Used Lifted Trucks for Sale by Owner

Used Lifted Trucks for Sale by Owner

Used Lifted Trucks for Sale by Owner
Ultimate Rides is your destination for a wide range of custom vehicles, all available with shipping. If you don’t find a certain vehicle in our inventory, just let us know and we can track one down for you!

Finding the Best Used Lifted Trucks for Sale

The trucks for sale at Ultimate Rides are owned by us, and that’s how we’re able to ensure the best possible quality. Buying from an individual seller or a questionable used auto dealer can result in access to lesser vehicles. Our used trucks are all inspected to make sure they run right, look great, and are free of rust. Most of our trucks are lifted by our team before we even list them in our inventory. These lifted trucks are unlike what you’ll find at other auto dealers, and that is just one of the things that sets Ultimate Rides apart from the competition, along with our customer service, reliable and affordable delivery, and much more.

We’re able to ensure the quality of our used lifted trucks for sale by sending our buyers out to the warmest parts of the country. In these areas, the climate is more favorable to vehicles, and our team picks out the best trucks they can find. Once we find an option that suits our inventory, we bring the truck back to our HQ, inspect it, get it lifted up and list it here on our website. The process is time-consuming, but we feel strongly that it’s worth the effort. At Ultimate Rides, we have the utmost confidence in our trucks, and we’re always happy to share further details with you. We have trucks with low miles, lifted by our team, with plenty more upgrades available for you to buy. Reach out to us over the phone to find out what used trucks we have available at the moment, and we can get you set up with financing, shipping, and so much more.

Customize Any Lifted Truck with Ultimate Rides

Ultimate Rides employs a team of expert technicians who build and upgrade trucks on a regular basis. Our crew is ASE-certified, has countless cumulative years of experience, and are responsible for all the beautiful new and used lifted vehicles you see in our inventory. Any time you purchase one of our trucks, you’ll have the opportunity to customize it in our shop. Let us know what kind of upgrades you’d like, or we can offer some suggestions if you’re not yet sure. With the help of our team, you can turn a regular old used truck into something unique and catered directly to your sense of taste.

In addition to lifted trucks, we offer installation for running boards, new lighting, a custom interior, stereo system upgrades, engine performance chips, a fresh paint job, or a package deal that could include a variety of these improvements. Perhaps best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to include these upgrades in the financing deal for your truck. If this is starting to sound appealing, we hope you’ll reach out to Ultimate Rides soon. Whatever kind of trucks you’re looking for, we are confident we can get one to you.

Along with providing upgrades for our own inventory, you should know that you can bring your current truck, SUV or car to us. Call and set up an appointment, and someone from our team will be able to get into the details with you. Depending on what your needs are, you could find prices starting as low as just a few hundred dollars. It’s about more than just the price, though. Our team is passionate about custom vehicles, included lifted trucks. Let us share that passion with you, and you could soon be driving something truly impressive.

Used Lifted Trucks for Sale by Owner
You’ll find both new and older trucks available here. Each one features custom upgrades, and can be enhanced even further with the help of our lift center. Speak with someone on our team and we’ll be happy to go over options with you.

Most Popular Used Trucks in the United States

The popularity of used models of trucks goes hand in hand with newer models. In other words, the Ford F-series, Ram and Chevy Silverado trucks are the three top choices for drivers, new or used. More than just being the popular choice, these trucks offer the best quality available for drivers. Finding the truck that is right for you depends fully on your needs and taste. The Silverado can often be found with a more favorable price, but in return you’ll often find less features awaiting you. Ram trucks used to be in third place, but in recent years the manufacturer has taken things up a level, and the vehicles rival the Ford F-series in a number of ways. If you’re unsure which truck you should buy, our crew can help. We’ll offer details on price, features, performance and much more. Reach out today for further details! We’re always happy to find customers find a model that is sure to please.

Buy Custom Trucks with Shipping at a Great Price

Custom trucks are our specialty, and all of our work is done in-house in our very own lift center. Lifted vehicles are becoming more and more common on the road, but it can still be difficult to find experts who can install these upgrades the right way. Our new and used trucks can include a variety of upgrades, and even beyond that, we can ship them out anywhere across the United States or beyond. While you might find a local auto dealer that offers a few lifted trucks, there’s a very strong chance they won’t be able to speak on the actual quality of the installation. If you want the best, Ultimate Rides is here for you.

Let us know that you’re interested in having one of our trucks shipped out. Whether it’s new or used, we’ll be able to offer up all the information you need and help with financing over the phone. You can still decide if you’d like to upgrade the vehicle, and we’ll ship it out as soon as we’re done. From the time the vehicle is ready, it will be a week or less before it arrives at your home.