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North Carolina Lift Laws | Lifted Trucks

Height Restrictions on Lift Kits in North Carolina

If you’re a fan of lifted trucks and you live in North Carolina, you’re in luck. That’s because, according to, North Carolina does not have a vehicle frame height limit. Nor does it have a limit on vehicle suspension, other than one very specific case we’ll share below. Unlike many other states, you’ll be able to lift up the height of your truck or SUV, and you won’t have to worry about breaking any laws. Even within the Carolina region, you’ll find more intense restrictions. Travel across the state line to South Carolina and there’s a six-inch limit on raising the height of passenger vehicles. As long as you’re within North Carolina, however, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Bumper Height Laws

Similar to your frame and suspension, you won’t find any regulations on the height of your bumper in North Carolina. Many other states will determine how far off the ground your front and rear bumper can be in inches, but there’s nothing on the books that limits you in your location. A law on bumper height can often indirectly limit how much you’re able to lift a vehicle, so the fact that North Carolina doesn’t have any law like this in place is great news. It helps make NC one of the most friendly states for drivers who want to get behind the wheel of a wide range of custom vehicles.

Tire and Wheel Regulations

While North Carolina doesn’t have a law that restricts your wheel setup, there is a law you should be aware of when it comes to your tires. In Carolina, your tire can not have any bulges or exposed cords. Additionally, you need to have a tread depth of at least 1/16 of an inch. Essentially, as long as your tires have a tread, and aren’t falling apart, you’ll be good to go. The law is the same when you travel to the other Carolina, so as long as you meet these standards you’ll be safely allowed to drive in both states. This regulation makes a lot of sense, as it will ensure your safety on the road, and you don’t want to be driving around on tires without a tread or that are literally coming apart at the seams anyways.

North Carolina Lift Laws
Driving a custom-lifted truck can be a real pleasure. However, depending on where you live, you’ll need to be aware of state laws to make sure you’re not at risk of getting pulled over.

“Carolina Squat” Bill

In recent years, a new law was passed in both South and North Carolina, outlawing the “Carolina squat.” This bill essentially eliminated squatted trucks, as they became illegal to drive in the state. While this news was upsetting to some, there is some validity to the decision. These vehicles can be dangerous, as they limit vision on the road, putting you and others at risk of an accident. When your front end is tilted up toward the sky, it becomes a whole lot more difficult to pay attention to the road and see what’s directly in front of you. While we will be sad to see these vehicles go, we can hardly fault the Carolina government for getting rid of them.

What is the Carolina Squat?

Unsure of what the Carolina squat actually is? The answer is pretty simple. When you raise up the front of a vehicle a number of inches while also lowering the rear end, you achieve a squat stance. This setup became popular in Carolina, hence the name. It doesn’t even matter how many inches you raise the front. At the end of the day, it’s making the road more dangerous for everyone out there, including you yourself. The Carolina bill made sure this won’t be allowed anymore, so if you currently drive one of these vehicles with a Carolina squat installed, you’re going to want to alter your lift kit to something different.

Braking Laws and Regulations

One last piece of legislature you should be aware of when it comes to customizing vehicles in your state has to do with the brakes. Every braking system in passenger vehicles must be able to stop from 20 miles per hour within 30 feet. Additionally, each vehicle must have a parking brake installed. All vehicles should come with a parking brake already, so just make sure you don’t remove it in the process of customizing your vehicle. These restrictions shouldn’t be hard to meet, and they’re in place for very valid safety reasons, so be sure your vehicle follows them.

North Carolina Lift Laws
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