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Lifted Trucks for Sale

Lifted Trucks for Sale Indiana | Buying Your Next Lifted Truck

Finding the Best Lifted Trucks for Sale Indiana

Lifted trucks are popular amongst truck enthusiasts across the country. While this trend started in the south, it has now reached all parts of the country. It’s undeniable that people all over the country are excited to get behind the wheel of a custom lifted ride. So our team here at Ultimate Rides is working to meet this demand! Luckily for these customers, our team here at Ultimate Rides has some of the best lifted trucks in the Midwest. So contact our team for more information today!

Right now, drivers absolutely love vehicles capable of off-road driving. As a result, more manufacturers are focusing on SUV’s and trucks. So customers are now trying to make their trucks and SUVs look different and unique. Well, one of the simplest ways to make a truck stand out is integrating a body lift kit or suspension lift kit. These kits are different but will definitely raise the truck up for customers.

A body kit lets customers throw on huge wheels and rims. So look no further if you want to add flair to your lifted truck. Also, look no further if you want lifted trucks for sale in Indiana. Here at Ultimate Rides, we have just what you need. Read more information below then contact our team today:

Lifted Trucks for Sale Indiana
Lifted vehicles can be a pleasure to drive, but it isn’t always easy to find the right model, especially if price is a concern for you. Take a look at the used vehicles available at Ultimate Rides and we’re confident you’ll find something that suits both you and your budget.

Different Kinds of Lift Kits for Lifted Vehicles

As previously mentioned, customers often want two primary kinds of lift kits. These two lift kits include suspension lift kits or body lift kits. While these two lift kits are somewhat similar, there are important differences between them. Therefore, customers should look for information on these lift kits. That way, you can get the very best situation for your truck. Avoid buying a suspension system that you do not like by being as informed as possible.

First, body lift kits are simple and straightforward in application and use. Simply put, body kits use spacers to put a distance between the body and the frame of the truck. As a result, it does not change any driving features or performance aspects of a pickup when installed properly. With an improper install, you could actually see a decrease in the performance capabilities of your pickup or SUV, which is obviously something you should avoid at all costs. Instead of performance upgrades, body kits are primarily used just for style enhancements. Keep this in mind when searching for lifted vehicles for sale in Indiana, and be sure to be careful when choosing who installs your body kit.

The second type of lift kit is the suspension lift kit. Suspension lift kits are completely different from body kits in terms of structure. These types of kits suspend the frame, body, engine, and the powertrain all above the wheels. So this is not the same type of lift as a body lift kit. As a result, this lift kit installation process provides an intricate setup. So get help from our professional staff with your lift kits and lifted vehicles available in the midwest.

Lifted Trucks for Sale Around Indianapolis & Off-Road Driving

Taking a lifted vehicle off-road can be an absolute joy. However, that’s only true if your vehicle is set up for the adventure. Attempting to take a stock model from Ford or another brand out on the trail without the right configuration can cause a ton of damage and even put your safety at risk. That’s why it’s so important to get your lifted vehicle set up with off-road tires, larger wheels, plenty of lighting, and of course the right suspension kit. New or used, you don’t want to take a stock pickup or SUV out into rough terrain and risk the chaos that can follow. At Ultimate Rides, we’re here to help you with everything you need to get your ride ready for off-road action with lifted suspension and so much more.

The suspension lift kit helps drivers conquer uneven and off-road terrain. Here at Ultimate Rides, we recommend some of the best brands on the market. This includes products from BDS and Rough Country. As a result, customers should contact our team with questions about these suspension lift kits. That way, you can get the best bang for your buck. Then, drivers can hit off-road conditions for some serious fun. So make sure you find the best lifted models available in Indiana and more here at Ultimate Rides. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy driving every single day.

Putting Together a Custom Package for a Lifted Truck

In addition to a suspension lift, there are countless different ways you can upgrade a vehicle from Ford or another company. We have a team of custom upgrade experts who staff our lift center, and these enhancements are available not only to our own new and used inventory, but to your vehicles as well. We can outfit your ride with a new set of tires and wheels, whether you’re prioritizing looks or performance. There are accessibility upgrades like running boards or grab handles that we’d be happy to take care of. You can also decide to outfit your ride with premium LED lighting, or a completely fresh interior. Whatever it is you’re looking to do to spruce up a used model, we can make it happen. We’ve changed the entire look of cars in the past, from a new paint job to stylish rims and a deluxe leather interior. Just give us a call and together we’ll come up with the right package of features, all at a fair price. Whether your pre-owned Ford is lifted, or features a stock setup, we’ll have some ideas in mind to take things to the next level.

