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Ultimate Rides: Chicago Jeep Outfitters

Your Number One Chicago Jeep Outfitters

At Ultimate Rides, we run our business off of the passion we have for our vehicles. We have always loved tinkering with vehicles, especially Jeep Wranglers. In our lift center, our service team is constantly at work outfitting a vehicle with lifts, new tires and wheels and more. Any vehicle that you buy from us can be sent to our lift center and adjusted to your specifications. If you need Jeep outfitters in the Chicago area, let us show you how we can be of service.

Our sales and service team go above and beyond normal customer service to provide you with the best possible experience when you shop through us. Simply give us a phone call or come see us in person to find out about the custom Jeep and lifted truck options we have available today. For over 10 years, we’ve been selling lifted Jeeps and trucks to customers all across the United States, and we’ve built our reputation on friendliness and reliability. We purchase rust free vehicles from different places around the country and bring them back to our headquarters. After going through our strict quality inspection, the vehicles are made ready to sell to you.

Jeep outfitters
At Ultimate Rides, we are Jeep outfitters and experts, ready to answer any questions or address any issues.

Jeep Specialists You Can Rely On

Working on a Jeep isn’t exactly the same as working on other trucks or SUVs. All too often we’ve seen other shops screw up a Jeep Wrangler’s suspension to the point where it’s difficult to repair. Our service technicians work on Jeep Wranglers on a daily basis, from new models all the way back to 90s models. If you’ve got a Jeep Wrangler that you’d like to have some work done on, get in touch with us and we’ll surely be able to help you out.

If you’ve dealt with a mechanic or Jeep outfitters before, you might be expecting to be oversold on additions that you aren’t interested in. We don’t take part in that kind of business behavior at Ultimate Rides. We understand the customer almost always already know what they want, and that it is simply our job to make it happen. We are always able to provide more information, but we will not try to sell you on something you don’t want.

Finding Jeep outfitters that you can trust is not always easy, and especially not ones who only sell rust free vehicles. We know that we aren’t your typical used 4×4 or truck dealer, and we don’t pretend to be. However, we think that our prices are exceptionally fair, and we’re excited to show you everything we have to offer.

This is an example of some of the awesome custom Jeep Wranglers our team has had the pleasure of working on.

Finding the Best Jeep Outfitters in the Chicago Area

Back in 2017, we built a brand new lift center for Ultimate Rides, and it’s been getting a whole lot of use ever since. All of our lifted trucks and Jeep Wranglers can be sent to the lift center when you purchase it to have it completely outfitted to your liking. We are Jeep outfitters who can find the perfect look for your new ride. If you already own a truck or a Jeep Wrangler and want us to customize it, we can absolutely do that for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a used vehicle in great shape, we have plenty of those available, and all of them can be customized in our lift center.

As we briefly mentioned above, all the trucks and Jeeps we sell are free of the rust that inevitably builds up over time by driving over salted roads. We are able to provide these valuable assets to customers in the Midwest by buying the vehicles from different areas of the country. We know how difficult it can be to find a Jeep or truck in good shape in this neck of the woods, so we’ve attempted to serve as a way for people in and around Chicago to purchase them.

Available Options Found in Our Lift Center

If you decide to have your vehicle sent to our lift center, there are quite a few things you can have done. We can provide you with a full suspension lift kit if you want to go for the biggest look possible, or simply install bars or LED lights if you would rather some smaller adjustments be made. We can also install new wheels and tires, as well as custom grilles and bumpers. If you want to make your Jeep stand out in a crowd, we are the place to take it. Our experienced techs know what they’re doing, and work on these vehicles almost every day.

At Ultimate Rides, we aspire to be the absolute best Jeep and lifted truck dealer, shop and outfitter in not only the Chicago area but the country. We ship our vehicles to you no matter where you are. As a matter of fact, more than half of our customers live outside Illinois, and that just goes to show how appealing our inventory and services truly are. If you live somewhere outside Illinois and are interested in what we have to offer, just get in touch over the phone and we’ll be able to help you out no problem.

We feel a strong responsibility to provide our customers with the kind of service that isn’t often provided in our industry. We are set out to change the way you look at buying a vehicle, and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you’re satisfied with both your purchase and your experience with us. If you purchase from us and like what you received, maybe you’ll spread the word to friends or family, or come back next time your vehicle needs some adjustments. We know that we don’t have to rely on cheap sales tactics to maintain our business. All we have to do is keep satisfying our customers.