Best Pet Seat Protectors for Cars (Review & Buying Guide)

Pet Seat Protectors for Cars
Many dogs love nothing more than going for a ride in the car, with their heads hanging out of the window and the wind blowing in their faces. Make sure your vehicle doesn’t pay the price by picking up some pet seat protectors for cars.

Picking Out the Best Pet Seat Protectors for Cars

If you own a pet that you love taking out on adventures, we don’t have to tell you how much of a joy it can truly be. While we most often talk about dogs when it comes to pets that can ride in the car, you can really take any animal you’d like out if you’re properly prepared. One of the biggest headaches that can crop up when bringing your pet out with you is the mess it leaves in your car. Whether it’s hair, mud, water or something else, there are tons of different elements that can mess up the interior of your vehicle. That’s where this guide will come in handy.

We’ve come up with a list of the best pet seat protectors for cars that we could find online. While these claim to be catered specifically to dogs, we can assure you that most of these options will work just fine for cats and other pets that you might be taking with you for a ride. No longer will you have to worry about the mess that gets left behind on your vehicle’s upholstery or carpet! Simply check out our reviews of these 10 pet seat protectors for cars, as well as our buying guide afterwards. There you can find all the info you’ll need to improve your pet adventures!

Pet Seat Protectors for Cars
In addition to keeping your car’s interior clean and free of scratches and other damage, the right seat protector can also keep both you and your pet safer by limiting their movement throughout the vehicle.

1. Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover Protector (ASIN – B07L79CY5M)

Our pick for the best seat protector you can get for your car is this option from Active Pets. It’s compact and flexible, allowing it to easily fit in a variety of different vehicle sizes. Whether you’ve got a small car or something a bit larger, you should find that this hammock-style seat protector will work for you. These pet seat protectors for cars are completely waterproof, so whether you put a bowl back there for them to drink or if they have an accident, you can be sure that your vehicle interior is safe. You’ll also find that this product is more comfortable than many of the other options you’ll find available, making your pet much happier during their trip. It’s safe, easy-to-clean and we think both you and your pet will love it.

Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Waterproof Scratchproof Hammock for Dogs Backseat Protection Against Dirt and Pet Fur Durable Pets Seat Covers for Cars & SUVs

2. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover (ASIN – B0727Y5ZD7)

If you think you might need something a bit more heavy-duty, we think this next option from URPOWER will be closer to what you’re looking for. This hammock-style cover features side flaps that will also protect the interior of your doors from scratches. The cover is made from a heavy-duty 600D fabric, and is resistant to tearing and scratches from your pet. It is also completely waterproof, and features a comfortable non-slip surface. Also included with these pet seat protectors for cars is a “seat belt” for your pet! You can strap them in so they’ll stay safe and secure during the entire drive. You can’t go wrong with this as your pick, and you’ll see that the excellent customer rating supports that point.

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for Pets 100%Waterproof Pet Seat Cover Hammock 600D Heavy Duty Scratch Proof Nonslip Durable Soft Pet Back Seat Covers for Cars Trucks and SUVs

3. Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover (ASIN – B07DCT6SPY)

Next up, we have another hammock-style seat cover for you, but this time it comes from manufacturer Vailge. This cover features most of the same exciting features as the first two options on our list, such as being fully waterproof, attaching safely to the vehicle headrests and more. It’s also machine washable, which means all you need to do is toss it in and let the machine do its job. You’ll find a pair of useful organization pouches, which can be a perfect place to keep a leash, toys or other items you’ll need for your trip. Additionally, it is both safe and comfortable for your pet. What more could you ask for from pet seat protectors for cars?

Vailge Dog Car Seat Covers, 100% Waterproof Scratch Proof Nonslip Dog Seat Cover, 600D Heavy Duty seat Cover for Dogs, Dog car Hammock Pet Seat Cover for Back Seat car Trucks SUV

4. Babyltrl Dog Car Seat Cover Waterproof (ASIN – B07XZ6TGLF)

Here in our number four slot, you’ll find a different type of seat cover for your vehicle. Instead of the hammock style we’ve shared with you thus far, this is a more traditional bench seat cover. We prefer the hammock style to this, because unfortunately you won’t get completely coverage for your vehicle with this option. However, some folks aren’t looking for complete and total coverage, and want something more basic to protect their seats from damage. If that sounds like you, this could be the right fit for what you’re looking for. While it won’t cover every part of your seats, it will get the majority of the contact area. It also is made from a strong 600D fabric that should stand up to the test of time.

