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Used Trucks For Sale In Peoria IL

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Used Trucks For Sale In Peoria IL

Are you looking for used trucks for sale in peoria il area? Because I think you just hit the best used truck dealer in the Chicagoland area. I want to explain to you why we are the best here in the blog post. I would imagine you have been looking for a truck in all the surrounding areas to Peoria. You have been searching high and low in areas like Bloomington, Champaign, Galesburg, and Springfield. The thing is every truck you look at is either priced too high, or the rusty condition is really bad. Trust me, I have been there and I know what its like to waste an entire day out looking at vehicles only to come home disappointed. Thats why my brother and I spent years creating a better way to purchase a used truck in peoria or anywhere in the midwest. Here at Ultimate Rides we buy rust free trucks from southern states and send them to Illinois, so you can purchase a vehicle that has not seen any salt or road grim that the crappy Illinois winters give us. Not only do we purchase rust free vehicles for you, we fully service them in house at our Service Center. Now lets get into why you should purchase a used truck from Ultimate Rides.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1520279294885{padding-top: 10px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Our Mechanics Love Our Rust Free Trucks 

We have our own ASE certified service shop right here at our used truck dealership. Robert our service advisor is the man when it comes to inspecting our trucks. His team are the ones that inspect every rust free truck we send here. When they get under a a Texas truck and can take everything apart with hand tools, they just love it. No crazy torches, huge pry bars and back breaking rusty parts to repair and replace. When it comes to these southern trucks, inspections and repairs are a breeze. Ball joints, suspension items and everything is super easy when its rust free. Every vehicle that we sell goes through a full inspection with Robert. He will not let any vehicle we sell go down the road with any issues. We are in a small town on the outskirts of Chicago suburbs here in Coal City, and if you sell a vehicle with problems people will know. You need to keep a great reputation to stay open in these small towns, and we have a good one. Our Google reviews, Facebook reviews and even Car Gurus are all positive. We strive to keep customers happy and that is a big part of the reason we built our state of the art Service Center. So we can offer piece of mind after a purchase of a vehicle. Another added bonus, is we offer a discounted labor rate for anyone who purchases a vehicle from us. Which is huge when you want to do some customizing down the road. We have a good amount of customers come from Peoria and Bloomington, and most of the time they will come back to add running boards, lift kit and wheels/tries. The cool part about what we do, is we offer the best ASE labor rate in the area for our customers!


People Travel From All Over to Buy Used Trucks From Us

Over eighty percent of our customers come from out of town. We have customers from Chicago, Bloomington, Peoria, Rockford, Ottawa, and Springfield. We have people traveling from surrounding states like to buy a used truck from us. We are centrally located in the midwest with only an hour drive south of Chicago. We are very close to Bloomington and Peoria area with a short drive up I55. On the other hand we have also shipped rust free trucks to places like Orlando and New York. On rare occasions we will drive a truck to the customer after they wire us the money, we have done that for a few customers in St Louis.  We just love what we do, we enjoy buying good clean used trucks and Jeeps and making them right for people all around the Midwest, and lately it has been growing beyond that!


Why Peoria Customers Should Consider Us 

At the end of the day you can go purchase a used truck anywhere you would like. You can keep it local or take a drive to get something you really want. Now, our used trucks might be a little more expensive than what you see in the local used market. But the thing is, our trucks are truly a one of a kind find. For example if you were looking for a used Silverado, F150, or Ram you will be looking at a vehicle that has been driven in salt every winter. a 2005 truck has spent 13 years in the salt and snow which very bad for the brake lines, fuel tank and all the drive components, and the body is completely rusty at that point. We will have that same Silverado for a few thousand dollars more. Because we travel out of state to purchase a rust free vehicle and send it back to Illinois so we can provide a vehicle that is starting a fresh life cycle here in the Midwest. Its a tough job and cost a lot of money to make it happen, but we have spent the last ten years leading up to this plan. Now 90% of our inventory is from a rust free state, and we are proud to say that.


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