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Used Ford Trucks for Sale Cheap

used ford trucks for sale cheap
Check out Ultimate Rides to find used Ford trucks for sale cheap and in great condition.

At Ultimate Rides, We Provide Used Ford Trucks for Sale Cheap

There’s a reason when you check out our inventory at Ultimate Rides you will only see clean, rust-free vehicles. One of our primary goals is to be a place that provides high quality used vehicles, so we go out of our way to make sure we only bring in the best. We send out our specialty buyers to warmer parts of the country such as California and Texas to find vehicles that haven’t had to endure harsh winters. Once we get our hands on the vehicles, they’re sent over to our lift center for inspection and, in many cases, just a little bit of custom work before they hit our inventory. When you shop with Ultimate Rides, you can be sure to find used Ford trucks for sale cheap and in excellent shape. We go above and beyond your standard used auto dealer in a number of ways, and we’re excited to tell you all about them.

When you find a truck at Ultimate Rides, you can expect it to be clean, free of rust and ready to serve you for the foreseeable future.

A Step Above at Ultimate Rides

Customer service is important to us here at Ultimate Rides, and that is why we go above and beyond what you expect from other auto dealers. For us, customer service isn’t just a department; it’s a way of doing business. Our goal is to provide drivers everywhere with a place they can go to find reliable and affordable vehicles that are clean and often customized. From the moment you step through our doors or call us on the phone, you’ll be met with a staff of friendly, like-minded individuals who all share a love for one thing: trucks. Though we do sell cars, trucks and SUVs have always been our first love here at Ultimate Rides, and we aren’t afraid to show it.

When you speak with one of our sales representatives, you won’t have to sit through some long sales pitch. Instead, we’ll have a conversation about what you’re looking for and how we might be able to provide it to you. If you’re searching for used Ford trucks for sale cheap, we’ll show you everything we have to offer.

There’s a reason Ford has been such a mainstay for so long. Their trucks are reliable and long-lasting with the right care and attention.

We also try to help our customers in some other unexpected ways. If there’s a specific make and model vehicle you’ve been looking for but have so far been unable to track down, let us know. Our buyers see a lot of vehicles in their travels, and there’s a good chance we’ll be able to find what you’re looking for with some time. All you have to do is leave a small deposit with us and as soon as we are able to track down the vehicle, we’ll take it back home to clean up and even customize for you if you wish. From there, it’ll be all yours, courtesy of Ultimate Rides.

Used Ford Trucks for Sale Cheap with Custom Options Available

One of the other things that makes Ultimate Rides special is our custom lift center. Completed back in 2017, we built a new state of the art lift center to give our custom work an even more modern edge, and the results have been astounding. Our lift center is loaded out with the latest tools and parts, and if we don’t have something you’re looking for, we’ll order it. Whether you’re looking to have a lift kit installed or want a custom paint job and some modifications, we do it all at Ultimate Rides. You can bring your vehicle to us for work whenever convenient for you, and any time you buy a vehicle from us you have the ability to have it sent over to our lift center before you drive it off. We’ll do whatever work you want done, and we can even include the cost of service as a part of your vehicle financing deal. At Ultimate Rides, we offer a whole lot more than just used Ford trucks for sale cheap.

When you buy from Ultimate Rides, you can count on the vehicle being clean as a whistle inside and out.

Vehicle Service Available at Ultimate Rides

Whether you are buying a vehicle from us or not, we want you to be able to take advantage of our team of professionals. Let Ultimate Rides become your new regular mechanics, as we perform everything from oil filter replacement to major automotive repair. We offer fair pricing and, just like all other aspects of our business, we want you to feel comfortable with your vehicle in our shop. Our team is ASE-certified and very experienced in fixing, customizing and building vehicles. You won’t have to have a doubt in your mind when your vehicle is in the Ultimate Rides shop.

This Ford Raptor features some stylish custom tires and rims. If you like what you see, ask us about our custom lift center when you shop.

No Matter Where You Are, We Can Ship to You

Yet another element that sets Ultimate Rides apart from most other used vehicle dealerships is our ability to do business with buyers from all across the United States and beyond. Nearly 60% of our business is done with buyers from outside Illinois, and the entire process is simple and safe. Once you’ve taken a look at our inventory and found something you’re interested in, just give us a call and we can fill you in on all the details. We even offer the chance to include shipping costs as a part of your financing deal, letting you avoid the upfront fee.

If you’re ready to get in touch with Ultimate Rides, you can give us a call at 815-634-3900. If you’d like to come pay us a visit in person, you can find us at 38 W. Division St. Coal City, IL 60416.