4 Best D Ring Hitch Guide

4 Best D Ring Hitch Guide

Best D Ring Hitch
Towing can be tricky business. This is especially true if your vehicle doesn’t have the right configuration. Use our guide to find the best D ring hitch to install on your SUV or truck today, and you could be out towing in no time.

Searching high and low for that d ring hitch for your truck or jeep? You found the right mini guide to help you narrow down the four best d ring receiver hitch. After a day of navigating the off road trail and getting stuck, maybe you’re looking for another pull point for your winch. Or just want to look cool while you are cruising through the parking lot with your mall crawler Jeep build. Regardless the reason for your tow hitch shackle, we can help you figure out which one will fit you best. Most of these tow hitch shackles are very similar in looks, tow capacity and price. Some come with d ring isolators and others come in different colors. What is cool is these things pop in under five minutes. At the end of the day you can have one under 40 bucks! 

1. Smittybilt Receiver Hitch D-Ring with 3/4-Inch Shackle for 2-Inch Receivers

Starting off this list is the Smittybilt tow hitch shackle for a 2 inch Receiver. This is a brand you can trust because they have been around since 1956. Building Jeep accessories for longer than most anyone else in the off road world. The Smittybilt Receiver Hitch D-Ring is a quick and solid recovery point. This thing will pop into any 2″ receiver. It has a 4.75 ton weight rating and comes in a durable black powder coat finish. Even though this is a few dollars higher in price opposed to the other black ones on the list, but I still put it at number one for the trusted brand name. Cant go wrong with a blacked out d ring hitch from Smittybilt! 

Smittybilt 29312B Receiver Hitch D-Ring with 3/4-Inch Shackle for 2-Inch Receivers

2. MOTORMIC 2″ Shackle Hitch Receiver with Pin and 3/4″ D-Ring with Isolator

Next up is the MOTORMIC Shackle Hitch Receiver. The reason I like this one is because of the added accessories that comes with the d ring hitch. They include a hitch receiver pin and also a red isolator so this thing doesn’t clank when hitting the trail. Rated at 11,000 Pounds, more than double the weight of standard truck or Jeep! Designed for rescue in any kind of situation with a multi point mounting like the Mile Marker. The 2-inch Receiver Hitch by MOTORMIC is designed to allow the ¾-inch D-Ring to swing horizontally or vertically for extensive recovery anchor point options. All in all a good choice because of the added bonus items! 

MOTORMIC 2″ Shackle Hitch Receiver with Pin and 3/4″ D-Ring with Isolator

3. Mile Marker D-Ring Hitch Receiver

Mile Marker comes in at spot number three because of its cool orange color and multi hole configuration. Its prolly the most expensive on this list, with the same features and towing capacity as the others. It has a 11,000 pound working load. And you can insert the hitch two different ways, which will make your d ring shackle go vertical or horizontal. A cool added feature to help you get out of a sticky situation. Made for 2″ receiver and 3/4″ d-ring like the others.

Mile Marker D-Ring Hitch Receiver

4. Trailhead Multi-Mount Receiver Hitch with 3/4″ Shackle for Jeep Wrangler or truck

Last on the list is the Trailhead multi mount trailer hitch d ring. Very similar to the other Shackles on the list. Has multi point positioning to spin the d ring horizontal and vertical. This one  is rated up to a hefty 11,000 lbs just like the rest. Included is a set of D-Shackle side isolator rings that eliminate shackle rattle when the unit is mounted to your vehicle’s hitch. A little bit from each of the others on the list, this is still a solid option. 

Tailhead Multi-Mount Receiver Hitch with 3/4″ Shackle for Jeep Wrangler or truck

Bonus: LIBBERWAY Shackle Hitch Receiver 2 inch

As an update, we’re adding on a couple of additional hitch receivers with a D ring, including this two-inch option from LIBBERWAY. It can tow nearly 42,000 lbs. without breaking, and can be found in a small selection of different colors. The hitch receiver also has phenomenal reviews and ratings from customers, and that’s always a good sign. There’s even a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers, so you should be able to solve any issue that you run into.

