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Where to Find the Best Lifted...


Where to Find the Best Lifted Truck

Ultimate Rides: Home of the Best Lifted Truck Shop Around

It’s not very easy these days to know where to find the best lifted truck around where you live, and it’s even harder to find a shop that’s actually qualified to work on or build them. At Ultimate Rides, located about an hour south of Chicago in Coal City, IL, we can either supply you with an excellent lifted truck or help you turn your current truck into one. We are bonafide experts when it comes to lifted trucks, and you can rely on us to get the job done without any costly mistakes. Back in 2017, we finished constructing our brand new lift center, where we’re able to customize and fix up trucks using the best gear around today. Take a look at the inventory available on our site and you’ll quickly see that we only sell high quality trucks here.

The “secret” to our success, if you could call it a secret, is that we send buyers out all across the United States to hunt down and bring back the best lifted trucks they can find. We specifically send our buyers to warmer climates so they can find trucks that aren’t already overwrought with rust. This happens all too frequently, especially in vehicles that spend any significant amount of time in snowy winter states. Dealing with salt on the roads increases the appearance of rust, and it can cause all sorts of problems throughout the life of your vehicle. When you buy rust free, you’re doing your part to increase the lifespan of your truck. At Ultimate Rides, we know you want to get your hands on the best lifted truck money can buy, and we’re doing our part to make sure you have that option available to you.

best lifted truck
Finding the best lifted truck could mean different things to different people, but one thing is for sure: it has got to be free of rust.

Finding the Best Lifted Truck Made Simple

At Ultimate Rides, customer service means a whole lot more to us than just a buzz word to throw around. We are intent on making sure our customers are satisfied with their truck and their experience buying from us. Whether this is your first time buying the best lifted truck you can find, or you’re on your tenth truck, we aim to make sure you’re totally happy with your purchase, and this affects the way we run our business from top to bottom. Our product is key to this idea, so we make sure that we only stock the absolute best lifted truck models we find, and sometimes that means our prices are higher than what you might pay at the local truck dealer around the corner from your home. We understand how important price can be when making a decision on major purchases, but we really urge you to remember you get what you pay for in vehicles. The trucks we sell are of the highest quality you can find in used vehicles, and that will help them stand the test of time.

When you buy from us, you’ll be able to relax knowing that you aren’t getting worked on, or screwed over. We aren’t going to hand off a truck to you that we know is just going to break down in a month or two. Each of the trucks that come into our possession undergo a strict and thorough inspection to ensure they meet our high standards of quality. After that, any additional work that needs to be done on the vehicle is taken care of in our lift center, and sometimes we can’t help but do a little extra custom work on them in our extra time. That just helps show how passionate we are about these vehicles.

Take a look at just how much the lift kit accomplishes in making this 2006 Dodge Ram stand out from its counterparts.

With Ultimate Rides, You Can Buy Anywhere

One of the ways we make truck shopping easier for everyone is by opening up access to our inventory using the magic of the internet, along with good old fashioned phone calls. We appreciate how hard it can be finding lifted trucks in this kind of shape, so we want to make sure you can buy one no matter where you live. If you decide to order one of our trucks, we make the process a lot more bearable by allowing you to finance the cost of shipping. That means you can pay off the transportation fees right alongside your vehicle by adding on a few extra dollars each month. We know not everybody wants to do things that way, so we’re letting you make the choice!

We also try to make sure buying over the phone is as easy as possible, but we acknowledge many people still may feel uncomfortable buying a truck without seeing it in person. If you are interested enough to take a flight out to our location to check out a truck, we’ll give you the true VIP treatment. We are not too far of a drive from the nearest airport, and we’ll pick you up in the truck you’ve had your eye on. From there, we can drive back to the office and get the process going! Of course, you could always drive in as we’re centrally located in Coal City, IL, only about an hour south of Chicago. No matter whether you decide to buy in person or have a truck shipped to you, we make sure to do our part to make the process a good one.

Does shopping with Ultimate Rides sound like it might be the best option for you? We encourage you to give us a call today to find out more! We can be reached via phone at 815-634-3900, and we’d be ecstatic to hear from you. Come find your Ultimate Ride today, and before you know it you’ll be the talk of all your friends and family!