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Lifted Trucks for Sale

Off Road Truck Sales at Ultimate Rides

Off Road Truck Sales
The Jeep Gladiator is one of the many new trucks we can offer at Ultimate Rides. With the work of our lift center, we are able to lift the suspension of these trucks and get them off road ready.


Off Road Truck Sales
We carry vehicles new and old at Ultimate Rides. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re in fantastic shape. That’s just a part of what sets Ultimate Rides apart from your everyday auto dealer.

Get the Best Off Road Truck Sales Right Here

Shopping for your next truck? Ultimate Rides is the place for people who want high-quality custom vehicles. Additionally, you’ll find a customer service team that goes the extra mile to give you the best experience possible. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to build up our reputation, and we did it the good old fashioned way: by offering excellent vehicles at fair prices. Today we want to tell you more about the vehicles we sell, along with some of the services we can provide.

Our custom vehicle service center is another element that helps us stand out. It’s staffed by an expert team of technicians that are some of the best around. At Ultimate Rides, we do off road truck sales with customers from all around the country, so keep reading if you’d like to hear more about what we have to offer! That includes vehicle delivery, as well as plenty more services to enjoy!

Off Road Truck Sales
At Ultimate Rides, we can help create your ideal off road truck. Let us know what kinds of adjustments you’d like made, and we can make it happen. This Chevy Silverado is just another example of the excellent service we offer.

Rust-Free Trucks Available Today

Every single vehicle sold at Ultimate Rides is free from rust, and that’s a guarantee. If you’ve spent time shopping for used vehicles from most other auto dealerships, you’ve probably seen how prevalent rust is on many vehicles. In addition to looking terrible, it can also have a very negative effect on your vehicle’s performance and longevity. The selection of cars, trucks and SUVs at Ultimate Rides is of the best quality, and you can count on that.

We’re able to achieve this by sending buyers out from our Midwest HQ to milder regions such as California. The vehicles there don’t go through as much strain, primarily due to not having to salt their roads and a lack of snow. We find the best vehicles we can and bring them back home. From there, each vehicle gets inspected to ensure it meets our very high standards. Oftentimes, they’ll also get a few modifications courtesy of our lift center.

Once we’re through, the vehicle is ready to sell! Take a look at our inventory to see what we currently have available. For the most up-to-date information, be sure to call us at our office!

Off Road Truck Sales
The Ford F150 is an excellent choice when considering off road truck sales. It performs well, is safe and offers plenty of comfort inside.

Customer Service You Can Count On

Another reason that customers come back to Ultimate Rides for all their vehicle needs is our customer service. Our industry has not earned a very good reputation in this regard, and we think that helps us to stand out. Ultimate Rides is family owned and operated, and that informs every aspect of our business. It means that you’ll get treated like a VIP any time you come into our office or call us. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure you get everything you need out of your next vehicle.

In the past, we’ve picked up customers arriving at the airport, as well as dropped them off! Let us know if you’re planning on flying in and we’ll make the proper arrangements. Additional services we offer includes tracking down a vehicle you’re searching for. If there’s a special make, model and year you need, let us know. With a small down payment to protect our purchase of the vehicle, we’ll have our buyers look for it! As soon as we can track it down, we’ll let you know and you can come pick it up from us.

Off Road Truck Sales Delivered to Your Door

At Ultimate Rides, more than half of all of our off road auto sales are done with buyers outside our area. We make it incredibly simple to buy a vehicle from us over the phone and have it delivered to you. We recommend getting started by taking a look at the inventory here on our website. You can pick out a model or a few that you like. From there, give Ultimate Rides a call. A member of our team will fill you in on any other details about the vehicle, as well as provide you with more photos. If you decide that you’d like to buy the vehicle, we can handle financing and delivery over the phone. From there, it won’t be too long before your new vehicle arrives!

You’ll still have the option to customize the vehicle before we send it out (more details on that below). Additionally, you can choose whether you’d like to pay for the cost of delivery now, or finance it with your vehicle. Whatever way works best for you is okay with us! We carry a huge variety of vehicles, and we can get them to you anywhere. If you’re ready for the best off road truck sales around, get in touch with Ultimate Rides.

Off Road Truck Sales
The Chevy Silverado is another excellent choice for those interested in off road driving. Get one customized here at Ultimate Rides, and you’ll be ready to go forge your own trail. You can also find additional upgrades like running boards, custom lighting and performance chips right here.

Custom Vehicles Built at Ultimate Rides

It’s finally time to tell you all about our custom service center. We finished build our new lift center in 2017, and it’s stocked up with the latest tools and technology available. All of that means nothing if you don’t have the right team to back it up, however. Thankfully, our technicians at Ultimate Rides are genuinely some of the best around. Our team is ASE-certified, and highly trained and experienced. This goes for all vehicles, and it’s especially true for custom rides. Many mechanics simply don’t have as much experience working on custom vehicles, and that can hinder their service. That will not be the case at Ultimate Rides.