Lifted Trucks for Sale Indiana
We have the ability to outfit our lifted vehicles with any kind of accessories you’d like. That includes running boards as well as engine performance chips, LED lights (for your front end as well as wheel wells), or even an entirely new interior. Get in touch with our team and let us know what you’re looking for!

The Lift Kit Installation Process

Our team is talented and professional. We have ASE mechanics and certified lift kit installers present at our location. As a result, customers can get the best possible lift kit installation process. While we offer the best lifted Ford trucks in Indiana, we also offer lift kit installation in Chicago as well. So customers can relax while our team does all of the hard work on their truck.

A suspension lift kit installation process can affect steering, braking and more. As a result, improper installation is a serious problem once drivers hit the open road. So while the do-it-yourself trend is popular, it may not be the safest option for drivers that want lifted pickups in Indiana. One mistake can spell disaster for drivers of lifted trucks. Let our expert team install your lift kit today for the best possible experience. Plus, we can potentially offer customers some upgraded tires and rims!

Customers come to our automotive center looking for the best lifted trucks available throughout Indiana. However, if you own a truck then you will not want to discard it just for a new lifted truck. As a result, we offer customers a great lift kit installation process. So bring your vehicle to our dealership with a body kit and then relax. Our team will set things up with a detail-oriented lift kit installation set up and more!

Buy a High-Quality Lifted Truck near Indianapolis

Yet another thing that sets the trucks at Ultimate Rides apart is our quality. We don’t bring in any old lifted vehicles to sell. Here you can find an inventory full of trucks without rust, complete with low mileage, all at a fair price. We employ a team of buyers who entire job consists of finding these trucks for us, both new and used. It should go without saying that tracking down high-quality rust-free used trucks from companies like Ford and Chevrolet isn’t always easy, but we know that it’s worth all the effort we put into it. Searching for a good lifted model for purchase shouldn’t be a chore, and it won’t be when you choose Ultimate Rides. When you browse our inventory, you can even find used cars and SUVs to fit your needs, though we do specialize in mostly pickup trucks from brands such as Ford or Ram. If you’re in the Indianapolis area and are tired of searching the same old dealerships only to come up empty each time, we hope that you’ll give us a chance to please you. Whether you want a used Ford F150 Crew Cab, a sleek new Jeep Gladiator, or a throwback Chevy Silverado, you can count on us to hook you up, and always at a price that makes sense!

The process of getting the best vehicles isn’t simple, but we make it happen. We have an entire team dedicated to going out in search of the right new and used vehicles to bring back to our HQ. Once they find them, we get them set up in our service center with lifted suspension and plenty of other upgrades. Whether you want a Ford pickup, a rugged Jeep SUV, a muscle car, or any other model you can think of, you’ll be able to count on us to get you one, and it’ll be in excellent shape.

Lifted Trucks for Sale Indiana
Just because you’re buying a used model doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards. Our inventory has tons of exciting possibilities to offer, including models like a lifted 2021 Ford F150 with custom wheels and a sleek coat of paint.

The Ultimate Rides Shipping Process

Though Ultimate Rides is located a state over in Illinois, you can always count on us to get a high-quality lifted vehicle out to you, and without having to pay a ridiculous price. Our entire inventory of cars, SUVs and trucks from companies such as Jeep, Ford, and Toyota is available for delivery, and you’ll even have the option of including shipping costs in your financing deal. You can start by either calling our office or filling out the finance form we have available here on our website. From there, someone from our team can offer details on features, price, any specials we might have to offer, and much more. Drivers will still have the opportunity to customize their next lifted car, and we’ll have it out to you within a week from the time it’s finished!

We’ve worked incredibly hard to work our shipping process down to a fine science. However, we know that some customers are still a little nervous about buying a lifted Ford vehicle without seeing it up close first. That’s why we always welcome you to come take a look at any of our used models. We’ll be happy to show it off and you’ll be free to drive it home, or we will still have the ability to ship it back to your place of residence. We’ve delivered vehicles all over the world, including places like Brazil, Qatar, and so many more. Let us know if you’d like to learn anything else about this process today.

