READING: Used Pickup Trucks under 100,000 miles in Morris IL

Used Pickup Trucks under 100,000 miles...


Used Pickup Trucks under 100,000 miles in Morris IL

Truck buyers are very specific in what they want. Some choose to be extremely brand loyal, and only want to choose another Ford or Chevy as their next pickup. Others choose a truck based on an engine. The V6 is getting more and more popular in pickups, but there are also some who will only purchase a V8. Others are picky out mileage, and if you’re looking for used pickup trucks under 100,000 miles in Morris IL, then check out what Ultimate Rides can offer!

Used Trucks under 100k miles in Morris IL

Hitting 100k miles is a big milestone in a vehicle, and most used shoppers like to try and find a vehicle under the 100k mile point — even if it means dishing out a little extra to find it. Trucks are hard working vehicles, and they will have many miles in them, even after hitting 100k, but it’s also nice to get a truck with less miles on it, or one that is newer.

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Used Trucks that can tow in Morris IL

Specifically interested in getting a used pickup truck because you have some towing that needs to be done? Maybe you recently got a boat and need a way to take it from place to place? A used pickup from Ultimate Rides is a good way to go. We stock a wide variety of used trucks, some older and some newer, so your best bet to determine a towing capacity is to stop by Ultimate Rides in Coal City IL and ask a member of our team. Otherwise calling us to check on the tow rating of a specific truck in our inventory is also a great idea!

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If you have any questions about anything in our inventory at Ultimate Rides, feel free to call or stop by and we’ll always do our best to help with whatever we can!

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