Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener (Review & Buying Guide)

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Finding the Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener Available

Even car enthusiasts can admit that sometimes a car smells really bad. A bad smell can come from the driver inside of the vehicle after a long workout, sports equipment that contains an odor, and even just car oil from the engine. Thus, drivers absolutely love getting their hands on car air fresheners. However, the biggest complaint from drivers is that their air fresheners only last for a short period of time. Thus, you are going to want to find the Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener. After all, it is a waste to buy an air freshener if it lasts for less than one week!

Here at Ultimate Rides, we have completed a list of the some of the best air fresheners for cars available on the market. That way, drivers can spend less time reading information from product descriptions and more time driving their car. No one wants to spend a lot of time trying to find the best air freshener, especially if that air freshener lasts for one week or less. Also, our team has also taken the time to provide you with crucial information on buying a car air freshener. Make sure that you read more below to guarantee a great product that will work for quite some time. Without any further ado, let us dive right into our list of the Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener

1. PURGGO Car Air Freshener & Auto Odor Eliminator

The PURGGO Car Air Freshener & Auto Odor Eliminator lands first on our list of the Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener. This is the priciest option on our list but that is because it provides the best quality. The PURGGO Car Air Freshener & Auto Odor Eliminator is going to last you for a very long time. It works 24/7 for nearly 365 days to provide a clean and enjoyable smell. As a result, you will enjoy a natural product that eliminates odors for nearly an entire year. Consequently, this is definitely the car air freshener that will last the longest!

Not only will this air freshener help improve the smell of your car, the longevity will help you avoid buying more air fresheners in the future. This air freshener boasts a stylish design that helps it fit in with your vehicle instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Also, the setup for this car air freshener involves just simply strapping it to the driver’s seat. The air freshener is free of chemicals and fragrance and is made of bamboo. Thus, it is able to provide the healthiest and safest air cleaning process for your vehicle. So if you want a great product that will last you nearly a year, you will love this long lasting air freshener option.

PURGGO Car Air Freshener – Auto Odor Eliminator – 100% Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier, Ionizer, Neutralizer – Absorb and Remove Smoke Smell – Fragrance-Free Deodorizer – Lasts 365+ Days [GRAY]

2. Super Scent Pad Air Freshener

The Super Scent Paid Air Freshener is second on our list of the Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener options. This air freshener is unlike any other air freshener on the market. First and foremost, this scent pad can be fit right underneath the seats in your vehicle. That way, you can enjoy a great scent without having an air freshener hanging from your rear window. Plus, you can enjoy a great scent without having to look at any air freshener. Instead, it can be stowed away to provide you with the normal stylish interior design of your vehicle.

The incredibly enjoyable fragrance will last for months on end. So you will enjoy a scent that smells great but does not overpower for quite some time. One purchase provides up to four scent pads. Thus, you can swap in a new scent pad whenever the original scent pad wears out. Any customers that want a long-lasting and lovely fragrance will surely love this product. Drivers looking for convenience with a great smell will love these Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener options.

Super Scent Pad Under Vehicle Seat Air Freshner (Scent, Lemon Lavender) Quantity 4 Pads

3. Febreeze Car Air Freshener

The Febreze Car Air Freshener is third on our list of the Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener options. This is definitely the most well known and reputable brand of air fresheners. This is because Febreze has been producing high-quality air fresheners for quite some time now. Thus, if you are looking for a respected air freshener from a premier brand, then you will love these awesome items. Odor Clear Technology is used to not mask smells but to instead clean away odors. Thus, you will be able to enjoy fresh smells while on the go without any hassle.

The Febreze Car Air Freshener releases a scent for nearly 30 days. So if you buy a pack of four then you are getting nearly four months of quality air cleaning technology. Hook these air fresheners onto your car vents for an easy installation and convenient setup. That way, the air fresheners are in a great spot to do their job but will never be in your way of driving. Customers that want to make a safe choice will surely appreciate buying a product from Freebreze. So if you want a well-known product from a popular brand, you will love this car air freshener. 

