Choosing a Brush Guard for Nissan Titan

Choosing a Brush Guard for Nissan Titan

brush guard for nissan titan

Are you thinking about taking your Nissan Titan off-road sometime soon? If so, we encourage you to think about buying and installing a grille guard of some kind. These useful accessories defend the front of your truck from all kinds of damage, from minor scrapes and scratches to major dents. You could even find it saves you a whole lot of money in the event of some accidents, such as hitting a deer or similar situations.

However, finding a guard for your truck isn’t as easy as picking out the first option you find. Though there are fewer guards available for the Titan compared to more popular truck models in America, there are still quite a few products to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of them are created with the same level of quality. That’s where Ultimate Rides comes in.

We build and customize trucks like the Nissan Titan all the time, and that includes installing upgrades such as grille guards and bull bars. We’ve put our expertise to good use by coming up with a list featuring that includes some of the best guards available for your truck right now. Check out that list, and make sure to contact our team if you need any help with installation. Located outside of the Chicago area, our crew is capable of providing the best service to customers in the Midwest. Just give our office a call and let us know how we can help you out today!

1. Westin 57-3915 Black HDX Grille Guard

Compatibility: 2016-2022 Nissan Titan XD

The first grille guard we’d recommend to drivers is this option from Westin. It works on the latest generation of Titan XD models, so make sure that it’s the right configuration for your truck before you make any purchase. It’s not exactly cheap, but you’re getting a very high-quality guard with this model. Included in the set is all the hardware you’ll need to mount the guard, but the process can be somewhat difficult depending on your experience level. If you decide to install at home, we encourage you to find someone to offer another set of hands, as the item is quite heavy. Once it is installed, you’ll find a great level of protection for your grille and the entire front end of your truck. These are some of the best Titan grille guards you can buy right now, and we say that with great confidence.

Westin 57-3915 Black HDX Brush Guard

2. Armordillo USA 8704028 AR2 Pre-Runner Style Modular Grille Guard

Compatibility: 2017-2022 Nissan Titan

If you’re okay with putting together a modular brush guard, and you drive a standard Titan rather than the Titan XD, our next recommendation is for you. It’s made for the latest generation of Nissan Titan trucks, and provides a tough off-road style that is reminiscent of bull bars but with the same degree of protection found in a full grille guard. These accessories may not always be easy to install, but you should find that they do a strong job of preventing damage while off-road. They even provide some defense on the road in the case of an accident, but your mileage may vary in that regard. The parts are made from a heavy-duty powder-coated steel with a matte black finish, so you can remain confident that they’ll hold up against the elements over time. Many bumpers have been saved by guards like this, and we encourage it for anyone who is planning extensive off-road driving.

Armordillo USA 8704028 AR2 Pre-Runner Style Modular Brush Guard

3. BLACK HORSE 17NR28MA Black Grille Guard

Compatibility: 2016-2022 Titan XD

Our next recommendation comes from manufacturer Black Horse and once again fits on new Titan XD models. It’s mid-range in terms of price, but still offers a powder-coated steel construction that should suit any driver well. Additionally, the black design means it should match any color truck without clashing. It’s resistant to rust and water damage, meaning you’ll be able to utilize it for many years to come. While the guard is nothing flashy, it’s still a pleasure to view on any pickup truck. More importantly, it will protect your vehicle from a wide variety of damage, making it a strong investment for anyone looking to keep the value of their Titan high. Install it, take a seat behind the wheel, and let the adventures begin.

BLACK HORSE 17NR28MA Black Brush Guard

4. Hunter GN-804 Powder-Coated Black Grille Guard

Compatibility: 2004-2015 Nissan Titan

This guard from manufacturer Hunter is designed for older models of the Titan, with model years ranging from 2004 through 2015. If your truck is still in good shape and you want to keep it that way, these guards are a great pick. It includes a limited five-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects and shipping damage, helping ensure you don’t waste your money. The product also offers simple no-drill installation, which shouldn’t eat up too much of your precious time. Maybe best of all, you can find it at a great price. Take a look and, as long as it’s the right configuration for your model, try out this guard today!

Hunter GN-804 Powder-Coated Black Brush Guard

5. DNA Motoring GRILL-G-053-BK Black Front Bumper Brush Grille Guard

Compatibility: 2004-2015 Nissan Titan

Up next, we have another budget option for Titan drivers to consider. There’s a spot for you to mount extra LED lights, and you’ll even find rubber padding in key spots to minimize impact damage. The guard is made from a steel alloy, meaning it won’t offer the same durability as some more expensive options. Still, those who are on a tighter budget should appreciate having the option open. Even as an alloy, you’ll find that these accessories still defend your bumper and front end from scratches that can lower the value of your truck. Check it out and decide if it might be the right choice for your Nissan Titan, and then start thinking about how you’re going to mount it!

DNA Motoring GRILL-G-053-BK Black Front Bumper Brush Brush Guard

6. Tyger Auto TG-GD6N60268 Front Bumper Guard

Compatibility: 2017-2022 Nissan Titan

For the last item on our list, we wanted to share something just a little different. It’s a bull bar as opposed to a full brush guard. We’ll cover the major differences between these items further down in our guide, but it should be easy to see that bull bars are smaller. This means it will take less time to install, and will cost quite a bit less than most other options on our list. Tyger Auto is a reliable manufacturer for these accessories, and you should still gain a lot of protection for the front of your truck. The item also features a rugged off-road style that should fit right in on your ride.

Tyger Auto TG-GD6N60268 Front Bumper Guard

brush guard for nissan titan

Finding the Right Brush Guards and Bull Bars

How does one differentiate between the good and the bad when it comes to grille guards? The biggest factor is the material that the item is made out of. The best quality options utilize stainless steel, and by that we mean real stainless steel and not an alloy composite. Those stainless steel options can get quite expensive, though. If you’re not quite ready to spend that much on a grille guard, regular steel with a powder coating is going to be your next best bet. As you start getting into the budget options, you’ll be sacrificing durability. However, that may be perfectly okay with some drivers. Choosing the right guard is all about weighing your own needs and finding the product that suits you. These accessories can range quite a bit in price, so shop around until you find one that fits your specific model and lies within your budget.

Bull Bars vs. Grille Guards: What’s the Difference?

The two primary types of extra protection for your front end are bull bars and grille guards. In some places, you’ll see these two terms used interchangeably. However, there are some very important differences between the two. Bull bars are smaller than grille guards, mostly offering protection for your bumper rather than the entire front end. They’re easier to install and almost always cost less, but they don’t offer the same level of defense. Grille guards are larger, usually extending to protect the outer wings as well as your bumper and grille. Many products include guards to protect your headlights as well.

Deciding which one is best for you depends on your budget and what you’ll be using the vehicle for. A grille guard is better for someone who spends a lot of time off-road and on trails, and who wants to ensure their front end doesn’t receive too much wear or damage. A bull bar is better if you’re looking to save some money, you prefer the style, and you don’t need the full protection offered by more extensive guards. It’s often easier to find grille guards for Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge Ram trucks compared to the Nissan Titan, but we hope that our guide aided you in finding the perfect fit for your vehicle.