Vehicle Service Protection

We got you covered.


Basic coverage for vehicles up to 20 years old with up to 200,000 miles.
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Coverage for vehicles up to 20 years old with up to 200,000 miles.
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Coverage for vehicles up to 15 years old with up to 150,000 miles.
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Gold Exclusionary

Coverage for vehicles up to 10 years old with up to 125,000 miles.
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Total Exclusionary

Coverage for vehicles up to 6 years old with up to 60,000 miles.
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Integrity Electric Vehicle

Coverage for vehicles up to 10 years old with up to 125,000 miles.
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Everyday Protection

Preserve your vehicle’s appearance and performance while minimizing worry and out-of-pocket costs with these protection options – available a la carte or as a bundle. Receive cosmetic tire and wheel protection free when you purchase the Everyday Protection bundle.

Tire & Wheel Protection

The softest part of your vehicle has the hardest job. Covers road hazard damage to tires and wheels to keep you moving forward.
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Dent Protection

Helps restore your vehicle’s exterior appearance if damaged due to everyday dents and dings all without harming your vehicle’s finish.
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Key Protection

Helps eliminate the hassles of an already stressful situation, whether your keys are lost, damaged, or locked inside your vehicle.
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Windshield Protection

Covers repairs to the windshield due to damage from chips and cracks caused by rocks and other road debris, to keep your view clear.
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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) may help waive some or all of the difference between what you owe and the market value of your vehicle in the event of the total loss due to an accident, theft, or natural disaster.


If You Owed on Your Vehicle$15,000

Amount Owed (GAP)


GAP coverage protects you from the amount still owed

Insurance Payout



Frequently Asked Questions

Will Integrity Warranty cover lifted trucks?

Yes, all of our warranties cover lifted trucks. Service shops can never deny you of a claim, because the vehicle is modified or lifted. With a surcharge $150 we can let the Integrity know that the truck is lifted, to ensure your lifted truck is covered! 

How does Integrity Warranty and Ultimate Rides handle claims?

We will let you use the repair facility of your choice. We take pride in handling your claim as fast as possible so that you can get back on the road! Simply present your Integrity Warranty contract to the service professional and have them contact our claims department. We cover parts and labor, and we pay via credit card over the phone so there is no delay waiting on checks in the mail before you can receive your vehicle.

What benefits do you offer?

All of our service contracts include FREE roadside assistance, towing, battery service, flat tire assistance, emergency fluid delivery service, lock-out assistance, and car rental reimbursement for the duration of your service contract.

Where can I purchase an Integrity Warrant contract?

Integrity Warranty contracts are only available through authorized dealers throughout the United States. Ultimate Rides is one of the top partners, doing more than 200 vehicles a year in coverage. An Integrity Warranty contract is significantly less expensive and much more comprehensive than warranties offered online or over the phone. 

Can I transfer my contract if I sell my car?

Yes! One of the great values of an Integrity Warranty contract is that you can transfer the contract to another private purchaser of your vehicle. Vehicles with a service contract such as ours typically carry a much higher resale value because the buyer knows they are buying a vehicle that has protection against mechanical breakdown.

What vehciles are covered under an Integrity Warranty?

Integrity Warranty is proud to offer coverage on an industry-leading variety of vehicles. We have plans that cover everything from an Acura to an Aston Martin!

Is there a deductible when submitting a claim?

Yes, but its better than you would think, there is two options. Option one gives you a $100 per claim, at any ASE certified mechanic. Option two gives you $100 disappearing deductible, by using Ultimate Rides for your warranty claims. 

What components does Integrity NOT cover?

The list for components not covered, is very small compared to what they do cover. Any normal wear and tear parts, ex. oil change, brake pads, rotors, tires, windshield, window glass etc. Pretty much everything else is covered under the warranty.  

When does the warranty take effect?

Some vehicles qualify for day one coverage. All other warranties, have a 30 day and 1,000 mile wait until you can submit your first claim.