Febreze Car Air Freshener, 2 Gain Original and 2 Gain Island Fresh scents (4 count.06 fl oz)

4. Happy Wax Scented Hanging Car Cub Air Freshener

Want some air fresheners that individually last for nearly 2 weeks? Luckily, you can get long lasting air fresheners in a cute little package. This Happy Wax Scented Hanging Car Cub is a great air freshener for your vehicle. Mostly due to the ridiculously long life that we just mentioned. Hang up your new freshener and it will last for 2 weeks. There are 4 total air fresheners. Thus, you can buy one pack and it lasts for nearly a month. Seeing as how it is $13 total, that is a smash deal.

This set of air fresheners comes from the United States. For those who care, this is a big deal. Meanwhile, it is a really adorable design. Thus, it adds a certain sense of style to your whip. Best of all, it comes in an ocean-scented design so it smells just like the beach. Escape to the smell of the beach after a long day of work.

Happy Wax Scented Hanging Car Cub Air Freshener – Beach Scented Car Freshener Infused with Natural Essential Oils! – Cute Car Freshener 4-Pack (Coastal Tide)

5. California Home Goods Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag (5 Pack) Bundle (B0765YF3QP)

Are you looking for something that’s perhaps more natural than some of the other options available on our list? If so, this is the air freshener for you. These bags are filled with activated bamboo charcoal, which is a natural solution that absorbs smells and kills bacteria. This package comes complete with two medium size bags, a small bag and two extra small bags, and each one is reusable for up to two full years as long as you lay them out in the sun every couple of months to dry out. These bags are perfect not only for your vehicle, but for at home and on the go as well.

Many of the reviews online start out by talking about their speculation that this product would actually get the job done, but once the results come in it is impossible to deny that the stink has evaporated. Keep one or more of these bags in your car and that unknown smell will dissipate before too long. This is an excellent way to keep your vehicle smelling fresh and clean for years to come.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag (5 Pack) Bundle, Natural Air Fresheners & Odor Eliminators for Home, Bad Air Deodorizer, Closet Freshener, Fridge Deodorizer, Car Air Purifier, Shoe Odor Eliminator

6. Anzazo Car Essential Oil Diffuser (B07B6V7CYS)

If you’re looking for something a little different to keep your vehicle smelling fresh, we have just the thing for you. This essential oil diffuser from Anzazo takes only a few drops to bring a wonderful new scent to your car, truck or SUV. Unlike the other options on our list, this is not a typical air freshener, but instead requires essential oils to function properly. That being said, just a drop or two of the oil should last you days, or even up to a week, meaning that with just one small container of your favorite-smelling essential oil and you’ll be set for quite a while.

Just like many of the other products we’ve recommended here, this accessory easily clips onto your vehicle’s vents as well as a few other easily accessible places. The process of applying the oils is simple as well. All you have to do is open up the locket, let a couple of drops fall onto the diffuser and close it up. Before you know it, your vehicle will have a lovely new smell to replace the old one you’re trying to get rid of. Essential oils are natural and chemical-free, meaning this is a safe and environmentally friendly way for you to keep your ride smelling great.

Anzazo Car Essential Oil Diffuser – 1.5″ Magnetic Locket Set with Air Vent Clip – Best for Aromatherapy – Fragrance Air Freshener, Scents Diffusers – Sacred Geometry Jewelry for Car, Flower of Life

7. Enoch Car Air Purifier with USB Car Charger (B07FR3L8T8)

This powered air purifier plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and provides you with two USB charging ports in addition to ridding you of unwanted scents and smells. With the included one-year manufacturer’s warranty, if this product stops working before the advertised period you should be able to return it to its makers. This product doesn’t work like many other air fresheners that try to cover up existing odors. Instead, it releases negative ions that odors will attach themselves to and remove them from the space around you. The item is light, weighing in at less than two ounces, and you won’t even have to worry about buying replacement filters like other air purifiers you might have used in the past.

