When should you rotate your tires?

When should you rotate your tires?

Many of our customers here at Ultimate Rides are buying their very own vehicle for the first time — and this is a big step to take. Not only does it take a lot of responsibility, but also hard work keeping everything well maintained. Certain things like oil changes are often brought up as a regular maintenance that you should do, but when should you rotate your tires in a car?

How often should you rotate your tires?

You’ll never find an answer that matches up across all mechanics, but most agree that it’s smart to rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, give or take. Based on how often the average American drives, you should probably shoot for a tire rotation about once every six months. This along with the mileage recommendation for a tire rotation makes pairing this service with an oil change an easy call.

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Why do you rotate tires in a car?

But what is the actual purpose to rotating tires in a car? When driving you want all of your tires to have a similar wear pattern and amount. However, this won’t occur if you keep your tires in the same positions due to different driving styles, how your suspension is, and other factors. By regularly rotating your tires, you’re able to achieve a much more even pattern. Another reason to rotate your tires is that front-wheel drive vehicles (a majority of what is on the road) will wear out the front wheels sooner than the ones in the back.

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The biggest recommendation we can make is to keep an eye on your tires to make sure they’re ok — as they’re pretty important as far as vehicle safety goes. If you’d like to schedule an oil change near Morris IL and also have your tires rotated, then take a look at what we can all do at the Ultimate Rides service center.

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