How High Can Your Truck Be Lifted Legally | Lift Kit Guide

How High Can Your Truck Be Lifted Legally | Lift Kit Guide

Once you start thinking about lifting your pickup truck, it’s important to consider your home state’s regulations on size. You’ll even want to think about the states that you regularly drive through, as they could pull you over and ticket you if your truck isn’t within regulation.The prospect of lifting a vehicle can be an exciting one. We know the feeling of getting behind the wheel of one of these trucks all too well. After all, Ultimate Rides is a custom auto dealership that specializes in lifting high-quality vehicles. However, before you get too far along in the process, it’s important to figure out how high you’re able to lift your vehicle according to state regulations. Read through our guide to learn how tall you’re allowed to lift your vehicle, and then get in touch with Ultimate Rides to take the next steps and start driving one as soon as possible.

Learning Lifted Vehicle Height Regulations

We wish driving a lifted truck was as simple as choosing your height, installing the upgrade, and hitting the road. However, there are safety factors to consider, and that’s why many states have put laws in place to limit how high a vehicle may be lifted. Unfortunately, there isn’t a standard on what to measure in every state. As each place comes up with its own regulations, some place a limit on how much higher you can raise the body, while other states measure the distance from the bumper to the ground, and some have even more regulations to consider.

Below, we’ll provide you with a short breakdown of the laws for each state in the country. However, we encourage you to do more research on the place you live. That way, you’ll know exactly what you can and can’t do with the vehicle. Make sure to do this research before you purchase or install any upgrades for your vehicle. If you’re lucky enough, you may live somewhere where there are no legal limitations to how high you can lift your vehicle.

How high can truck be lifted legally
Lifted Truck Laws in each state are different and some will allow for a lifted ram like this.

Body and Suspension Lift Rules and Laws

Alabama: No limitations on vehicle height.

Alaska: The body of the vehicle must be within three inches of the top of the frame to be street legal.

Arizona: No limitations on vehicle height.

Arkansas: No limitations on vehicle height.

California: Five-inch maximum for body and suspension lift kits.

Colorado: Lift kits must be from the same factory suspension system, greatly limiting your options for available kits.

Connecticut: Four-inch maximum for suspension lift kits, and you are required to install fenders for all wheels.

Delaware: Three-inch maximum for body kits, and bumper must be no more than 30 inches off the ground. Addition of a second parking brake is required, and drivers must be able to stop within 30 feet while driving 20 mph.

Florida: Maximum height of your bumper off the ground is limited based on vehicle weight. Learn the weight of your vehicle and look into more specific details based on that information.

Georgia: Two-inch maximum for suspension lifts.

Hawaii: Three-inch maximum for body lift kits, and additional restrictions to bumper height based upon the weight of the vehicle.

Idaho: 4×4 vehicles under 10,000 lbs. must keep their bumper within 30 inches from the ground.

Illinois: Bumpers cannot be raised or lowered by more than three inches, and frame height is limited by vehicle weight.

Indiana: The height of your bumpers can’t exceed 30 inches from the ground.

Iowa: No restrictions in place as of this writing, but there may be one implemented in the near future.

Kansas: No limitations on vehicle height.

Kentucky: No limitations on vehicle height.

Louisiana: No limitations on vehicle height.

Maine: Restrictions on frame height depending upon the weight of the vehicle.

Maryland: Trucks under 10,000 lbs. can have a frame height of up to 28 inches, while trucks over 10,000 lbs. can have up to 32 inches. Cars and SUVs are limited to 28 inches off the ground for the frame.

Massachusetts: Two-inch maximum for suspension lift kits.

How High Can Your Truck Be Lifted Legally
Ultimate Rides will happily adjust lift kit heights according to your local state regulations. Just let us know what specifications you’re looking for, and our team can get right to work on bringing your vision to life.

Michigan: Frame height maximum depending upon the weight of the vehicle, and four-inch rear blocks can’t exceed four inches. Additionally, no lift blocks are allowed with front springs.