Customer Service That Looks Out for You

The auto sales industry has a wide reputation for poor customer service, but you should know that doesn’t extend to Ultimate Rides. Ever since we began more than 15 years ago, we’ve been looking out for our customers however we can. That includes offering lifted Ford vehicles at a fair price, helping you build the pickup of your dreams, or even offering a different color or style for your current ride. While other auto dealerships will try to wring as much money from their customers as possible, we believe our best course of action for our customer relations team is to help everyone start driving their ideal car or lifted trucks. That’s why our team will carefully listen to your wants and needs, and from there will do everything they can to help match you up with the right model.

We’ll even go out of the way to seek out a certain vehicle for you. If there’s something specific you want to start driving, let us know. If we don’t have it in stock, all you’ll need to do is leave a small deposit with us and our team will get started in finding it. Our buyers check out vehicles all throughout the country, and it shouldn’t take long before we find what you’re looking for. That’s just one more service we offer to satisfy our customers.

Coming in from out of town? Be sure to let us know ahead of time. We can help you arrange a hotel, and we’ll even pick you up from the airport if you need a ride. To some, customer service may be a dying artform. To us, it’s an integral part of our business, and we’re always happy to help out someone in need. Get in touch with us today and let us know how we might be of service to you!

Lifted Truck Safety

Driving a lifted vehicle can be an amazing experience, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into when you start. No matter what model you’re in, from a new Ford pickup to a used Jeep SUV, there are extra tips you need to stay aware of to keep you, your passengers, and everybody else out on the road safe. First and foremost, always get a steering alignment after installing a lift kit of any kind, especially if you install it at home. Many professionals will take care of this upon installation, but that’s not always the case. Without a steering alignment, your old configuration may feel off, and your steering won’t respond the way it used to before.

Additionally, you need to be aware of the differences in driving a lifted ride compared to standard models. Lifted vehicles have a higher center of gravity, meaning that it becomes easier to flip over if you take turns at a high speed. That’s why you always want to be cautious when making a turn, and do so at a reduced speed. You’ll also want to add some extra steps to your used vehicle maintenance. Have your mechanic make sure all your bolts and suitably tight, especially with regard to the suspension lift or body lift system. As long as you follow these steps, and practice all your standard safe driving habits, you can have an excellent time in a lifted ride.

Lifted Trucks for Sale Indiana
If there is a specific lifted vehicle you’re after, don’t be shy about letting us know about it. You can always count on Ultimate Rides to either find or build the right model for you, whatever it is you might be looking for.

High-Quality Used Ford Trucks in Stock

There’s a reason why Ford models are the best-selling trucks across America. The Ford name makes drivers think of reliability, high-quality performance, and excellent features, all without requiring someone to break the bank. Here at Ultimate Rides, we’re proud to offer both new and pre-owned Ford models to our customers, including the beloved F150, F250, and F350 trucks. We’ll get these models lifted to your liking, outfitted with any custom upgrades you’d like, and shipped right to your home. Each one can easily be outfitted for proper off-road use with just a few adjustments, whether you want something light or heavy-duty.

Ford vehicles already have a great reputation, and that only increases when you outfit the vehicle with your desired improvements, such as a suspension lift kit or some new LED headlights. Take a look at our current inventory of used and new vehicles to see if any Ford model catches your eye. If there’s a particular truck you want and you don’t see it there, be sure to let us know. We’ll be happy to find the right Ford pickup for your needs. You don’t have to stop there, either, as we’ll always have the ability to customize the vehicle for you.

Final Thoughts

Here at Ultimate Rides, we take helping customers very seriously. As a matter of fact, we send our team across the country looking for all kinds of trucks, new and used. For instance, our team searches far and wide for rust-free used trucks. That way, we can help offer customers the very best lifted trucks throughout Indiana and more. Look no further to get behind the wheel of a premier, high-quality lifted truck today. Also, our team will install a body lift kit on to your used truck as well! Therefore, we are truly one of the best lifted truck dealerships near you. 

We do not waste customers time at Ultimate Rides. Instead, we work hard around the clock to provide great trucks and great truck information. Visit our website to check out our inventory of impressive lifted trucks in Indiana. However, customers ready to drive a lifted truck today should just contact our dealership immediately. If you have a busy schedule then call us up at 815-634-3900. Our team will discuss options and deals over the phone as well as our inventory. Customers looking for a personal visit, our address is 38 West Division Street, Coal City, Illinois, 60416. Need more information on a used vehicle? We’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you have. Of course, we’ll also be here to set you up with the right model, just as soon as you feel ready.