Whether you’re trying to get rid of that chemical-based “new car” smell or something nasty has somehow gotten its scent into your vehicle, you should be able to take care of it with this affordable and effective air purifier. Some customers online note that the product does take a bit of time, but it’s undeniable that it works once you give it a while to get going. Try it out today and let us know how it works for you!

Enoch Car Air Purifier with USB Car Charger 2-Port. Car Air Freshener Eliminate Odor, Dust, Pollen, Bacteria, Removes Cigarette Smoke, Pet and Food Odor, Ionic Ozone, Relieve Allergy. Color-Silver

8. MaQma Bamboo Charcoal 1000 Gram Air Purifying Bag (B07FSQ844P)

If you were a fan of the natural bamboo charcoal bags we suggested earlier but think you may need something a little more heavy duty, we have just the right choice for you. This single larger bamboo charcoal bag will get the job done if you leave it out in your vehicle, absorbing scents and odors with no problem. Instead of an assortment of smaller bags as can be found with our previously mentioned product, here you can have one larger bag to keep in your car, and over time it will absorb foul odors. This product includes a no questions asked money back guarantee, so you can rely on it working as advertised.

These bags are meant to last for a very long time, and by placing them out in the sun every few months you’ll be able to keep them fresh. The bag doesn’t add any particular fragrance, so you may want to pair it with another item like the essential oils or another air freshener listed to give your car a distinct positive smell, but if you’re dealing with a particular odor that won’t go away, this may be a fantastic option for you.

MaQma Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags (1000 Grams) Natural, Activated Odor Eliminator, Freshener, and Deodorizer | Car, Gym Bags, Bathrooms, Cat Litter Areas …

9. G-Color Car Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Air Freshener (B07Y1NMDW1)

As we near the end of our list, we come to another essential oil diffuser that will keep your vehicle smelling wonderful for a very long time to come. It has a sleek design that doesn’t stand out or draw attention to itself, while simultaneously releasing a pleasant smell throughout your vehicle. It’s also very durable, made from a light alloy that won’t crack or break from falling onto the floor. It’s also not invasive at all, staying well out of your line of sight as you drive. This is an excellent choice for drivers who want to keep their ride smelling fresh and clean at all times, and should last them for years to come.

It includes  a bottom adhesive that allows the object to stay put wherever you’d like in the vehicle. That adhesive is made specifically for vehicles, and won’t leave any marks or leftover paste behind when you move it around. Don’t let its placement near the bottom of our list fool you. This is absolutely still one of the best ways to provide your vehicle with a long-lasting pleasant scent, so get yours as soon as you can!

G-Color Car Air Freshener, Air Freshener Fragrance Car Perfume Aromatherapy Essential Oil Car Scent Diffuser Air Purifier with 2Eucalyptus Tablets and 2Perfume Supplement

10. Drive Natural Car Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Freshener (B06Y1W9XYL)

For the last entry on our list, we wanted to provide you with another set of natural air fresheners for those of you who want to avoid unknown chemicals. This bag features 220 grams of active charcoals. They act both as a way to eliminate unwanted odors and as a dehumidifier for your ride. While it may not offer that same pleasant smell found in many of the other options on our list, it is all natural and will help eliminate nasty pre-existing odors.

The bag comes with a lanyard that allows you to hang out from many different spots in your vehicle, allowing you to place it strategically to get rid of hard-to-remove scents. Additionally, this bag can last you up to two years of use by giving it time to recharge in the sunlight. There’s so much to love about this deodorizing and dehumidifying bag that it can be hard to believe it’s all the way down here at the bottom of our list! That just tells you how excellent all the other products feature are, so we’re hopeful that you can find the perfect option for you right here.

How To Use A Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener Safely

In 2007, the National Resource Defense Council released a report in the month of September. This report has the title, the Hidden Hazards of Air Fresheners. Over the past decade, many American citizens have worked hard to search out eco-friendly and green cleaning products. Due to a number of studies, like one from UC Berkeley, information has been revealed about certain chemicals and pollutants found in air fresheners and cleaning products. Now, this should not scare customers off for one simple reason. These products can only be dangerous in close-quarters with no ventilation or relief. Therefore, they are only truly dangerous if you use these cleaning products and fresheners and never leave your vehicle.