Minnesota: You must keep your bumper within six inches of the factory setup, with additional regulations on the integrity and height of the bumper for 4×4 vehicles.

Mississippi: No limitations on vehicle height.

Missouri: Restrictions on bumper height based on weight, and all bumpers must be at least 4.5 inches tall.

Montana: No limitations on vehicle height.

Nebraska: No limitations on vehicle height.

Nevada: Restrictions on frame height depending upon the weight of the vehicle.

New Hampshire: Bumper height cannot exceed 30 inches from the ground.

New Jersey: Strict safety inspection required for all lifted vehicles. Seek out specific laws for New Jersey, as they are quite extensive.

New Mexico: No limitations on vehicle height.

New York: Bumper height for trucks cannot exceed 30 inches from the ground. All vehicles must have front and rear bumper.

North Carolina: No limitations on vehicle height.

North Dakota: Four-inch limit for suspension lifts. Maximum body height is 42 inches, with bumpers no more than 27 inches off the ground. Tires must be 44 inches in diameter or less.

Ohio: Restrictions on bumper height based on weight.

Oklahoma: No limitations on vehicle height.

Oregon: No limitations on vehicle height.

Pennsylvania: Restrictions on bumper height based on weight. Front lift blocks are banned, while rear lift blocks can raise the vehicle by up to five inches.

Rhode Island: Four-inch limit for suspension lifts.

South Carolina: No limitations on vehicle height.

South Dakota: No limitations on vehicle height.

How High Can Your Truck Be Lifted Legally
In addition to offering body and suspension lifts, our team can also provide you with new tires and wheels, along with a plethora of additional upgrades. Contact us over the phone to hear about the possibilities.

Tennessee: Front lift blocks are not allowed, and truck height is limited based upon weight. Cars and SUVs are allowed to have a frame height of up to 22 inches.

Texas: No limitations on vehicle height.

Utah: Restrictions on frame height based on weight.

Vermont: No limitations on vehicle height.

Virginia: Restrictions on bumper height based on weight, and front lift blocks are banned.

Washington: Restrictions on bumper height for trucks based on weight, while cars and SUVs have a maximum bumper height of 22 inches.

West Virginia: Body lifts are limited to three inches, and bumper height is limited to 31 inches.

Wisconsin: Rear bumpers are required, and car bumpers must be within two inches of factory height.

Wyoming: No limitations on vehicle height.


How High Can Your Truck Be Lifted Legally
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Custom Trucks Available Nationwide

Driving a lifted ride is a special experience, and not one that everyone has the pleasure of trying out. However, at Ultimate Rides, we’re working hard to provide this experience to as many people as possible, all across the country. We build and deliver custom lifted rides across the 50 states and even beyond. In addition to that, we also have the ability to work on your current vehicle if you can get it to us. Our office is located about an hour south of Chicago, and we employ a staff of expert ASE-certified technicians. They’re ready to take the image you have in your head of your perfect vehicle and bring it to life.

Start by giving our office a call, or browsing through our available vehicle inventory. We’ll be able to provide more details on each vehicle over the phone, including whether or not it’s street legal in your state. We’ll also be happy to raise up the vehicle higher, or lower it to make sure it’s totally legal in your area. All of this work can be included in your financing deal, allowing you to pay it off over time along with your vehicle. If you like the sound of this process, or you wish to learn more about Ultimate Rides before making a decision, we encourage you to call us today.

Ultimate Rides is available over the phone at 815-634-3900. Someone from our team will be here to answer any questions, as well as offer recommendations for those who aren’t exactly sure what they’re looking for. If you’re in the greater Chicago area, you can come visit our office at 38 W. Division St., Coal City, IL 60416. We’ll be ready to show off any of our vehicles, so you can get an up-close glimpse before deciding if it’s the right SUV or truck for you. We’re the number one place to find high-quality lifted trucks at a fair price, so come see what you’ve been missing!