Picking Out a Tonneau Cover (Types of Truck Bed Covers)

Picking Out a Tonneau Cover (Types of Truck Bed Covers)

Types of Truck Bed Covers
Many truck bed covers are low profile and can hardly be noticed unless you’re looking for it. Others offer enough style that you won’t mind if they’re seen. Spend some time researching popular tonneau covers to find out which is best for your needs.

When it comes to pickup truck accessories, tonneau covers are among the first that we recommend to our customers. They serve a variety of uses, from keeping the value of your truck higher to protecting your cargo and more. If you live in an area that sees significant snowfall during the winter, or rain any time of the year, a tonneau cover can be even more useful to you. However, with so many options available to drivers today, it can be tricky to find the perfect fit for your truck, let alone what style you want to install. Read about the different options available and be sure to check out the Ultimate Rides inventory if you’re ready to start looking for your next vehicle.

Different Types of Truck Bed Covers Serve Different Purposes

Take a look at some of the different types of truck bed covers described below. While there are obvious similarities between them, as they are all bed covers, there are important differences to note as well. Find the one that works best for your situation!

Retractable Tonneau Covers

Our favorite type of cover for trucks is this style, allowing you to slide open and lock the cover in any position along the track. These hard covers are usually higher on the price spectrum, though there are more expensive covers we’ll tell you about soon. They offer reliable security for your truck bed, but we still wouldn’t leave anything of high value there unsupervised for more than a couple of minutes. The right cover of this kind will be highly durable, should lock in place, and can support a great deal of weight.

Electric Tonneau Cover Options

These covers are types of retractable tonneau covers that automatically open and close with the press of a button. They’re often some of the most expensive options on the market, but for good reason. The covers provide a level of convenience that you won’t get anywhere else, as well as security and strong durability. You’ll get full bed access at a moment’s notice, along with a sleek look for your truck bed. There’s a lot to love, just as long as you have the room in your budget.

Hard Folding Hinged Tonneau Covers

Folding tonneau covers can come in both hard and soft varieties, but we certainly prefer the hard covers. Though not quite as convenient as a retractable tonneau cover, these still offer an easy way to get in and out of the truck bed. They’re also much more affordable in most cases, though not quite as much as soft covers. Still, they provide strong protection against the elements and security that you can count on.

Soft Tonneau Covers

While soft covers aren’t our favorite types of truck bed covers, they are the most affordable option out there, and still can accomplish all the basics you’d want from a tonneau cover. These tonneau covers are easy to install, protect against the elements, and won’t break the bank. There are also plenty of different types of soft covers out there for your truck. You could choose a rolling cover, or a soft folding bed cover, depending on what you prefer. Just make sure the tonneau cover offers a solid level of defense, such as being waterproof.

Types of Truck Bed Covers
The next time you need to buy a truck, remember us at Ultimate Rides. We sell and ship custom vehicles all across the country, and you can opt for installation on accessories like bed covers. That way, our team can install it for you so there’s no hassle once your vehicle arrives.

Best Covers for Work Trucks

For many drivers, the purpose of a truck bed cover is to protect work equipment as well as the vehicle itself. If this is true for you, we recommend looking into one of the hard tonneau covers, such as an electric tonneau cover or snap tonneau cover. Hinged tonneau covers can also be a reliable choice. They may not be cheap, but they’ll provide the best support for your needs. The installation will probably require more work, but once that part is done and your truck bed cover is in place, you’ll be able to stop worrying about your truck bed and the cargo in it.

In order to choose between the different types of hard covers available, think about your personal needs and budget. A retractable tonneau cover is great for people who need to grab things from the truck bed often. Additionally, they’re useful when you sometimes need to store items that won’t fit under a standard tonneau cover, as they’ll allow you to lock it in place partially open to fit whatever you need to.

Folding tonneau covers are still easy to get in and out of, but you won’t have the benefit of being able to keep them partially open and locked in place. Still, they’re more reasonable in price, so if that extra feature isn’t a priority for you, we say go for it.

Best Covers for Everyday Use

If you are looking for something a little more casual for your truck bed, and security isn’t a major concern, soft covers can be a good choice for any truck. Soft tonneau covers range in styles, and there are options out there for just about every truck model in existence today. Roll-up tonneau covers can be nice, as they’re usually quite affordable, quick to install, and the best options will seal to the top of the truck bed to protect against water and other types of damage. You’ll also want to look for a tonneau cover that is resistant to UV damage, as the color can fade over time if not.

At the end of the day, though, your best bet will be examining your budget and finding the highest quality tonneau cover that lies within that range. That could mean a hard tonneau cover, though you’ll want to factor in the installation process before you make that decision. If you need any help deciding on your next tonneau cover or are interested in finding a truck or professional installation for your cover from the Ultimate Rides team, feel free to contact us today. You can also ask us about additional pickup truck accessories, so don’t be shy about reaching out!