Pet Hair Resistant Seat Covers | Best Covers for Dog Hair

Pet Hair Resistant Seat Covers | Best Covers for Dog Hair

Nothing brings about joy like being able to take your dog for a ride, whether it’s around the block or on an out-of-town adventure. However, the amount of dog hair that can quickly accumulate on your seats is enough to bring anyone back to reality. One of the solutions that will allow you to bring your dog in the car without stress is a set of seat covers specifically meant to suit a dog. There are countless options out there, and some seat covers work better than others. We’ve put together this guide to help you find the best quality seat covers possible, ensuring the seats in your car aren’t covered head-to-toe in fur when you’re done taking your dog out for a fun time.

Here at Ultimate Rides, we know car accessories. In fact, we deal with them on a daily basis. That means we’ve become experts at analyzing quality. Below you’ll find a list featuring our favorite seat covers for dog owners. They’ll protect against hair, keep your dog safe on the road, and none of them will break the bank. Take a look at some of our recommended pet seat covers and be sure to reach out to Ultimate Rides if you have any further questions!

1. URPOWER Dog Hair Hammock Style Seat Cover

The first option on our list is a hammock-style dog seat cover. It fits easily in the back seat of your vehicle, whether you own a standard-sized car or a large truck. In addition to protecting your seats from hair and other kinds of damage, it makes sure your dog can’t just jump up to the front seat and cause a distraction while you’re driving. With these seat covers, your pet will find a level of comfort not found in a standard car. The addition of side flaps also ensures that your car doors remain free of scratches. Overall, if you’re a dog owner who loves taking their pet out in the car, you can’t go wrong with one of these seat covers.

2. Bulldogology SUV Cargo Liner for Dog Owners

Do you own a spacious SUV rather than a car? If you’ve got a cargo area you’d like to get set up for your dog, this seat cover is for you. It will line your cargo area with a slip-free waterproof mat, perfect for protecting your interior. It will ensure your dog has plenty of space in the vehicle, and prevents them from sliding around and scratching up the interior as you drive. The cover helps your pet stay safe on the road and ensures they’re comfortable at the same time. Just fold down or remove the back seat and you’ll have all the space you need to set up this cover.

3. VIEWPETS Bench Seat Cover for Dog Hair

Looking for something that can cover up a bench seat? These seat covers may appeal to you. They fit right over the back seat, protecting cloth and leather alike from scratches, dog hair, and much more. They’re made from a durable yet comfortable material, and it’s very easy to clean up when you return home with your dog. These are universally sized seat covers and should be easy to install no matter what kind of car, truck, or SUV you drive. Say goodbye to the days of spending an hour or more cleaning hair off your back seat and start using one of these seat covers today.

4. Honest Outfitters Dog Seat Cover – Single Front Seat

If you’re a fan of the previous style of seat covers and need one for a single front seat, this cover is for you. Like our last recommendation, it’s universal and should fit on just about any “captain’s style” front seat in an SUV, truck, and in many car models. These dog seat covers are truly easy to keep clean, and are great for pet owners who can’t stop their dog from climbing into the front passenger seat. Best of all, this seat cover is both comfortable and affordable. Try it out in your car today.

5. Hanjo Pets Deluxe Dog Hammock Seat Cover

Here’s another seat cover in the hammock style for you to consider. It once again fits in the back seat, but this cover offers extra padding, as well as pockets and a mesh window that will allow your dog to look at you up at the front of the car. It’s very simple to install, and can easily be cleaned when you and your dog pull into the driveway at home. These seat covers aren’t too expensive and are sure to last a long time even under heavy use. For drivers with pets, seat covers are going to pretty much be a necessity, and this is one of the better options at your disposal.

6. Lycan Dog Separation Anxiety Seat Cover

Does your dog have separation anxiety? It’s not uncommon in pets, and it can cause a number of problems if not addressed. One way to make things easier for yourself, and your dog, is to opt for a seat cover that lets them know they’re still right next to you. This specially-designed cover will keep your pets confined to one space in the car, but they’ll still be able to see all around with a breathable mesh top.

7. Bark Lover Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat (Beige)

The final two dog seat covers on our list are identical in everything but style. This option comes in a standard beige color, suitable for almost any car interior. It fits over a back bench seat, protecting it from damage and making clean-up many times easier. The material is resistant to scratching, and it’ll be comfortable for your pet to rest on while traveling in the car.

8. Bark Lover Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat (Blue)

Lastly, you should know what to expect from this dog seat cover, as it’s largely the same as our last recommendation. The difference here is the color. This cover comes in a dull blue, offering comfort and a slightly different sense of style for pet owners. Look this seat cover over and decide if it’s a good fit for your vehicle and your dog!

Choosing the Best Seat Covers to Protect Against Dog Fur

Finding the right seat covers is all about examining your needs and looking for the best match. The best seat cover is one that fits your vehicle and instills you with confidence that your interior will stay in excellent condition. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to find something comfortable, both for you and your dog. While any seat covers should do a solid job protecting your interior, there are some seat cover sets that are made specifically to deal with hair from a pet, and that of course includes your dog. These seat covers are resistant to hair, can keep your dog relegated to the back seat, and may even offer better protection for your dog while on the road. Take a look at customer reviews, as well as our own expert advice. From there, you should have everything you need to pick out the best seat covers that are resistant to pet hair.

Making Your Dog Comfortable

While it remains important to keep your interior free of hair from your dog, it’s even more important to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable while in the car. In most cases, it’s safer for your dog to remain in the back seat of a moving car, and there are plenty of seat covers that keep them confined to that area. At the same time, these seat covers will make sure they find comfort and relaxation there, with padding, mesh windows to see up to the front seat, and more. That means you can make sure your dog has a good time while also protecting your car from dog hair. What’s not to love about that? Shop around until you find a seat cover that’s within your price range, while also ensuring you and your dog can have a great time together going for a ride in the car. With the seat covers available here on our list, that shouldn’t be something you have a difficult time with.

Quality vs. Budget

It may be easy to look for the most affordable seat cover option and go with that, but that’s not necessarily the best route to take. Like many things, the higher cost usually brings better results with products like this. While you don’t need to go crazy spending an absurd amount of money on a seat cover, it is worth your time to shop around until you find the right fit. For many shoppers who own a dog, it often comes down to balancing budget concerns with quality. That means finding something that’s comfortable and safe for your dog while also protecting your car interior, all for a fair price. The items shared here on our list will do exactly that. We’ve included a number of options across the spectrum of prices, hopefully ensuring there’s something for everyone here, with affordable shipping available on seat covers resistant to dog hair. Shop around until you find one of the seat covers that seems to be the right fit!