The Best Retractable Side Steps for Ford F150 (Review & Buying Guide)

The Best Retractable Side Steps for Ford F150 (Review & Buying Guide)

Retractable Side Steps for Ford F150
The Ford F150 has long been the most popular pickup truck in America. One of the most useful accessories you can install is a set of running boards. Use this guide to find a set of retractable side steps for Ford F150 models.
Retractable Side Steps for Ford F150
The biggest benefit of retractable side steps is that they’ll get out of your way when not in use. Some products even provide lighting to help you and your passengers see as you’re entering and exit in the dark.

Choosing Retractable Side Steps for Ford F150 Trucks

Whether you drive a factory standard F150 or a custom-built masterpiece, a good set of side steps can be very useful. If you have the money in your budget, it’s worth looking into a set of retractable side steps for Ford F150 models. These special running boards have a sleeker look, as they’ll fold up out of the way when not being used. They require power, and many of them offer a little extra lighting so you can see the steps. If you decide these are the right accessories for you, it’s time to pick out a quality set.

With so many options out there, the process of choosing a set of steps can be a pain. That’s where Ultimate Rides comes in. We deal with these accessories all the time, and know a good set when we see one. Below you’ll find a list featuring our recommendations for the best retractable side steps for Ford F150. Take a look and see if one suits your needs.

After our list, we’ve put together a buying guide with further information. There you can learn what factors came into play for our decision on the best products. Additionally, we’ll tell you more about what we do at Ultimate Rides, as well as the process of installing side steps on your truck.

Note: Be sure to pay close attention to the listed specs for a product to ensure it fits on your truck.

1. AMP Research 76151-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards Plug N’ Play System (ASIN – B00T36NTU0)

Specs: 2015-2020 Ford F150, All Cabs (Trimming May Be Required)

When it comes to retractable side steps for the Ford F150, no company’s name comes up more than AMP Research. They have a pretty dominant hold over the market, but thankfully you can count on their products to get the job done. This pair in particular is for the 2015 through 2020 Ford F150. While the company does have an option out there for the latest Ford trucks, it’s not quite as widely available yet. If you own a truck from one of these six model years, though, you’re in luck! Installation may not be easy, but the end result is going to be fantastic.

The setup features an integrated LED lighting system, and of course retracts out of the way when you close your doors. The product features a five-year warranty from the manufacturer, plus it was made here in the United States. There’s a lot to love about these running boards, and we recommend them for anyone who has the right truck for them to fit.

AMP Research 76151-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards Plug N’ Play System for 2015-2020 Ford F-150 (All Cabs) , Black

2. ARIES 3048321 ActionTrac 83-Inch Retractable Powered Running Boards (ASIN – B07BFT2XL6)

Specs: 2021 Ford F150, Crew Cab

This next option isn’t a typical set of retractable side steps. In fact, it’s actually a normal set of side steps with a power retractable second step. This is especially useful for those who need extra care getting in and out of the vehicle. Plus, this option fits on the 2021 model of the F150, though it’s for the Crew Cab only. We recommend professional installation, as trying to install it at home can be difficult, and some extra filing may need to be done. However, the end result is exactly what’s advertised. As long as you’re not expecting a pair of power running boards in the normal sense of the term, you should be happy with these accessories.

ARIES 3048321 ActionTrac 83-Inch Retractable Powered Running Boards, Select Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 Crew Cab

3. AMP Research 77151-01A PowerStep XL Electric Running Boards Plug N’ Play System (ASIN – B01015248E)

Specs: 2015-2019 Ford F150, SuperCrew Cab

Next up, we have another set from AMP Research, once again covering some of the same model years as our first entry. However, these side steps are a little larger, and fit on the SuperCrew Cab without any trimming required. They’ll also get lower to the ground, helping those who can’t make large steps. Apart from that, they feature the same basic design and work the same way. Additionally you’ll still have access to a five-year warranty from AMP Research. If these are the right fit and suit your situation, you can go ahead and order these steps. Just don’t try to install them on your own unless you’re very confident in your skills.

AMP Research 77151-01A PowerStep XL Electric Running Boards Plug N Play System for 2015-2019 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab

4. AMP Research 75141-01A Power Step Running Boards (ASIN – B0041FZ89S)

Specs: 2009-2013 Ford F150, All Cabs

With our final two retractable side steps for Ford F150 models, we’re going old school. Well, older school at least. These steps are made from Ford F150 models from 2009 through 2013. Everything should be pretty recognizable by this point. The steps can hold up to 600 lbs. on each side without issue, and feature a stainless steel and aluminum design that should hold up quite well. The steps themselves feature a grip that makes it difficult to slip off of. Overall, it’s not hard to see that AMP Research offers the most reliable design out there today.

AMP Research 75141-01A Power Step for Ford F-150 2009-2013

5. AMP Research 75105-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards (ASIN – B0041G1CG0)

Specs: 2004-2008 Ford F150, All Cabs

Our last option again comes from, you guessed it, AMP Research. We’re going back even farther here, with this option suitable for 2004 through 2008 models of the truck. You’ll find everything you expect here: the LED lights, power retractability, and a reliable warranty. If you’re taking good care of your F150, it’s no surprise that it’s still running. These side steps can help you maintain that quality ride you’ve worked so hard for.

AMP Research 75105-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards for 2004-2008 Ford F-150 (All Cabs) & 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LT,Black,Large

Retractable Side Steps for Ford F150
Power running boards can be more difficult to install compared to a normal set. Feel free to contact Ultimate Rides for installation in the greater Chicago area, or order your next truck from us with shipping. We can pre-install one for you, and we offer so much more!
Retractable Side Steps for Ford F150
If you drive a truck with a lift, it can be much harder to get in and out. That’s when a set of side steps becomes really important to have around.

Retractable Side Steps for Ford F150 Buying Guide

Did you find a set of running boards on our list that work for you? We definitely hope so, but our buying guide is here to fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Take a look below to see how we determine a quality set of side steps, as well as our recommendations on installation. Then we’ll wrap up by telling you what we do at Ultimate Rides.

Factors of Focus: Looking at Running Boards

For many vehicle accessories, one of the main problems is choosing from an abundance of options. That isn’t always the case when it comes to retractable side steps for Ford F150 trucks. There aren’t actually too many options out there. That’s why it’s even more important to do your research on the choices that do exist. In our experience, AMP Research makes products that drivers can rely on for the long haul. Installation isn’t always the easiest, but the products are well-designed and hold up to a lot of use. While ease of installation is a factor in choosing the best running boards, durability and how well the steps actually function are the two most important things to look for as you shop.

Side Step Installation Tips

It’s true that installing side steps can be a real hassle. Without the right equipment, as well as the experience of having done it time and time again, it’s likely that you’ll make some mistakes along the way, and that’s something nobody wants. Unless you are completely confident in your ability to install your power running boards correctly, we encourage you to opt for professional installation. Many products may require trimming or alteration of some sort to be installed correctly. The process can easily eat up a lot of your free time. Just remember that when choosing which route to take.

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