we’re the real deal with a combination of some high quality photographs of the vehicle, a long chat with our sales department that can fill you in on any and all details and history of the truck, or even an in-person trip to come check the vehicle out before you make a final decision. We have had customers fly in to the airport (which is not too far from our location) and we pick them up in the very same truck they came to see. Let us know any way we can be accommodating to you and we’ll do our very best to make it happen. More than half of our customers are from outside the Chicago area, so for anyone looking at lifted trucks for sale in MI, you may want to keep us in consideration as well.

Another one of the things that makes Ultimate Rides different from your average truck dealership is the fact that we also happen to be experts when it comes to lifted trucks. Since even before our business officially began over a decade back, we’ve been building and working on lifted trucks. Ultimate Rides began as a passion project between brothers and has grown into something we consider truly special. We have an ASE certified team of technicians who are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to lifted trucks, which can often prove to be a complicated problem for standard mechanics. Many of the trucks in our inventory have been lifted and customized by our team, and if you see something you’d like to have sent over to our lift center, just let us know and we can even include the cost as a part of your financing deal. Our shop does all kinds of modifications and installations, just please feel free to ask us any questions if you might be interested in any lifted trucks for sale in MI.

Take a look at this 2007 Chevy Silverado for an example of the fine craftsmanship of our lift center.

Michigan Deserves More Well-Maintained Lifted Trucks 

It’s a shame that shopping for trucks has gotten such a bad rap over the years, but we definitely understand why. All too often, truck dealers can be found taking advantage of their customers by offering them extreme prices for low-end vehicles. At Ultimate Rides, you should notice right away that our standards are quite high when it comes to the trucks in our inventory, and there’s no chance you’ll be buying a lemon from us. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for both the quality of our vehicles and our customer service mentality, which we consider nearly as important as the trucks themselves. Whether you’re a young person looking at lifted trucks for sale in MI or a seasoned truck driver looking for an extra dose of awesome, you can bet on the fact that our rock star sales team will do everything in their power to make sure you’re satisfied with your Ultimate Rides experience. This goes for both in-person customers and those who order from us remotely.

If you’d like to see everything we have in stock, take a look at our inventory page here on our website and always feel free to contact us via phone to find out more. You can reach us at 815-634-3900, and we are located at 38 W. Division St. Coal City, IL 60416. Next time you’re in need of a reliable truck, remember that we’ve got the inventory, the know-how and more to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.