Power Running Boards Ram 1500 (Review & Buying Guide)

Power Running Boards Ram 1500 (Review & Buying Guide)

Power Running Boards Ram 1500
Do you want to avoid your running boards looking dirty and worn-down? All you need is the right side of power running boards Ram 1500 drivers will love.

Picking Out the Best Power Running Boards Ram 1500

If you’re like most pickup truck drivers, you can hardly wait to start customizing and outfitting your ride from the moment of purchase. Running boards are an incredibly popular choice, but there’s one problem that crops up time and time again. With daily use, it isn’t long before these boards start looking incredibly dirty. Anybody who loves their truck wants to keep it as clean as can be, so you might see why that poses a problem. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution at hand. With the right power running boards Ram 1500 drivers will have the best of both worlds.

The key to finding the right retractable running boards for your Ram 1500 truck is paying attention to specifications and comparability. Just as each model year and truck configuration is constructed differently, so too are the accessories made to fit them. That means if you’re the driver of, say, a 2016 Ram 1500 Crew Cab, you need to look for the exact product that matches those details. If you have a Double Cab instead, look for that! And so on. Thankfully, the Ram 1500 is a little more forgiving in this regard, as fewer changes have been made to its body construction over the years.

In today’s guide, we’ve provided you with a solid list of our favorite power running boards Ram 1500 options. After you get through those (and hopefully find the right option for you), our buying guide awaits. There you’ll find some extra tips and last minute reminders that should help ensure you find the perfect accessory for your truck. Let us begin!

1. AMP Research 75138-01A-B PowerStep Electric Running Boards (ASIN – B0041FXNNG)

Specifications: 2009-2018 Ram 1500 (All Cabs)

Without a doubt, our number one pick for the best power running boards Ram 1500 drivers will find is this option from AMP Research. It covers a huge swath of vehicles, all the way from 2009 through 2018 with all cab types covered. That means that if you’re a Ram 1500 owner, chances are that this option will work for your vehicle. AMP Research is the leader of the power running board market by far. Their products are very reliable, holding up in harsh conditions over long periods of time. They also work incredibly well, with the steps extending out when the doors open and retracting when they close. If we had to pick one choice to recommend to our readers, it would be this one.

AMP Research 75138-01A-B PowerStep Electric Running Boards for 2009-2018 Ram 1500 (All Cabs), 2010-2018 Ram 2500/3500 (All Cabs)

2. ARIES 3047912 ActionTrac Truck Double Step Powered Running Boards (ASIN – B07BFTK6NL)

Specifications: 2017-2018 Ram 1500 Crew Cab, 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Crew Cab

Though the variety of vehicles that it will fit on is a bit more limited, next up we have another exciting option for you. This time, you’ll find a double step set of running boards made by manufacturer ARIES. These steps are durable as can be, with a tough outer housing and corrosion-resistant aluminum construction. The top of the housing also serves as another step that will help you and others get up into the vehicle. ARIES even claims to have made installation easier with these steps than most competing products. If you’re someone who thinks you could use that extra step to get in, or you’ll regularly have passengers who will, this is a great investment for you.

ARIES 3047912 ActionTrac Truck Powered Running Boards with Retractable, Electric Side Steps Black 79-Inch Fits Select Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500 Crew Cab

3. AMP Research 76240-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards (ASIN – B07G87ZLV6)

Specifications: 2019 Ram 1500 (All Cab Sizes)

The excellent construction and design of the AMP Research brand comes to the 2019 Ram 1500 with this awesome set. With it, you’ll find the same incredible features available with the first choice on our list, such as an integrated LED lighting system, a five-year limited warranty, OEM-quality electric motors and more. Simply open up the doors of your Ram truck and let the steps extend on down to assist you inside. These running boards were made here in the United States. Because of that, you can expect a high degree of quality and craftsmanship. If you’ve got a 2019 Ram 1500, there’s no better choice for you to make in our humble opinion.

AMP Research 76240-01A PowerStep Electric Running Board

4. Bestop 7514315 Powerboard Automatic Running Boards (ASIN – B003WSXS4W)

Specifications: 2009-2016 Ram 1500 Quad Cab (without Air-Ride)

Next up, we have a set of power running boards from manufacturer Bestop. When the doors of the vehicle close, these steps retract up and hide underneath the body of the truck. They support up to 600 lbs. on each side and feature a safety-enhancing anti-pinch stopping mechanism. The boards measure out to 6.25 inches wide, making them great for folks who want a little extra stepping space. It’s great for the quad cab trucks especially, because the steps drop down even lower to the ground than most other products. Conclusively, with an excellent customer review rating, we feel very confident recommending this as one of the better power running boards Ram 1500 drivers will find out there.