As you have likely noticed, we specialize in lifted suspension vehicles. However, the fun doesn’t end there. Our team also offers custom stereo installation, running boards, performance chips, lighting upgrades, light bar installation and so much more. Give Ultimate Rides a call if you’d like a full rundown on the services we can provide.

Our service center is open to you each time you buy a vehicle from us. If you’d like to make a few changes, just let us know! Then you can either pay for this service separately from your vehicle, or finance the cost and pay for them together over time. Along with that, our service center is available to the public. If you’d rather upgrade the vehicle you own now, we can do it right here!

Off Road Truck Sales
Ultimate Rides can also provide you with custom wheel and tire packages. Get in touch to find out more details!

Vehicle Maintenance, Detailing, Repairs and More

On top of our custom services, Ultimate Rides also offers vehicle detailing, repair and maintenance. Whether you bought a vehicle from us or you’re just in need of a reliable team of mechanics, we’re here for you. Just like with our vehicles, we have fair and transparent pricing. That can be a rarity when it comes to vehicle repair shops. If you’ve had trouble finding a mechanic you can trust, give us a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

We handle jobs big and small, so don’t be afraid to get in touch the next time you run into a problem with your vehicle. We can also make sure that it’s clean as can be and running right with our detailing and maintenance. Get in touch with us if you’d like to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. Our team will take great care with your vehicle. It won’t be too long before you get it back, either! We tend to work quickly here.

Why You Should Choose Lifted Suspension for Your Vehicle

If you’re interested in off road truck sales, you’ve got plenty of good reason to look for lifted suspension. It’s one of the key features for a good off road vehicle. There are a few reasons why this is true. First, it will increase your ground clearance. This will help avoid rocks and other obstacles, as well as help ensure the bottom of your truck doesn’t get too scratched up. Additionally, it will also give you a higher vantage point to see from. This can be help when driving off road because there are often going to be obstacles in your way, unlike when you’re driving on the road.

However, despite these advantages, one of the main reasons people opt for lifted trucks is the look. It adds something special to a vehicle that just can’t be replicated in any other way, and it’s something that many people love. On top of that, lifted vehicles just simply drive different. It’s certainly a different feeling, and it’s hard to go back to drive vehicles with normal suspension afterwards. If you have any other questions or concerns about lifted suspension, we’re more than happy to help you out at Ultimate Rides!

Off Road Truck Sales
As we’ve said, we have a wide range of rides available. If you’re looking for something special, custom-made or hard to find, we’re the place to look. We can also help you build your perfect truck.
Off Road Truck Sales
We also sell diesel vehicles at Ultimate Rides. Let us know that you’re interested and we’ll help you choose the best option for your needs!

Most Popular Off Road Truck Options

The highest selling pickup truck across the United States has remained constant for many years. It’s the Ford F-Series, and it’s a distinction they’ve held for more than forty years now. It’s a versatile design, and the vast engine options mean that there’s a model out there for everybody. For a long time, the Chevrolet Silverado sat comfortably in second place. However, it seems that Ram has finally overtaken Chevy in popularity. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that these three choices sit atop the list of America’s favorite pickup trucks.

Each option can excel off road if set up with the right equipment. If you’re still wondering how to get a vehicle properly equipped for off road action, feel free to get in touch with our team. We can help you out with everything you need. That’s just one more reason we’re the go-to place for off road truck sales.

Visit Ultimate Rides for All Your Off Road Needs

Lifted suspension trucks are becoming more popular than ever. Whether you’re a longtime lifted truck driver, or you’re looking to upgrade for the first time, Ultimate Rides is here for you. You can choose one of our already-customized trucks, or we can build one to your specifications. Either way, we’re happy to get you lined up with the right vehicle. Just give our office a call when you’re ready to get started. Whether you’re coming to get a vehicle in-person, or you want us to deliver it to you, we’ve got what you need.

As we’ve said, our team is standing by to help with your every need. The best custom off road vehicles around are waiting for you right here. Let us know when you’d like to take the next step. You can get in touch with a member of the Ultimate Rides customer service team by calling 815-634-3900. If you’re in the Chicago area and would like to stop by our office, you can find us at 38. W. Division St., Coal City, IL 60416.

Two Brothers With a Dream, Building The Best Ultimate Rides


Ultimate Rides consists of two brothers who have been buying and selling custom vehicles for over ten years. Selling lifted trucks by day and writing these awesome reviews by night! They started their Ultimate Rides journey with a third brother Jake, who was a big part of building the business they have today. In 2016 Jake passed away and losing their brother was the hardest thing they ever had to deal with. Even though they had a tragic loss they plan to continue to set a new trend for the auto industry, keeping customers number one. Pushing the envelope on the lifted truck market, these guys love researching and learning about everything in the auto industry!

 — Nick and Alex Bulanda, Founders of Ultimate Rides