What is a Brush Guard on a Truck? (Protecting Your Grille)

What is a Brush Guard on a Truck? (Protecting Your Grille)

What is a Brush Guard on a Truck
A brush guard, or grille guard as it is often known, is an add-on to trucks and SUVs that can protect the front end from a variety of damage. They’re common on off-road vehicles, but you’ll also see them quite often on the highway and in rural areas. Learn more about these accessories here in our brief guide!

What is a Brush Guard?

Brush guards consist of a series of metal bars welded, drilled or screwed together and attached to the front end of a vehicle. They’re one of the more popular accessories truck drivers can install because they offer a number of different benefits. The main use of a grille guard is for protecting your front end, but that’s certainly not all they’re good for. They offer a rugged sense of style that many drivers are in favor of.

Additionally, many grille guards offer spots to attach LED lighting, towing winch setups, and other extra accessories. Because of this, they’re often a good first step for those looking to customize their vehicle. That is especially true if you spend much of your time off-road. However, you’ll still see plenty of grille guards out on the road, including on just about every semi-truck you’ll see. That’s because grille guards are good at absorbing impact from crashes, though they are less effective at high speeds. In our opinion, the place where you’ll get the most use out of a grille guard is out in the wild.

How a Brush Guard Can Protect Your Grille

One of the worries about driving a truck or SUV off-road is all the potential damage that can happen to the vehicle, especially when it comes to the front end. That is the main reason many drivers install a brush guard on their ride. These accessories offer an extra layer of defense from tall grass, bushes, trees, and even potentially animals such as deer. While nobody wants to hit a deer, you’ll be glad you had a grille guard installed if it happens to you.

Anyone who has taken their truck or SUV off-road without a grille guard can likely tell you the consequences. Whether big or small, you will probably notice a number of scratches on your front end. The right brush guard can prevent this, and can even absorb the impact from bumping into trees, stumps and more. You should notice a major difference between taking your vehicle off-road with a grille guard and without one, and it’ll help you maintain the truck’s value over time.

Find the Best Grille Guard for Your Truck

Once you decide you’d like to buy a grille guard and install it on your vehicle, it becomes a matter of finding the right product. As online commerce has continued to become increasingly prevalent, customers will have access to more grille guards than ever. However, not all of these options are of the same quality, or will even work on your truck.

We’ve put together guides on helping our readers find heavy-duty grille guards for Chevrolet pickup trucks, even including older models from 1988 through 1998. There are options for those who want a winch mount on their guard, or you could stick with something more basic. The important part is finding an option that fits your vehicle, and meets your quality standards. Balancing quality against budget is an important part of the shopping process, and Ultimate Rides will be here to offer assistance if you need any.

Grille Guard Installation Tips

When you’ve found a guard for your grille that fits your truck, the next step is to install it. For some grille guards, this process is relatively quick and painless, maybe requiring another set of hands and some basic tools. For other options, it may be much more in-depth. Some grille guards even require you to remove your bumper! That’s why we encourage you to do some research on your specific guard before attempting to install. You may find that it’s in your favor to opt for professional installation.

Ultimate Rides is your Chicago area custom parts installer. Not only do we sell a high-quality inventory full of custom vehicles, but we also install accessories and parts in our lift center, including grille guards, suspension lifts, running boards, and so much more. If you decide the time is right to buy your next vehicle, we can install whatever accessories or upgrades you’d like, and ship the truck out to you as soon as it’s ready. Let us know if you believe there’s any way we can assist you!