Some of the chemicals like Terpene are only dangerous when it forms with the ozone to create formaldehyde. Now, this can surely raise an alarm for some customers that want to buy the Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener but it surely should not. According to Science Daily, the only people who should be concerned are janitors and cleaning employees. Due to their high level of exposure to these air fresheners or cleaning products, they are much more likely to deal with health issues. Also, keep in mind that the Environmental Protection Agency has yet to actually advise against buying air fresheners. Therefore, no customer should shine away from getting their hands on a car air freshener that will last. However, you may feel more encouraged to try and get a more natural car air freshener.

No matter which option you choose, we want you to feel safe and comfortable while you drive. Check out all the different options available on our list and we’re sure that you’ll find something that works for you! Before you know it, you’ll have a clean and fresh-smelling vehicle to drive around in, and you won’t have to worry about pesky smells ruining your day time and time again.

Natural Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener Products

We took the time to make sure that our list of the best car air freshener products features natural options. The aforementioned Purggo air freshener contains no chemicals and is made of bamboo which naturally removes odors. Keep in mind that Bamboo socks are now a popular commodity strictly because they naturally fight against smelly feet. Therefore, customers that want a chemical free air freshener will truly love our list.

Purggo air fresheners last for almost an entire year.
Buy a natural air freshener to enjoy organic qualities with the Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener.

Why Buy Long Lasting Car Air Freshener

Obviously, you need an air freshener because your car smells bad. Do not feel shame. This happens. More often than not, it comes from a variety of causes. For example, teenage boys are bound to have a smelly car. Especially if they play sports. Their car becomes home to all their smell and nasty gear. It happens. Therefore, teenagers should not necessarily be scolded for a gross car. Simply provide them with long lasting air fresheners and ask them politely to clean. It should help.

Thoughts On Longest Lasting Car Air Freshener

Buying a car air freshener is not an overwhelmingly serious decision, but you will still want to get the best value for your money. No one likes to buy a car air freshener only to have it last for a few days or even a week. Instead, you will want to buy one car air freshener that can last you for a long period of time. Make sure you consider what kind of scent you want, what kind of product you want, and where you want to put the air freshener. If you need any help during the buying process then look back at our list of the best car air fresheners available on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I Avoid A Difficult Installation?

A: Yes. There should not be an installation process that is overbearing. Usually, the air freshener simply attaches to a spot in your vehicle. This might be your car or it might be the ventilation system. In most cases, you simply hang up the air freshener right on the mirror. This is the most common design and installation for an air freshener. It is also the most convenient!

Q: What Scent Should I Buy?

A: We will answer with a question. What scent do you like? Do you like beach scents or something a little more fruity and lavish? Either way, you are not wrong. Rather, people need to find scents that best match their personality. If not, you end up with a smell that is gross and not attractive. There is no need. Get a scent that livens up your day every time you get in your car.

Q: Does Design Matter?

A: Certainly. You do not want a cumbersome addition to your interior. This becomes frustrating if it blocks your view of the road ahead. Instead, find a simple design that looks good and smells great. Stick to our buying guide for all of the best products on the market.

In Conclusion

It goes without saying that an air freshener can do a lot to make the inside of a vehicle more comfortable. Bad smells can come from any number of things, and that’s when air fresheners come in handy. Anyone who has passengers in their car often knows how embarrassing it can be to have a smelly ride. Whether it’s a mechanical issue with the car or something else entirely, it’s always great to have an easy way to get rid of the smell while you figure out where exactly it is emanating from.

We know all too often that you buy an air freshener only for it to fade out maybe a week later. That’s obviously no good, as nobody likes to waste their money. That’s why we’ve worked to come up with a list of some of our favorite air fresheners that should last you a good long while, while also avoiding things like obstructing your view of the road, having an artificial unpleasant smell and more. These are the best of the best in our opinion, and we hope you are able to find a solution to whatever problem is causing your vehicle to smell.