Rust Free Trucks For Sale

Rust free trucks for sale
We always have rust free southern trucks for sale like this matte silver Silverado we built for a customer.

Lets Face It Rust Free Trucks Matter 

If you live in the midwest and you have been looking for a rust free truck, then you have come to the right place. Ultimate Rides is the home of the rust free trucks for sale. Our sales staff visit Texas for southern rust free trucks, and California for west coast rust free trucks. Our Trucks are purchased in southern and western states and then shipped to Ultimate Rides so you don’t have to worry about the salt and road grime that may have rusted the local vehicles in the Midwest States over the Winters. Our sales staff know what you are looking for, they are here most of the time selling the vehicles. So when they fly to Texas or California, they know what they are after. Most customers that come in want a super clean truck rather its a Silverado, F150, or Ram. Most vehicles in the Midwest are rusty. Anything a few years old is starting to have rust showing on the body work. Anything five years or older is going to have rusty brake lines, fuel lines, fuel tank and frame. We know, because we spent the time reconditioning them and selling them. Its crazy the stuff that gets rusted and deteriorated under these trucks. If you are after a specific rust free vehicle contact us here and tell us what you want. We buy rust free vehicles every single week and with a deposit we can locate you anything you want!

Our Mechanics Love Our Rust Free Trucks 

We have our own ASE certified service shop right here at our dealership. Robert our service advisor is the man and his team are the ones that inspect every rust free truck we send here. When they get under a truck and can take everything apart with hand tools, they just love it. No crazy torches, huge pry bars and back breaking rusty parts to repair and replace. When it comes to these southern trucks, inspections and repairs are a breeze. Every vehicle that we sell goes through a bumper to bumper inspection with Robert. He will not let any vehicle we sell go down the road with problems. We are in a small town on the outskirts of Chicago suburbs, and if you sell a vehicle with problems people will know. You need to keep a great reputation to stay open in these small towns, and we have a good one. Our Google reviews, Facebook reviews and even Car Gurus are all positive. We strive to keep customers happy and that is a big part of the reason we built our state of the art Service Center. So we can offer piece of mind after a purchase of a vehicle. Another added bonus, is we offer a discounted labor rate for anyone who purchases a vehicle from us. Which is huge when you want to do some customizing down the road!


People Travel From All Over to Buy Rust Free Trucks

Over eighty percent of our customers come from out of town. We have customers from Chicago, Bloomington, Peoria, Rockford, Ottawa, and Springfield. We have people traveling from surrounding states like Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, and even Nebraska. We are centrally located in the midwest with only an hour drive south of Chicago. We are a 2-5  hours from every major surrounding city, and only an hour ride from the airport. We have had many customers fly into to the airport and we pick them up in the rust free truck they were interested in. On the other hand we have also shipped rust free trucks to places like Orlando and New York. On rare occasions we will drive a truck to the customer after they wire us the money. We just love what we do, we enjoy buying good clean trucks and Jeeps and making them right for people all around the Midwest, and lately it has been growing beyond that!


Why Buy Rust When You Can Buy From Us!™

Lets face it, if you’re looking to purchase a rust free truck for sale in the midwest then you know the difference between a rust bucket and a clean truck. We get a lot of customers giving us a push back because our trucks are priced higher. The thing is, we could sell rusty midwest trucks like every other dealer in the Chicago land area. We could go and purchase the same rusty trucks at lower prices and beat them every time. Our overhead is much lower than the competition, because we are an hour south of Chicago. Selling a rusty truck at a minimal profit, so we can be a price leader is easy for us and we did it for years. But we wanted to do something different for the Chicagoland market. We wanted to provide rust free trucks that have never seen the  bad winter elements. We want to provide a fully service vehicle that is ready to go for the next owner. It took us ten years to get to this point and we love the fact that we can provide customer with vehicles they can drive for years and years without worry. Instead of selling them a truck that will rust away into the ground a few years after ownership. Yes, our rust free trucks are a little more than the local competition, but they will last much longer with less service. That is our goal here at Ultimate Rides, provide customers with a rust free truck they will love! Let us know if you would like us top locate you a rust free truck, or check out all the inventory of rust free jeeps and trucks below. We are your one stop shop for southern pickup trucks for sale!




If we do not have the vehicle you are after, let us help you find the rust free vehicle.

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