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Lifted Trucks for Sale in MO

Missouri: A Rich History and Breathtaking Landscape

Throughout the history of the United States (and even before), few states have had as much of an underrated impact as the great state of Missouri. From its beginnings as a hub of activity for America’s indigenous people, to its founding by French fur traders, to its integral position in the expansion of the country, all the way to today, the state of Missouri has a lot to be proud of. You’ve given us beloved presidents, legendary companies and some of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen with Mark Twain, Walt Disney and Chuck Berry. As one of the homes of the great Mississippi River, Missouri has long served as a crossing point between east and west, with travelers from all over making their way along your storied roads and bridges. Don’t you think it’s time you got a little something in return?

For too long, finding high quality lifted trucks for sale in MO has been more difficult than it needs to be. People everywhere deserve to be able to find the vehicle of their choice in good shape, but that isn’t always the case in the Midwest. At Ultimate Rides, we’ve set out to change that. Though we are based across the state border in Illinois, we provide vehicles to folks all across the country. The “secret” to our success is the fact that we send out specialized buyers who scour the warmer parts of the country to find the highest quality trucks they can find. From there, we bring the vehicles back to our headquarters for further inspection to make sure they’re up to our standards, and in many cases we send them over to our lift center for a little bit of custom work. It’s our goal to supply a high-quality lifted truck to anybody who desires one.

lifted trucks for sale in MO
Finding the right truck is all about putting together the right combination of style, comfort and performance for your needs. Find some of the best lifted trucks for sale in MO at Ultimate Rides and soon you’ll be driving in your dream truck.

Check Out Ultimate Rides to Find the Best Lifted Trucks for Sale in MO

For too long, the automotive resale industry has gotten away with treating many of its customers poorly. That’s something we were keenly aware of when Ultimate Rides began over a decade back, and one of our biggest goals as a business has been to change that perception through our actions. One of the biggest ways we’ve found the ability to do this is through our customer service philosophy. The fact that we treat our customers like actual people instead of numbers on the dotted line shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, but the fact that it does says a lot about the current state of our industry. Our sales team will sit down with you and find out what you’re looking for. From there, we’ll match you up with any vehicles in our inventory that sound like they could be a good fit. If you’re having trouble finding a specific vehicle, you can even come to us to search one out for you. All you have to do is leave a deposit with us, and our buyers will let us know as soon as they find the model you’re looking for. If you want to find lifted trucks for sale in MO that are free of rust and have been taken care of, get in touch with us at Ultimate Rides.

If you live a little farther away than you feel comfortable making the drive for, that’s completely understandable, but we still have more good news for you! It’s incredibly easy to buy from Ultimate Rides remotely and have the vehicle transported to you. Does this sound like something that could interest you? Browse through our inventory to get an idea of what you might want and feel free to give our sales team a call! We’ll be able to help you out by answering any of your questions as well as providing you with detailed and high-quality photographs for any of the lifted trucks for sale in MO that you might be interested in. If you find something you’d like to pull the trigger on, we can work through all the paperwork with you over the phone and before you know it, your truck will be on its way to you. You can even finance the cost of transporting your truck right alongside your current deal.

At Ultimate Rides, we can make your vision a reality. Let us know you’re interested in some custom work and we can dig in to what you need done.

Lifted Trucks for Sale in MO Customized to Your Liking

Another thing that sets Ultimate Rides apart from your everyday truck dealer is our highly advanced lift center. Completed in 2017, this state of the art auto shop is outfitted to work on even the most heavy-duty trucks. Our service staff is made up of highly experienced and ASE certified technicians that can turn your truck from acceptable to downright glorious. No matter what look or feel you’re going for, we can make it a reality. Any time you buy a truck from our inventory, you have the option of having it sent down to our service center for some additional work. When you do this, you can even finance the cost of service into your existing deal, allowing you to have your truck customized for just a few extra bucks every month.

We’re truly proud of our work at Ultimate Rides. We’re passionate about these trucks, and we want to make sure everyone can find lifted trucks for sale in MO. We’ve been doing this for over a decade now and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. If something in our inventory catches your eye and you would like to find out more, contact us at 815-634-3900. You can also find us at 38 W. Division St. Coal City, IL 60416.