Shackle Hitch Receiver 2 inch, 41918 Lbs Break Strength Never Rust Receiver Shackle Bracket Heavy Duty and Solid with 3/4” D Ring Shackle, Towing Accessories Compatible with Trucks Jeeps

Bonus: Rhino USA D Ring Shackle 41,850lb Break Strength

Rhino USA offers a variety of reliable truck accessories, and that includes this high-strength D ring shackle. Once again you’ll have your selection of color options, but each one is very durable and features a distinct style from the makers. You’ll be supporting an American company, and at the same time you’ll find that customer reviews are once again very high for this product. Take a long look at this hitch and see if it looks like the right choice.

Rhino USA D Ring Shackle 41,850lb Break Strength – 3/4” Shackle with 7/8 Pin for use with Tow Strap, Winch, Off-Road Jeep Truck Vehicle Recovery, Best Offroad Towing Accessories (Gloss Black 2-Pack.)


Best D Ring Hitch
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Best D Ring Hitch Buying Guide

We put that list together to hopefully provide you with some options for the best D ring hitch available today. Make sure to check out those bonus options at the end, as they may be more recent additions to the market! Now, before you go, we encourage you to look over our buying guide. Below we’ll offer more information on how we choose which D ring hitch options are best. This should help you come to a decision on which product is right for your truck or SUV. You can also keep browsing our website for more guides on a good shackle receiver.

After the Factors of Focus section, we’ll be able to tell you more about installing one of these hitches on your vehicle. The process is really quite easy but we’ll be able to help nonetheless! If you have any questions about any of these accessories or how to use them, be sure to reach out to Ultimate Rides soon.

Factors of Focus: Choosing a D Ring Hitch

There are a number of important elements that drivers need to consider before they decide on a D ring hitch for their truck. First, think about how high of a strength capacity you need. There are weaker and stronger hitches out there, and it shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits you. For example, if you only have a small trailer you need to tow around, there’s no reason to go above and beyond and get a super extra heavy duty hitch. However, if you’re not sure of what exactly you’ll be towing, it may be worth it to opt for one of these products.

You’ll also want to pay close attention to how well the hitch is constructed. Customer reviews can play an important role in helping figure this out, but they are not the end-all, be-all. It’s important to also check out the materials that the hitch is made out of. If you recognize it as a strong material, the product is probably going to work out for you. However, if you’re not happy with what you find, move on to the next option.

Installation shouldn’t be very difficult for any D ring hitch, so that probably won’t play too important of a role in your decision. However, the style of the hitch could play a part. There are many different designs out there, and it’s impossible for us to offer advice because it all depends on your personal taste. We just recommend looking around until you find an option that’s strong enough, well-made, and matches your own sense of style. That may be a lot to ask for, but we are very confident you’ll find a product that suits you. Just keep searching, and contact Ultimate Rides if you need any assistance.

Best D Ring Hitch
If you’d rather not worry about installing any upgrades yourself, bring your truck to us. You’ll be able to tell our team what you’re looking for and we’ll do all the hard work for you. That’s just one reason why so many people love Ultimate Rides.

D-ring hitch installation instructions  (super easy)

  1. Slide D Ring into receiver hitch.
  2. Slide hitch pin and attach connecting clip
  3. Thats it!

In The End

This list can go on and on with a ton more of the same d ring hitch receiver options. But this list is a solid option of the best selling and most trusted names in the industry. They are all rated the same and will be able to help you in any off road situation where you need a pull. It will also help in many situations on the street, like helping to tow someone who broke down, or pull that tree out the front yard! Another thing to consider when buy these d ring hitches is a tow strap. All in all I hope this guide helped you locate the d ring hitch you have been looking for.