Bestop 7514315 Powerboard Automatic Running Boards – Dodge 2009-2016 RAM 1500 Quad Cab w/o Air-Ride

5. AMP Research 75101-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards (ASIN – B0041FXLRY)

Specifications: 2002-2008 Ram 1500 with Quad Cab

Once again, we’ve got an awesome AMP Research product to share with you. This time, its made specifically for Quad Cab models of the 2002-2008 Ram 1500. You’ll find all the same appealing features found on this option, like the LED lights, 600 lb. load capacity, and stainless steel pivot pins. Heavy-duty construction will help ensure that this accessory stands up through any and all tough road and weather conditions. The AMP Research design allows the running boards to retract into a stylish resting position with doors closed that not only protects your side steps but can enhance the look of your truck. Get yours today.

AMP Research 75101-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards for 2002-2008 Ram 1500 & 2003-2009 Ram 2500/3500 with Quad Cab

6. Bestop 75138-15 PowerBoard Electric Retractable Running Board Set (ASIN – B003WT6Z7I)

Specifications: 2009-2016 Ram 1500 Crew Cab

If you enjoyed the concept of the lower-to-the-ground steps found with our first Bestop recommendation, but found it wasn’t the right fit, we’ve got a choice that may be better for you. If you have a Crew Cab Ram 1500 from 2009 to 2016, this set of retractable running boards should work out great for you. In addition to being positioned lower to the ground, these steps are also wider than most others. That means they’ll offer a noticeable amount of extra space for you and your passengers to step onto. That’s just one of the many reasons we think this is a set of power running boards Ram 1500 owners can get behind.

Bestop 75138-15 PowerBoard Electric Retractable Running Board Set for 2009-2016 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab; 2010-2016 Ram 2500/3500 Crew Cab; 2010-2016 Ram Mega Cab w/o Air Ride

7. RBP RBP-219-SP Stealth Power Running Boards (ASIN – B07LC9VQMH)

Specifications: 2019 Ram 1500 Crew Cab

Though they may not be quite as popular as some of the other options on our list, we still think these RBP power side steps are a phenomenal choice. In addition to providing reliable construction and safe operation, the design is also extremely stylish. The steps are lit up by LED lights, allowing for safe use even at night. Additionally, each board measures out to six-and-a-half inches wide. That makes it even easier for most people to use. If none of the options so far have caught your eye, we feel like this could be a great choice for newer Ram truck drivers.

RBP RBP-219-SP 2019 RAM 1500 Crew CAB Stealth Power Running Boards

8. AMP Research 75306-01A BedStep Retractable Bumper Step (ASIN – B0041FXOIA)

Specifications: 2009-2018 Ram 1500 (Excludes Dual Exhaust and EcoDiesel Models)

For the last item on our list, we wanted to recommend something a little special. It’s certainly not a typical set of running boards, but many drivers out there may not even know this is an option for them. If you’re one of the many pickup drivers who finds themselves constantly climbing in and out of their truck bed, you may want to invest in a bumper step. It will avoid you having to stretch your legs and climb up each and every time, and it’s small enough not to be noticeable or distracting while you drive. Installation is as easy as can be, and it’s very affordable. This is a perfect add-on for your regular set of power running boards Ram 1500.

AMP Research 75306-01A BedStep Retractable Bumper Step for 2009-2018 Ram 1500, 2010-2018 Ram 2500/3500 (Excludes Dual Exhaust & EcoDiesel Models)

Ram 1500 Power Running Boards Buying Guide

Now that you’ve taken a look at a list of recommendations, we hope that you have found the item you’ve been looking for. Before you go, there are however a few simple tips and tricks we want to share with you. First, we want to reinforce how important it is to make sure you double check the product you’re buying fits your truck before you buy. We’ve heard far too many stories about shoppers who accidentally ordered a set of running boards not made for their truck, and had to return them and wait for a replacement to arrive. Avoid that by ensuring you buy the right item in the first place!

After that, the most important consideration should be durability. It’s very important you select a set of running boards that will last for years. Nobody wants to invest into a piece of expensive equipment only for it to fail after a short time. As long as you keep these two main things in mind, you should have plenty of luck. There are tons of exciting running board options for Ram 1500 drivers out there, so happy shopping! If you’re having trouble with installation and want to reach out to a professional for assistance, give Ultimate Rides a call today at 815-634-3900.