BABYLTRL Dog Car Seat Cover Waterproof Pet Bench Seat Cover Nonslip and Heavy Duty Pet Car Seat Cover for Dogs and Armrest Fits Cars, Trucks and SUVs (L)

5. iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers (ASIN – B075MCHYZV)

With the next item on our list, we move back to the hammock style of pet seat protectors for cars. However, this time you will find that it’s a deluxe version. This cover from iBuddy not only straps to the vehicle headrests, but also can hook up to the grab handles. It provides a mesh window between the front seat and the back seat so your pet can still be close to you, without damaging the vehicle or putting itself in danger. You’ll find that this model includes a “seat belt” style leash for your pet as well, further improving the safety measures of your ride. Once again, this item is machine washable and offers excellent protection for your vehicle. Get yours today and find out what you’ve been missing.

iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers for Back Seat of Cars/Trucks/SUV, Waterproof Dog Car Hammock with Mesh Window, Side Flaps and Dog Seat Belt, Durable Anti-Scratch Nonslip Machine Washable Pet Car Seat Cover

6. Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers (ASIN – B072DTRKBN)

Our next seat protector comes to us from Meadowlark. It features a bold quilted pattern that is both stylish and durable. Additionally, it shares many of the same features you’ll find with the prior options on our list. However, this protector is just a little bit more expensive. If you’re a fan of the look, and you think it is worth shelling out an extra $20 or so, then we think this is a fantastic choice. However, if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, we might suggest looking at one of the previously shared items on today’s list.

Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers Unique Design & Entire Car Protection-Doors,Headrests & Backseat. Extra Durable Zippered Side Flap, Waterproof Pet Seat Cover + Seat Belt & 2 Headrest Protectors as a Gift

7. Perfect Pet Dog Seat Cover (ASIN – B01FE8UGYC)

Once again, we wanted to share something just a little bit different at our number seven position. With this seat protector, you’ll find that it is again a hammock style, but instead of the standard black you’ll find a beige style here. Not everyone wants all of their vehicle accessories to come in plain black, and we think that this option is a good mid-point between standard black and something more outlandish. With this option, you’ll find all the same excellent features available with the other seat covers on our list. You’ll find that the product is 100% waterproof, machine washable, and easy and safe to install. What’s not to love, especially at such a fantastic price?

PERFECT PET Seat Cover – Dog and Cat Car Seat Cover/Hammock – Waterproof and Machine Washable – Non-Slip Quilted Technology to Protect Seats in Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Vans from Stains and Hair – Tan

8. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars (ASIN – B019EOQ6AK)

On the other hand, if you are okay with a plain and basic black design, we’ve got a budget option that should work well for you. It probably isn’t the most comfortable option out there, as it doesn’t have a lot of padding. However, we believe it’ll certainly get the job done keeping your vehicle clean and your pet safe. This seat protector is made from a waterproof polyester, and it’s incredibly simple to install. The most appealing aspect of this option is its price. You can get this seat cover for right around $20, making it a perfect choice for those on a tight budget.

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars – Black, WaterProof & Hammock Convertible (Standard, Black)

9. AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Back Bench Seat Cover Protector for Pets – 56 x 47, Black (ASIN – B00QHC02EY)

Next up, we’ve got a basic bench seat cover for you that comes from Amazon Basics. If your pet isn’t very active in the vehicle, and you don’t need coverage for your entire backseat, we think this could be a good choice for you. It’ll do a good job of keeping your bench seat free of hair, slobber and other damage. If that is all you’re truly looking for, this might be the right one for you. However, we believe some of the other items further up on our list might be able to get you more for about the same price.

AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Back Bench Seat Cover Protector for Pets – 56 x 47, Black

10. MOKOQI Pet Car Seat Cover with Side Flaps (ASIN – B073XM297C)

Finally, we have one more hammock style seat protector for you. These pet seat protectors for cars are made by manufacturer MOKOQI. Though they don’t have as many reviews as some of the other items we’ve shared on our list, we wanted to include them nonetheless because it offers a slightly unique design. This option is great for smaller dogs who may not need the entire run of the backseat. It will keep them safely confined to a space that is small but not too small. Take a look at the size and dimensions of this option today to decide if it’s the right fit for your pet!

MOKOQI Pet Car Seat Cover with Side Flaps, Universal Waterproof Dog Back Soft Seat Covers Hammock Cat Car Bench Non-Slip Protector for Trucks SUV Car Family Travel

Pet Seat Protectors for Cars
Few things in life can match the experience of a family adventure with a pet that you all love. However, you don’t have to put your vehicle at risk in order to experience it. Check out our guide to find quality pet seat protectors for cars today.

Pet Seat Protectors for Cars Buying Guide

Now that you’ve gotten a look at some of the best products available, it’s time to dive in and talk about what makes or breaks these items. In our opinion, safety is definitely the most important element of good pet seat protectors for cars. Make sure that the item you’re planning on purchasing safely straps to stay upright in the vehicle. Additionally, look for construction materials that won’t harm your beloved animal. Additionally, you can find things like dog seat belts, which function like leashes to keep them confined to the safe part of the vehicle.

Along with that, we think that the second most important aspect of these accessories are how good of a job they perform at their key function. In other words, are they able to protect your vehicle from hair, damage, water and other harmful things? If they perform as advertised, that is a major win in our book. We suggest taking a look at the customer reviews section of any shopping website when looking at a given product. What other buyers have to say about the item is often very useful.

After you’ve taken those two things into consideration, all that’s left to think about is personal taste and preference. The important bases are covered, and now it’s time for you to pull the trigger and make a purchase. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other product suggestions! We always love hearing from our readers, so don’t hesitate to share.

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